Stupid Rambling Old Nutcase 65

What do you make of the intellectual capabilities and mental state of the man who said this unedited passage in a speech to the diplomatic corps?

“To carry our reflection further, we must remember that the problem of the environment is complex; one might compare it to a multifaceted prism,”

“Creatures differ from one another and can be protected, or endangered, in different ways, as we know from daily experience. One such attack comes from laws or proposals which, in the name of fighting discrimination, strike at the biological basis of the difference between the sexes,”

“I am thinking, for example, of certain countries in Europe or North and South America,”


It sounds like the obscure ramblings of a senile old fool, but actually it was worse than that. The Pope meant it as a calculated attack on legal equality for gay people.

Once a Nazi…

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  • Arsalan goldberg

    As a Homophobic religious extremist myself, I will have to say after reading that, “What the bloody hell those it mean?”.

    Why can’t he just say “God hates poofs”, if that is what he means?

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    My few pence worth:

    I complained to Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor and asked why Blair was being allowed to preach. I received a rather nice response back which told me not to stress and get worried because Blair had gone through a course of training before he joined the faith. Hmm Blah!

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Arsalan, serious question for you – as a Muslim extremist, are your proud for your fellow Muslims for committing 911, or do you think the Jews did it?

  • technicolour

    Well it sounds like my gay dog (Harry) would’ve totally confused him.

    A friend of mine, a proponent of fine investigative journalism, used to call the last pope ‘evil’ (as well as ‘old shit for brains’). I wonder what he’d have made of this one?

  • Arsalan goldberg

    This thread isn’t right. The thing on the main page says there has been 5 replies, but there is clearly only two before this one I’m writting now?

  • Arsalan goldberg

    No I think that you did it, or maybe your Mother?

    What a silly question, one that only a brain dead American can produce?

    Whoever did it, whether they were Muslims, Jews or Larry’s Mother, I didn’t do it. I was at home at the time and I have witnesses. So whether I think 911 was the best thing Humanity achieved since penicillin or whether I think the less then three 3000 people who died eclipse the Millions who were murdered by the Americans in Vietnam, the Millions that are being murdered by the Americans in both Afghanistan and Iraq, I have nothing to be proud of or ashamed of because I played no part in it. And I am sure that I played no part in it. But as far as I know, your mother could have been responsible because I have not seen any convincing proof that she didn’t.

    What a silly racist argument. One that only an American could use. And the argument those silly bloodthirsty people have used to kill millions of Iraqis and Afghans, because they claim that some Saudis and Egyptians killed less than three thousand Americans.

    Larry your silly logic is shared by your silly government, to justify its silly wars.

    It assumes that 1/4 of the whole planet is responsible for what anyone of them does.

    Do you judge yourself like that?

    Or do you judge yourself on your own actions.

    If you do take full responsibility for the actions of others, name the percentage of the worlds population whose actions you are responsible for?

    is it greater or less than 1/4 of the worlds population, because you asked me a question which would require me taking responsibility for the actions of a 1/4 of the world’s population.

    You are a silly little hypocrite.

  • Arsalan Goldberg

    So what is the percentage of the world’s population whose actions you take responsibility for even if you played no part in the action?

    Do you take responsibility for the actions of 1/2 the world’s population because you are a male like them?

    Do you take responsibility for the 1/3 of the world’s population if you are a Christian like them?

    Do you take responsibility for the actions of 1/8 who do not have a religion.

    So if I am meant to be proud of ashamed of the actions 1/4 of the world because they share my beliefs, name the number whose actions you share responsibilty for?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Larry, it was just a question.

    And I don’t think any singular Muslim should be proud or ashamed of that asshole Mohammed Atta thinking that he was just about to be met by St. Gabriel and 72 raisins (or whatever primitive nonsense he was believing) as he rammed Flight 11 into the North Tower.

  • arsalan

    And so was mine, so whose actions are you should you be ashamed of or proud of?

    That is other then your own?

  • Barbara

    I’m in the Philippines now, where they are preparing for their presidential elections later this year.

    The Roman Catholic Church is butting in as usual, debating whether gays have a right to stand, agitating against the Reproductice Health bill, generally elbowing in at every stage of the game, endorsing some candidates, preaching against others – unbelievable arrogance.

  • Frazer

    Arsalan. I agree, do not rise to the bait of Larry. In fact I suggest all who read this ignore the idiot as he is probably some geek with no friends who spends his time surfing websites to leave comments that he thinks are important. Think of him as a spotty little man with a straggly beard, thick coke bottle glasses, no friends,sitting in a bedsit with a cheap laptop. Every time he wants some female company, he makes a financial arrangement, hates people of different faiths and is the type that is completely ignored in social situations. Come to think of it, he is still probably living with his mum. Stick to the topics people, we can all do without personal attacks.

  • Richard Robinson

    “Stick to the topics people, we can all do without personal attacks”

    *splutter*. It would be more convincing without the previous bit. Good advice, though.

  • technicolour

    I nominate Arsalan’s comments here as ‘Comments of the Year’. If there’s any sort of reply I’d be impressed.

  • arsalan

    Richard Robinson

    Yes, true, it is best to try an avoid letting the bastard divert us from discussing the topics.

