Another Stupid Rambling Nutcase 23

Rod Liddle. With an acknowledgement to Sunny for all his work, I like Will Straw’s post best for the simple isolation of Liddle’s acknowledged comments on Auschwitz. Just these crass statements alone are enough to put Liddle beyond the pale.

Liddle would be at home at the Independent. We get so dazzled by Fisk we forget the dross of the rest. Liddle would sit well with saloon bar bore Bruce Anderson or MI6 tool Dominic Lawson, not to mention the inane Mary Dejevsky.

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23 thoughts on “Another Stupid Rambling Nutcase

  • Alan Rusbridger

    I agree. What difference will it make if Liddle edits The Independent.

    Alton is a cunt. Liddle’s a cunt. The Independent is a cunt paper, owned by a cunt proprietor.

    Perfect harmony, if you ask me.

  • Alan Rusbridger

    I’d just like to say that the above post was not by me, and request that you remove it forthwith, apologize and provide adequate compensation for the distress caused.

    My solicitors are on standby, should you fail to comply.

  • glenn

    Which paper is the best to buy then, Craig? I think we’ll come to the same impasse as when we tried to work out who was the worst PM post 1958…

  • technicolour

    well, it was good to link to the site, because it doesn’t convince me that Rod Liddle is ‘anti semitic’, in fact. And Lawson was a decent person.

  • lwtc247

    Me’s right. It wasn’t by “me”.

    I read the LFF via the link you provided and only found the spin of the blogs owner offensive towit I left two comments.

  • lwtc247

    As Liddle s being falsely accused of that dreary long-in-the-tooth meaningless expression, it means he’s been saying something right. I shall now pluck this man from obscurity and lend him my ear once in a while.

    I notice his ironic comments about the IDF[sic]. One presumes he’s non too slavish to Israyhell either. I think I now understand what’s happening.

  • paul

    My dictionary must be wrong, in the entry for anti-semitic it doesnt mention complaining about not being able to smoke. Got the ISBN for one that does?

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Rod Liddle always reminds me of that loud-mouthed idiot Clarkson – they’re pretty similar. It’s also obvious from Dominic Lawson’s articles that he does no research whatsoever on anything he writes about – not so much as a google never mind reading a decent book on the subject.

    Some columnists get columns just because they’re minor celebrities or relatives of minor celebrities.

    There are some columnists on the Indie almost as good as Fisk though – Johann Hari for one.

  • Jon

    @Duncan, hi, not seen you post for a while.

    Surprised at your support for Hari though – he may have retracted his support for Iraq, but I’d still put him too near for comfort to the ‘cruise missile left’ of Cohen and Hitchens.

    From the Indie I have a cutting of a 2008 piece from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – I’ve not read much of her, but the piece reeks of compassion for what we did to Iraq.

  • Jon

    @glenn – which paper to buy? In the UK, I’d offer the Morning Star – not the best circulation but forming a broad church between the unions, Labour, working class readers and the wider left. It might have been allied to the CPB once, but I think it is very even handed across the various strands of the left.

  • technicolour

    Can’t support every word or stance of either unequivocally, natch, but generally I back Hari: good writer, brave, good instincts, engages. And I like the Morning Star too; good antidote.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Hi Jon – I disagreed with Hari on his backing for the air campaign in the former Yugoslavia and his initial backing for the Iraq war, but more recently he’s had good pieces on Somalia, Afghanistan and climate change.

    Cohen and Hitchens are very strange politically. Hitchens wrote some excellent books before becoming an uncritical cheerleader for the ‘war on terror’ after 9/11. Cohen was highly critical of New Labour before the Iraq war, but seems to think they can do no wrong since it. One of my brothers suggested he’s one of those people who always want to be in the minority in order to seem ‘avant garde’ – seems possible to me though i could be being unfair on him, but it’s hard to make sense of his u-turn any other way.

  • Steelback

    Yous got a wee bit bogged down with the “Iraq Inquiry” scam.Don’t get bogged down with Rod Liddle.In case you hadn’t noticed he’s a War on Terror propagandist.

    He’s a little like the cretinous morons that game this site on behalf of elites who want to stop the public wising up to any of their scams.

    Scams like these:

    Israel:”Koshernostra” piece of real estate with a masonic flag in it.One big mega scam where elites stash money from arms,drugs and people smuggling,a hub of international organized crime for the kleptocracy.Bit like a large version of the Cayman islands.Also a place where the said elites conduct experiments in mind control and scientific dictatorship on their own population.

    “War on Terror”-mythical crusade against Islam on which Liddle has pontificated ad nauseum on programmes like Question Time.Yes,without the said “defensive” crusade the Islamic Caliphate and sharia law would soon be lauding it over us.Another fabricated scam endorsed by Rothschild pens for hire like Liddle.

    Hate speech/thought crime-another scam that seeks to pathologize any exercise of one’s critical faculties against Israel,or the elite freemasonic conspiracy to enslave us.

    “Anti-semitism”-ludicrous scam largely pushed into service by Khazar Jews of Turkic-Mongol non-semitic extraction in transparent and clumsy attempt to censure,intimidate or marginalize or all three-anyone drawing attention to Israel’s genocidal policies in Palestine;anyone who has seen through the Holohoax scam;anyone who’s wised up to their promissory note/debt slavery scam.

    Rather than being given the Indie editorship,Liddle could be recruited on this site as another Zio-gamer/gatekeeper to supplement the pathetically ill-equipped Sunstein team already in place:Larry the Lamb,angribollockbrain,techni-can’t spell his own name-colour/color.

    Yea,get Rod on side.We’re already having a side-splitting laugh at the excruciatingly daft output of angri and the gang.Another lamb to the slaughter will be a feast!

