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24 thoughts on “Ten Facts About Craig Murray – Numbers 3, 4 & 5

  • AG

    (This feels odd, being the only one here…is everybody watching soccer or are you campaigning?)

    Details like the one on torture and what that means are important.
    The same applies to every other topic.
    Palpable details grab everyone´s attention.
    This is especially true for “apolitical” folks.
    There are no apolitical people. If they react that way, it´s because important matters are intentionally presented to them in ways not concerning their lives or anybody´s lives.
    The task is to break through this barrier of misrepresentation of the ugly truth.
    So if Starmer is supporting Israel what does that mean?
    People are bleeding to death or dying of thirst or shot in their head or their limbs are ripped off.
    And this happens to hundreds of people day after day after day.
    Imagine if that were to happen to Blackburn. And the other European states would just go on sending more bombs to kill more citizens of Blackburn.

    Norman Finkelstein has done a good job drawing comparisons to other wars and the number of killed. To convey the proportionality or the lack of it rather.

    • Geof

      Not as brave as Craig Murray, who has risked life and limb to be here with us and discuss various topics that are in the news. Craig is an intellectual heavyweight and an absolute unit! His face is radiant and his eyes sparkle.

      • C Avery

        I think anti Zionist Jews like Finkelstein have it harder than anti Zionist non Jews. Finkelstein found himself attacked by Dershowitz et al. Lost his tenure. The Zionist lobby in the USA accused his mother, who survived the camps, of being a kapo etc.

        • Geof

          Just kidding! 😉 Finkelstein was great when he was younger. On YouTube, watch ” Dr. Norman Finkelstein Rebuts Student Trying To Play The Holocaust Card On Him” by user “NewJerusalemTimes”.

          Sad to see how slowly he talks today; age clearly taking its toll! If anyone can contact the guy, suggest “R-Lipoic Acid” to him, either from “Life Extension” or “AOR Distribution” (UK site) – I can vouch for those products being the genuine article. Search for: “lipoic acid linus pauling institute oregon state university”. Lipoic acid crosses the blood-brain barrier, which is crucial. Two or three tablets a day (maybe three is best).

          I don’t consider Finkelstein a J. It’s a religion, and I don’t think he’s religious. Strange how people have adopted Adolf’s definition. In 1933 Germany, according to Edward Snowden, in his book, “Permanent Record”, they were still considered a religious group.

  • nevermind

    There were over 100 people present and the atmosphere was bristling. it galvanised two local people to come the next day and help with the campaign and the regulars were sufficiently encouraged to deliver leaflets, post on social media and help as much as they can.

    We are now approaching the next three weeks with increased vigor. it is not too late to come and help us in any way possible

  • Ben Who

    So exactly how do you think you can serve your constituents by crying about Gaza which is something you can’t do much about.

    As an MP you are there to serve and provide services for your constituents, not put all your effort into some save Palestine project.

    Whilst i agree the Israelis are being very heavy handed, the Palestinians not only know where the hostages are, they also know where the Hamas are hiding.

    Charity begins at home….

    • AG

      I understand the point.
      But there were – pre WWII e.g. – times when solidarity at home, meant international solidarity too. That´s why Irish went to Spain to fight.
      One success of the real right-wing, which has given itself a different name today, was the destruction of solidarity as conviction and faith. The notion that nations and their people have to fight for themselves and against each other first had to be banged into their heads over many decades.
      It´s part of the strategy to take away hope from the people.
      Any person decent and brave enough to call for support of Palestine will display decency and loyalty and care towards people of Blackburn. One comes with the other.

    • will moon

      Ben you are out of touch mate.

      MPs are there to serve the Uniparty – not their constituents. One of the main functions of this Uniparty is to service the lust for gain that the owners of the arms companies experience.

