Worst Fake Terror Plot Ever? 42

This blog told you immediately that Gordon Brown’s “Very big terror plot” at Easter was a complete fake, and this blog was telling the truth. But the media in the UK have never realy admitted that the whole thing was a government con.

But, four days after this blog told you the New York terror plot was a blatant agent provocateur operation –

Groom Your Own Terrorist – FBI Agent Provocateur Operation Leads to Terror Arrests – the mainstream media have finally caught on. The reason for the difference between New York and Manchester being that there are still a few investigative reporters left in the United States, whereas ours either repeat lobby briefing or write stories about Simon Cowell.

The Sunday Times headline sums it up entirely – “FBI lured dimwits into terrorist plot”.

One question [about the synagogue case] that has to be answered is: did the informant go in and enlist people who were otherwise not considering trouble ?” said Kevin Luibrand, who represented a Muslim businessman caught up in another FBI sting three years ago. “Did the government induce someone to commit a crime?”

The other question that US security experts were debating was how much had been achieved by assigning more than 100 agents to a year-long investigation of three petty criminals and a mentally ill Haitian immigrant, none of whom had any connection with any known terrorist group. “They were all unsophisticated dimwits,” said Kindlon.


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42 thoughts on “Worst Fake Terror Plot Ever?

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  • Frazer


    I really think you should give up speed and novacaine, as the old song goes.

    Also, I have no idea what you have been drinking, but I would like to get hold of some !

  • Craig


    The stream of consciousness stuff sometimes aeems to have more artistic than argumentative value. If you want to get into free expression divergong off form the original posting in every possible direction, then it really would be good if you used your own blog.

    Not banning you, but am going to start deleting wildly off thread posts.

    And no, I can’t afford 100 a month.

  • The Watcher

    “the power elite are a wicked lot whose SELF-STATED AIMS .. is total global hegemony” -Kevin B

    Oh dear dear, disclosing secrets like that, what a naughty boy. They’ll have to put the Illuminati Assassin on to you to make an example – you know, the merciless crackshot wearing spectacles from the film Angels and Demons. But they’ll let you escape branding, since the four elements have already been used up.

  • eddie


    I was at Speakers’ Corner on Sunday – it’s reminiscent of the old Bedlam, a lot of strange nutballs arguing with each other and a mass of spectators watching. This site seems to be a modern day equivalent, but at least it gives your respondents something meaningful to do and hopefully keeps them off the streets and away from more damaging activities. You should apply for a grant from your local mental health trust.

  • Jaded

    Eddie I think you are a spook. You numpties stick out like sore thumbs. Hello, nice to meet you. Be good if you grew some more brain cells though. I guess you live in a fantasy world of defending the country, whereas you are really just a sad, deluded freak of nature on a power and control trip. You aren’t ‘The Jessy’ are you? Be quite something to have 2 different people so dense on the one site. Anything is possible I suppose…

    P.S. Oh, and you wouldn’t know about power elite assassins, as you are just a lowly internet dogsbody agent. I’m sure mindless vandalism is more up your street though. So, don’t comment on stuff you know nothing about. Capiche?

  • VamanosBandidos

    Anyone read this;


    and this;


    The tactics which evidently Jack Straw has been thinking to carry on with; blackmailing the informers to snitch on the “persons of interest”!

    Hence, the best advice would be for all of us to leave the lights on at night, and make sure that covers have been pulled right over, in case the Terrorist come and get us!

    Anyone remember the plastic sheeting, and duck-tape used as protection and prevention measures? (sort of the egg in the cake mixture so that the housewives would feel they are doing something too, and they are involved in the war, right in their sitting room, sitting in front of the telly)

    The most hilarious episode was on the Question Time, during which a poor unemployed woman pointing out that she did not have the money to buy with the plastic sheeting, and or the duck-tape, and when will the government grant her and others whom could not afford any such tools to protect themselves with, the money so they too can get on with enjoying the protection afforded by the plastic sheeting, and the duck tape? (fact is the bastards whom thought of the little ditty, had never realized the extent of poverty in this country, which rendered provisions of any such stuff improbable for the under class in this country, as per the rules I suppose)

    Oh what a lovely War On Terror?

    Make me sick to the pit of my stomach, these free loading, expense scrounging, rules observing bunch of bastards to a man of them, whom have set themselves as the everlasting know it alls, and leaders.

  • Jives

    yet ANOTHER totally FAKE turrrst plot from the horrific and $HAM War On Turr,Inc eh?

    Is anyone surprised anymore though?

    Not me.


  • Jon

    ** Broken link:


    ** Craig/techie: could someone fix the blog

    ** link to the correct one?


    ** Thanks!

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