Daily archives: February 4, 2010


A national newspaper has put in a Freedom of Information request to the University of Dundee for the expenses claims of Court members over the last three years – precisely the period I have been Rector. Now why might they want to do that?

Personally, I only submitted any calims in the first six months when I was on my uppers and needed to claim travel and accommodation costs. Since I could afford it, for the last 30 months I have borne all expenses from my own pocket. So if anyone’s hoping for a scandal from me, they will be deisappointed.

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Farewell to Dundee

I came back from Africa and have been in Dundee for some University meetings and goodbyes. To get a feel for this look at Andrew Smith’s posting on my Facebook newsfeed at 12.57 yesterday and the subsequent comments!

Then last night we had a dinner for Scottish University Rectors at Edinburgh University before a meeting today with the Scottish Parliament’s All Party Group on Higher Education. Then 6.30pm tonight still at Holyrood I am addressing the Scottish Independence Convention. Back to London tomorrow.

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