      If you don’t realise that liquidating civilians, wherever it takes place, is the final step in the continuum of dehumanisation – it begins with “I can’t do nuthin about it”. Our Pols are making this happen. Mr Murray has said he will use his prospective position to speak on this issue. If you think another Uniparty MP elected in Blackburn Lancashire would change the town for the better, I ask you to consider the condition of it now – all thanks to the Uniparty

      I suppose if slaves were being marched around in chains and sold at auction in Manchester, you’d say it is all right coz it isn’t happening in Blackburn and you couldn’t do anything about it. With the attitude you display you might well end owning one.

    • frankywiggles

      The genocidal enemy that Craig is fighting is right here at home.

      The British elite are participating in genocide in our name and nobody in British public life dares to even mention it let alone condemn it.

      (Incidentally, anyone who believes Ben Who cares about Blackburn I’ve got a very lightly used “humanitarian aid” pier going cheap.)

      • will moon

        “lightly used”

        frankywiggles shouldn’t that be “lightly used but heavily soiled”?

        As to statements of belief professed by virtual entities like Ben Who, will moon or frankywriggles I start from the premise they are bots whether organic or solid-state, until proven otherwise – the proof is not deduced but inducted. I read a description of an advanced AI bot the other day, it was being claimed that it could operate as a “person” undetected in chat rooms and comment sections. I could not really tell whether they were saying it had been operating, was operating or will be operating in these venues but I suspect the past tense applies here

    • Stevie Boy

      MPs are voted in to represent their constituents. Around 40% of the population of Blackburn identify as Asian. As such, allowing for caring white folk, I would suggest the majority of people in Blackburn care about Gaza and take an interest in what is happening there. What the zionist west is allowed to get away with in Gaza today could be enacted in the zionist infiltrated UK tomorrow. Rwanda anyone !

    • Bayard

      “As an MP you are there to serve and provide services for your constituents, not put all your effort into some save Palestine project.”

      No you aren’t. As an MP you are there to represent your constituents in Parliament, not to rifle the pork barrel on their behalf. If your constituents want you to speak about Gaza, that is what you are supposed to do, whether it will make any difference or not.

    • Antiwar7

      Making the government spend less money and attention on murdering civilians abroad and unnecessary tub-thumping in general would certainly help his constituents. They could get better and more useful government services, for a start.

  • Jon

    Craig/Mods: the video for Fact Number 5 seems not to be working. Does it need a whack with a hammer? 😆

    [ Mod: No, but the person who controls the Craig Murray channel might. The video has been flagged as private, for an unknown reason.

    p.s. don’t try to whack the video with a hammer – you may end up with a broken screen, while the video will be unaffected. ]

    • glenn_nl

      It’s still the same – marked ‘Private’. I thought it was something to do with my not being in the same country as CM.

    • AG

      Mod: This is a pity.

      I am trying to hyperlink that particular video for people now that NYT had published the original Istanbul documents. And Craig´s expertise is pretty rare and needed now. Unwise decision by the video´s owner.

  • Surfer Dave

    Thank you Mr Murray, for all you have done, are doing and will do.
    Just a web note, the point 5 video is not accessible to me, it says ‘This video is private’.

    • David Warriston

      The Labour Party has withdrawn support from a candidate in Scotland due to historic tweets. These were at the high end of heresy, as judged by Starmer’s Star Chamber. One crime was to cast doubt on the Novichok narrative regarding the Salisbury poisonings. Another was to claim Theresa May, then PM, held back information from the public on the poisonings. Since no inquest has yet been held into the death of the woman allegedly poisoned by fake perfume, nor any public appearance of Mr. Skripal has surfaced, it is the duty of any democratic citizen to draw his own reasonable conclusions.
      The third crime was to quote a Jewish historian who claimed the anti-Semitism charges against Jeremy Corbyn were from Zionists objecting to his support for Palestine.
      The tone of the quotes reported from the likes of Rachel Reeves, relishing this candidate’s loss of support, should act as a warning to any citizen set to cast his or her vote.

      • Bayard

        “Star Chamber” is about right. The 21st century gets more and more like the 17th by the day. What next, civil war?