  • Apostate


    Do you reckon they’ve been kept back at school? Angri and the sapskull team,I mean.

    You’re right re-Liddle.The whole “anti-semitic” theatre scam reeks like the same double-deception mishpucka smear tactic to buoy up people like Livingstone and Jeremy Bowen with their dimwit soft left audience.

    Livingstone was notoriously fitted up by some Zio-hack for making “anti-semitic” remarks.As mayor,Livingstone went on to make millions for the mishpucka Congestion scam.It did neither him nor them any harm for Livingstone to look like an “anti-semite” for a fleeting moment in the uncommonly short attention span of Joe public.

    Likewise Bowen was recently accused of submitting Middle East coverage far too biased towards….wait for it-the Palestinians!Anyone who’s listened to Bowen’s reports or who knows anything re-how the Zionist Broadcasting Corp. works knows the accusation of pro-Palestinian bias on Bowen’s part is 100% bogus.

    All the same,the anti-Israel charge didn’t do Auntie any harm conveying the illusion to the gullible public that the Beeb had been criticised by both sides and this must be evidence of its even-handed non-partisan coverage.

    The accusations re-Liddle’s Auschwitz jokes won’t do him much harm with the dull-witted tepid leftie audience for which the Indie caters either.

    Next we’ll be hearing re-angrisober/Larry the Lamb/techni-dyslexic moaning about airport security on their last flight back from Tel Aviv!


  • Anonymous

    While an anti-semite is not necessarily someone who hates jews, it is most definitely someone who the jews hate. And when certain elements of jewry hate something it cant even be measured on the Richter scale, it goes beyond that.

    Any of the Goyim who are interested in finding out about anti-semitism, I speak as a semite, should read Gilad Atzmon’s review of Defamation, a film on anti-semitism by an Israeli. In fact read everything you can by Atzmon.

    A remarkable film. The scenes of Israeli high school students on a visit to Auschwitz are memorable, but none so memorable as when the Israeli movie director’s mother describes jews as a bunch of crooks.

    Maybe someone can inform me as to why, if the story of Auschwitz is what it is, in many parts of mainland Europe you get 5 years in the pokey for disagreeing with the story. Check out Section 130 of the German penal code if you find it hard to believe. Questioning the dreaded holocaust has also been criminalized in European Law. Why does a truth need the law to enforce it. One can question the existence of God but woe betide anyone who questions the holocaust. So much for free speech.

    An accusation of anti-semitism is nothing more than a weapon with which to silence any criticism of Zion, to ease the path for Zionist intrigue, and a means of keeping the cash flowing.

    Kudos to Steelback for indulging in that most hated and anti-semitic pastime, the truth.

  • Apostate

    This guy,Atzmon must be good.He got the delightful David Aaronovitch really lathered up at some lefty bash quite recently.And Aaronovitch was just reading from Atzmon’s books-just to show his audience what a loathsome self-hating Jew Atzmon is.

    At the end of an atrocious tirade by Rothschild hack,Aaronovitch,even the audience,whose loyalty to Israel and Jewish elites had been all too much for granted were turning on him.

    He of course is heard at the end of the Atzmon denunciation to bellow,”You’re an ANTI-SEMITE!” at one of his critics.

    It’s just priceless to see how Aronavitch seems still to believe,like the Zio-brown-nosers on this site,that just merely screaming the word,”ANTI-SEMITE” will frighten all his critics to death! Turn them to stone.

    For Aronavitch and the sad saps who parrot the “ANTI-SEMITE” line on this blog-it ain’t working like it used to!

    If you keep shouting “Holocaust” that too is going to wear thin.We might just have to remind our audience of the holocausts fomented by the Donmeh Jews against the Armenians,and the Jewish Bolsheviks famine-induced slaughter in Ukraine in 1932.

    Then there’s the Gulag and the Jewish domination of the evilly repressive Soviet security apparatus in the satellite states.The Hungarians rose against their Soviet Jewish persecutors in 1956 and were abandoned to their fate and hung out to dry by Eisenhower and the NATO powers.

    The millions killed in these massacres dwarf by far those said to have afflicted the Jews in WW2.It was not so much the Nazis who decided who would die in the Sacrifice(=Holocaust)foretold in the OT as the Jewish elites themselves.All to create the mythical national homeland of Israel.

    That’s the truth they’re desperate you don’t get to know about.JDL and the Meshpocheh went ape when young David Cole,a Jewish researcher appeared on Donahue back in 1994 and spoke of the lack of physical evidence to support the idea of there having been a Nazi extermination programme against the Jews.

    He’s been in hiding ever since.


    The 6m figure was touted by the Jewish NY press at the end of WW1 back in 1919.It was pressed more successfully into service after WW2.The number is an esoteric one they got from Kabballah.

    Look out for special numbers!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Boyd Tonkin is a good guy and a highly astute literary voice. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown sticks her neck out, generally admits when she’s proved wrong and often gets attacked by various sides in different ways. The Independent under its previous editor steadfastly opposed the Iraq invasion – though shamefully, some of its columnists did not. Am I correct in thinking that the current editor was previously the Observer’s editor – i.e. was pro-war. I agree entirely about the odious Lawson and the rotundly tubular Anderson.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Sorry apostate but claiming the Soviet Union was run by Jews and that more people were killed in the crushing the Hungarian uprising than in the Holocaust are both claims that have no basis in historical fact.

    I agree that the accusation of anti-semitism is over-used by the Israeli government and its supporters but some of your claims really do seem anti-semitic i’m afraid. Jews did not run the Soviet Union and were not responsible for its actions – and millions of people were killed in the Holocaust. We can’t provide any exact figure but 6 million is a reasonable estimate.

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