Stupid Rambling Old Nutcase 65

What do you make of the intellectual capabilities and mental state of the man who said this unedited passage in a speech to the diplomatic corps?

“To carry our reflection further, we must remember that the problem of the environment is complex; one might compare it to a multifaceted prism,”

“Creatures differ from one another and can be protected, or endangered, in different ways, as we know from daily experience. One such attack comes from laws or proposals which, in the name of fighting discrimination, strike at the biological basis of the difference between the sexes,”

“I am thinking, for example, of certain countries in Europe or North and South America,”


It sounds like the obscure ramblings of a senile old fool, but actually it was worse than that. The Pope meant it as a calculated attack on legal equality for gay people.

Once a Nazi…

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  • Apostate


    You know what cracked me up was when the functional illiterate-who calls himself tecnicolor but can’t spell it- got all solicitous re-his mate Larry’s welfare.

    When he warned his pal,Larry that “tungsten” could be the same person as me or you I was in hysterics.

    They’re getting paranoid!

    Apparently tecnicolor has abrogated to himself the right to speak for everyone on the blog too! Gee whizz he and his Chabad chum,Larry are sticking together.

    This is better than any Carry On film!

    If these guys are anything to go by-the Loony Lobby is several kosher sandwiches short of a picnic!

  • Arsalan

    There was a reason why I didn’t answer any of your questions but instead asked you a question. That is because your questions are beneath an answer. They are exactly what Larry asked me in the beginning of this thread, except with a change of words. So I will not be surprised if it turns out you two are the same people.

    If you are too thick to understand what I said in my reply to Larry, let me repeat it with a change of words that might dumb it down to your level.

    There are many Muslims in the world(1/4 of the world are Muslim). Each of whom have said or did many things. I agree with some of the things that are said or done and not others.

    I am a Muslim. Muslims believe the last and Final Prophet of God is the Prophet Mohummed pbh. So my source of Islam and the source of Islam for all Muslims is What the Prophet PBH brought.

    So when you or Larry, who may just be you ask me if I agree with this done by that person, or that said by this person you are proving how silly you are. We don’t have Popes in Islam, we really don’t even have a clergy in the way other religions do. Each person makes his own mind up about how they interpret the scripture. This is because we believe only Prophet’s are infallible, and the last Prophet was Mohammad pbh and no Prophet will come after him. So if someone likes Uthama bin Ladin or hates him it makes no difference to him, because he is just a Human being, he does not receive revelation so each and every Muslim will judge what he says and does by our scripture.

    Angry, I have clicked on your website. You have accused me of saying or believing in things I have never said. Instead you assumed as you did with your last post I believe in those things because I am Muslim.

    And Angry, you interpret Uthma bin Ladins, words as meaning what you said they mean. I would like to ask you where you studied Arabic to be able to translate his words and obtain that meaning?

    I interpret them to mean the Americans who are killing us, not the ones who support us, the Jews who are killing us not the Jews who are supporting us. This would be obvious to everyone Angry, except maybe you, Larry and bunch of other people educated in the dumbed down country across the Atlantic.

    In many of your posts you confuse hatred of Israel and is evil deeds with hatred of Jews. Let me make this clear. Let me make this clear. We are only against the people who are killing us. No Muslim, not Uthama bin Ladin or anyone, no matter how extreme wants to kill people like Natricata and other Non-Zionist Jews, we are not against the people who refuse to kill us. If it was Jews we hated, People like Natricata would be the ones we would be killing. Because they are real Jews, they Keep Kosher, Pray and believe in their scripture. While the Israelis who kill us are almost entirely a bunch of Atheists who eat pork at every opportunity and just call themselves Jews for purely racist reasons.

    And Angry if your friends in Japan are anything like you, will will not shy away from calling them heretical disbelievers. Zionists insist on calling atheists Jews just because of alleged ancestry. But Muslims do not call people who do not believe in Islam Muslims.

  • Steelback

    Do you reckon Larry’s been trapped by an evil internet pervert?

    So the film title is:Larry In Technicolor!

    Well this was a gay thread.I reckon they’ll be very happy!


    Haaretz headline:



  • Duncan McFarlane

    Arsalan, I completely agree with you that it’s ridiculous to hold all Muslims responsible for the actions of Al Qa’ida – it’s like holding all Americans responsible for torture at Abu Ghraib, or all Catholics responsible for ‘Real IRA’ bombings, or all Protestants responsible for Unionist murders.

    I also agree that most terrorism is motivated by revenge, which does not make it justified or right, but does mean that the most effective way to reduce terrorism would be for our governments to stop bombing and invading other countries and stop arming and funding dictatorships and the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and siege of Gaza.

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