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7 thoughts on “Nadira with Cameron at Eight Months

  • mark golding

    such a beautiful wife and child. –

    I remarried after 15 yrs – my son Lee was 18yrs when we parted. I had a vastectomy at 36yrs and had it reversed 1 yr after my remarriage to Tina who is 20 yrs my junior and had two beautiful children from a previous violent partner.

    Having spent around £6000 on seminal reconstruction it refused to work and we were devastated. We have now grow to accept no children of our own making, but it was hard, very hard.

    You are very, very lucky Craig – enjoy.

    Moral of the story – think very hard before a vasectomy!

  • Alfred Burdett

    The trouble with so many people who, like you Craig, seek to run the world is that they haven’t a clue about either genetics or basic biology. For example, contrary to your belief, you daughter obviously takes after you. What is amusing, though, is that whereas she is pretty, you are not! To a biologist, of course, the difference is perfectly understandable and, both for the propagation of the Murrays and the human race in general, fortunate.

    But, you do an excellent job on Staw. keep at it.