Farewell to Dundee 6

I came back from Africa and have been in Dundee for some University meetings and goodbyes. To get a feel for this look at Andrew Smith’s posting on my Facebook newsfeed at 12.57 yesterday and the subsequent comments!

Then last night we had a dinner for Scottish University Rectors at Edinburgh University before a meeting today with the Scottish Parliament’s All Party Group on Higher Education. Then 6.30pm tonight still at Holyrood I am addressing the Scottish Independence Convention. Back to London tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Farewell to Dundee

  • glenn

    Can’t see the Facebook comment… your entry doesn’t appear to be available to people who have not signed up. Any chance you can reproduce it?

  • doug scorgie

    I envy you being in Edinburgh Craig, I love the place. Regarding the FOI request: it indicates that some people (I wonder who); are still out to cause you problems (I wonder why).

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Ultimately, isn’t your academic career shaded by the fact that you run a website populated by Jew haters and those who believe that 911 and 7/7 were government jobs?

  • Alastair Ross

    Larry from St Louis should know that Jewish Supremacists, tautologically speaking, have redefined the term ‘anti – Semite’ thus – “An anti – Semite is anyone disliked by any Jews anywhere”.

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