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The Fringe Meeting at which I am speaking will be livestreamed on Saturday from 12.30 on IndependenceLive.

Meanwhile, Emily has started her own blog.

I had a busy day today moving a lot of stuff to move into my new home in Edinburgh tomorrow. But I must briefly comment on a fascinating opinion poll by IPSOS/Mori tonight, which puts the Tories on 32 and Labour on 29 UK wide – and astonishingly the Lib Dems UK score of 9% only just ahead of the SNP’s UK wide score of 8%, even though the latter is concentrated entirely in Scotland. One reason that SNP figure is so high is that IPSOS MORI weight by certainty to vote, and are predicting a much higher turnout in Scotland than England at the next election.

The scenario leading straight to independence – a Tory/UKIP coalition at Westminster and a crushing SNP victory in Scotland – is looking increasingly probable. One thing I do not rule out at all is a unionist Con/Lab coalition in Westminster after the next general election. There are almost no real policy differences between them, and if coalition becomes the swiftest way to satisfy personal ambition for power and money on both sides (the only thing that drives both parties), I so not think it is in the least improbable. We have seen Lab/Con coalitions against the SNP in Dundee and Stirling Councils, and they were extremely happy together during the referendum campaign. I do not yet see a Lab/Con coalition as the most probable outcome of the next Westminster election. But it is entirely possible.

Speech at 13 mins 30 secs in

Interview at 9 mins 30 secs in.

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376 thoughts on “Meeting Livestream

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  • Sofia



    This is getting a bit surreal.

    How can a prediction be true FFS? It’s a expression of expectation of stuff that hasn’t happened yet, one way or another.

    I can make a prediction that if your assertions re Salmond continue to be questioned you will erupt. If you manage to grit your teeth and contain the pressure from your inner chamber of FOADs wouldn’t that mean I got a prediction wrong. How could it make me a liar, or “wrong” on any qualitative sense?

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Baal Zevul/Komodo

    “He’s just taking the piss, Sofia. I really don’t think rational discussion is possible.”

    Neither of those two comments is accurate.

    What has been shown by these lengthy exchanges is that (1) Baal and others are simply in denial about what Salmond said (just before the referendum) and do not like having the simple fact pointed out, and (2) Salmond is no less a slippery politician than any of the Westminster-based ones.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Neither of those two comments is accurate.”


    Ah yes the organ grinder jumps in to defend his monkey, who instead of turning the wheel, he’s now spitting out the peanuts.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    Is it true that despite your moniker you are neither a Scot nor do you live in Scotland?

    Are you the Sean McStiofain (=John Stephens) of this blog? 🙂

  • fred


    So what have I said that isn’t factual?

    Look at what I have said not what they pretend I have said.

    Which part of it is not true?

  • doug scorgie

    Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)
    16 Nov, 2014 – 10:50 pm

    “As usual, Mr Scorgie quotes just a couple of lines from his source and hopes that people “won’t be arsed” (remember your famous phrase, Doug?) to plough through the whole of it.”

    In reply to Fred’s statement: “Gaza does have a university, the Islamic University of Gaza, ”

    You said in a thinly veiled racist comment:

    “Does that mean that only Muslims are allowed to attend, Fred?”

    My reply:

    (The [Gaza Christian] community offers private schools for the younger children, but most Christian youths attend public high schools and later vie to get into Islamic University, considered the best in Gaza.) simply put you in your place Habbabkuk.

    I gave a link so that others could see I didn’t make my reply up.

    You on the other hand, as regular readers know, do not give links or references to back up what you say.

    The article was about the subject of Christians feeling pressures due to being a minority in Gaza but it did show that Gaza’s citizens are treated with respect and equality, much to your chagrin.

  • Tony M

    Glenn_UK, it’s not a ‘real’ place at all. It was just a flight of fancy, a mythical inner sanctum, a dark-net, of which the trolls were unaware, and from which infuriatingly (for them) they were excluded. If there were one, you’d surely be inside not out.

  • Sofia

    I see Dad’s got even more agitated than usual tonight. Apologies for that.

    He feels it is his duty to illustrate for us the true quality of the Zionist mind. I’m sure nobody can doubt his mastery of this task.

    Newcomers, please don’t be put off. Once you know the simple pattern of his droppings, it is easy to avoid stepping in them. They can be used as sound indicators of all those things his masters wish us not to be looking at. The unpleasant odours become just a rather tiresome price to pay visiting an otherwise great blog.

    Dropping of the Day, “…they have little or no access to channels and sources of news and information independent of, and free to challenge with impunity, the Russian govt. version of events.”

    Yes Dad, of course the poor ignorant Russian people are just too stupid to use the internet or even their brains. If only they made more effort to use the quality outlets of the Western MSM they would understand what a villains they and their leaders are and what an honour it is for them to have Western sponsored fascists bombarding civilians in Donbas for months.

    How could they know that Vlad the Bad is totally isolated?

  • Ben-9260th dojo katana

    Jaysus H Opmoc. How does your lovely spouse endure your narcissistic arse? Take your bourgeosie fantasies elsewhere. You might think yourself clever and devilisciously eccentric, but you just come off as an asshole.

  • glenn_uk

    @Tony M: I do appreciate that, thank you. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t yet another party, to which I had apparently been left off the invite list 😉

  • fred

    “Glenn_UK, it’s not a ‘real’ place at all. It was just a flight of fancy, a mythical inner sanctum, a dark-net, of which the trolls were unaware, and from which infuriatingly (for them) they were excluded. If there were one, you’d surely be inside not out.”

    In other words…what you said was untrue.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Fred : “In other words…what you said was untrue.”

    Well spotted, Fred, and he’s not the only poet guilty of downright lying. What about Edward Lear? I mean, an owl and a pussy-cat going to sea in a pea green boat, then getting married? Really, does he takes us for fools?

    And don’t even get me started on that Lewis Carroll with his so-called Jabberwocky.

    On behalf of the honest plain-speaking majority on this blog, thank you for your vigilance.

  • fred

    “And don’t even get me started on that Lewis Carroll with his so-called Jabberwocky.”

    And Alex Salmond with his so called White Paper.

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