    I read through the Popes statement. The whole thing, and I still don’t understand a word of it.

    I can understand why the Pope is against men sticking willies. That is because the Bible like the Quran doesn’t approve of me sticking their willies in to each other.

    What I can’t understand is why didn’t he just say that instead of all that environmental nonsense.

  • MJ

    Arsalan: in rising to Larry’s bait you have produced some excellent posts. In so doing you have also exposed Larry’s racism. It’s interesting to note that, while Larry is happy to shriek “anti-semite!” at any opportunity, he requires little prompting to indulge in quite rabid islamophobia. The lessons of history seem to have passed him by.

    Larry is not alone this. There are other commenters on this site – I’m sure I don’t need to name them – who are just the same. They all show the same characteristics: an unquestioning faith in the official account of 911; an unbending conviction that Israel is a shining beacon of truth, justice and enlightenment; a near-pathological need to squeal ‘moron’ or ‘nutjob’ or ‘anti-semite’ at anyone who doesn’t fully share their certainty in these matters; and a quite shockingly blatant islamophobia.

    I think it must be a syndrome.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Let me get this straight – if I point out that Atta was an idiot for believing that he was to be thanked by angels just after crashing Flight 11 – then I’m racist?

    So is any criticism of any spiritual belief of a suicide bomber racist?


  • Richard Robinson

    Would it help , to point out that ‘Muslim’ is a religion, not a race ? Probably not, but we live in hope.

    Arsalan – “What I can’t understand is why didn’t he just say that instead of all that environmental nonsense.”

    You get a lot of feedback, these days, if you present your bigotries raw, there are people who indulge in critical thinking and stuff, who’ll raise objections. He doesn’t have the unquestionable authority he might have had a century ago (it wasn’t much longer ago than that that the Pope of day made a rule that Popes are infallible. Insecurity creeping in, see ?). A newspaper editor, maybe, could establish the sort of public-clown position to get away with it, but not someone as Respectable as the Pope. There has to be some kind of dressing up.

    Abe Rene – “I understand Benedict XVI to mean that materialistic thinking can endanger the environment as well as lead to legislation that (from the perspective of Catholic faith) is wrong.”

    It’s a tautology, a self-validating system. Materialistic thinking leads to things that are wrong from the perspective of thinking that materialistic thinking is wrong.

    Incidentally, I mentioned his previous job, up top somewhere, and I can’t bear to see a good feed-line go to waste :- up there.

    Nobody expected that, eh ?

  • MJ

    “Would it help , to point out that ‘Muslim’ is a religion, not a race ?”

    Ditto Judaism, but ‘religionism’ and racism get conflated because often there are racial undertones.

  • Richard Robinson

    “Would it help , to point out that ‘Muslim’ is a religion, not a race ?” Ditto Judaism, but ‘religionism’ and racism get conflated because often there are racial undertones.

    Or presumptions. yes, I know. I just think it helps to be clear about things, where confusing relgious bigotry with racism doesn’t.

  • arsalan goldberg

    Islam is a religion, one that believes in all the Prophets of Judaism(Peace be upon them all), the additional Prophet of Christianity(Peace be upon him), and the last and final one(Peace be upon him).

    So if you take Islam, remove the Prophets Mohummed and Jesus(peace be upon them), but keep all the others, how does it suddenly transform itself from a religion in to a race?

    And if you take Judaism, add an addition two Prophets(Peace be upon them) to the many(Peace be upon them) they already have, how would Judaism transform itself in to a religion from a race?

    Now these people who cry any Semitism and Racism whenever Israel is attacked, is disagreed with or is not praised to a sufficient level, like to swap race and religion whenever it suits their wailing.

    But when I wrote racism, I meant racism, I wasn’t swapping racism and sectarianism. Because the Palestinians being killed are not just Muslims, even though they use the excuse of Muslims to slaughter them. Christian Arabs are slaughtered with just as much impunity. If anything Christian Arabs have suffered more, Because Palestinian Muslims have a 1/4 of the worlds population thinking about them. While the 1/3 of the world who claim to follow the religion founded by a Christian Arab choose to ignore them. Not just Ignore, but many of these fake Christians choose to side with the Zionist colonialists against their fellow Christians.

    Those right wingers and Zionist, might say Muslim, but they mean Arab. And sometimes they say Arab, when they mean anyone who has a darker skin then themselves.

    They are not just racist, they are the most racist. And I don’t shy away from calling them what they are. They know it, we know it and the world knows it. Just take a look at their rallies and try and spot a brown face. How many brown faces can you see other then the odd Uncle Tom Nigger they paid to show the Cameras that it is possible for them to get hold of a brown person.

    And then take a look at ours and see every shade of skin God created on our faces and those of our friends.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Let’s just be clear here that I made fun of Atta for his stupid suicidal religious beliefs and I got called a racist.

  • Richard Robinson

    Arsalan – I’m sorry, that was careless of me. I didn’t mean to direct it at you, or anyone else in particular, just that the turn the conversation was taking reminded me of the number of times I have seen that conflation made, and I went onto autopilot for a moment.

    I’m becoming defensive, maybe. Guessing at ways in which any comment can become a basis for red herrings, straw men, and general heat & confusion; and hoping to forestall them before they’re even tried.

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