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  • Dreoilin

    Drop the self-righteous nonsense, Mary. It’s simple. You have a bitchy streak. When people remark on that, there’s no point in coming back with your “stirring the pot” rubbish.

    “Although she has initiated it, I will not engage with her in …”
    You have just engaged, Mary. At 9.24am. Quit pretending you’re “not engaging” with people (and announcing this loudly) while you pass remarks about them in the third person – e.g. talking to a non-present Sofia to tell her what to tell her “Dad” blah blah. You’re a hypocrite.

    And I did not initiate it. You were the one who posted a nasty, vicious slur-by-insinution against another poster. After which you posted a .gif of a yawning cat – you could just as easily have posted the word *yawn* but you were attempting to be clever. No wonder he commented.

    “with the request from Craig on an earlier thread.”
    Where was that? Are you getting confused between Craig and the conversation I had with Clark? I told Clark I would “smooth my hackles” when you got up my nose the next time. Well I did. And I still thought you were utterly disgusting.

    “The context of my comment as quoted is that the troll disliked me condemning the sexual abuse of children perpetrated by members of the British political establishment. He was desperate for me to solely condemn the Pakistani gangs and persistently commented to this effect.”

    No, Mary. Stop spinning. He commented on the fact that you constantly condemn the British political establishment regarding child abuse but that you had never mentioned the Pakistani gangs – and he’s correct. It’s a matter of fact. It’s all in the archives, in case you’ve forgotten.

    Needless to say a useful idiot came in to remark on Habba’s comment on the pussy. I say take your yawning pussy and your sly accusations and stick them where the sun don’t shine. And next time if you want to say “yawn” just type it, for God’s sake.

  • Macky

    Jay; “Now much of their detention is due to the fact that there is insufficient,blah, etc”

    Ignoring your bizarre advocation for a prison slave labour system, why not address the root cause of problem of why there are so many people fleeing their countries and coming here as refugees & asylum seekers ?

    If the West wasn’t setting fire to other people’s countries, &/or intigating sectarian conflicts, the refugee problem would not even exist.

    If you destroy people homes/shops/factories/health systems,etc, & means to earn a living, and put their lives in real everyday danger, are you really surprised that they seek to save themselves by emigrating ?


  • Macky

    @Mary, well there you have it; if you don’t indulge, or at least partake of a certain poster’s Islamophobic driven agenda, then you have no right to mention the biggest & sickest political cover-up of modern times !

  • Dreoilin

    “Mary, well there you have it; if you don’t indulge, or at least partake of a certain poster’s Islamophobic driven agenda, then you have no right to mention the biggest & sickest political cover-up of modern times !” — Macky

    Nobody said that. Neither Habbabkuk nor I. So stop telling lies and attempting to justify the nastiness of Mary’s original comment.

    Here it is again, just in case you hadn’t noticed it the first time:

    “Methinks the troll doth protest too much on this matter. Why is that?”

    St. Mary says very nasty things dressed up in reasonably polite language. She also pretends an innocence that is completely false. But of course she can always rely on a certain coterie of people who don’t necessarily read all her copy and paste, and therefore miss her snide remarks added at the end.

  • cm-org.uk

    Mary, Macky and RobG join Jemand on the pre-mod list. This will make lots of (unpaid) work because they post quite a lot.

    A post from Craig would be nice, but not to save us from ourselves.

    Greetings from your fascist lunatic site team (RobG, 23:31 yesterday). See you all in Hell.

  • Resident Dissident

    “@Resident Dissident, you often cite Putin’s record on Chechnya, yet I read that more Chechens were killed during Yeltsin’s time, and that still is the case now, so why have I never seen you critise Yeltsin over Chechya like you do Putin ?”

    More than happy to condemn Yeltsin’s record in Chechnya, his and his family’s corruption, the shock therapy economics, the privatisation and loans and shares schemes whereby control of enterprises was handed to friendly oligarchs. He did however resist the KGB’s coup against Gorbachev and the subsequent coup against him by Rutskoi and Khasbulatov and his mates – which I suspect is what you really object to since regarding Chechnya, corruption, enriching the oligarchs, abuse of press freedom and civil liberties, theft from the Russian people, Putin’s record is every bit as bad as Yeltsins. So since I have provided my view on Yeltsin – perhaps you could return the compliment by providing us with your view on Gorbachev and the KGB coup against him?

  • cm-org.uk

    Those commenters who would have “pro establishment trolls” banned might like to consider that metaphorically you are asking moderation to restrain your enemies so that you can beat them without fear of retaliation. Well moderation at this site are not your lackeys. Comments that make political points or engage with arguments will be approved when convenient but insults, slurs and innuendo will remain unpublished.

  • cm-org.uk

    Macky your biased cod-psychology has been deleted unapproved. It was Mary’s choice to answer Habbabkuk with unfounded innuendo instead of logical argument. If Mary puts out food for those she considers trolls it is not moderation’s responsibility to protect her when her bait hooks a bite.

  • Dreoilin

    “A post from Craig would be nice, but not to save us from ourselves.” — Mod(s)

    Yes, of course. And I know he’s busy (just as you are!)
    But I’ve really had a bellyful of Ukraine/Putin now. That’s what I really meant.

  • Villager

    “But I’ve really had a bellyful of Ukraine/Putin now. That’s what I really meant.”


    Finally some movement on Assange. I wasn’t aware that the case would be time barred this August.

    Also, wasn’t aware the Assange thread still alive. Will catch up on that later and be good to hear from Arbed as always.

    One man, two assistants and ten laptops vs The Whole Govt of the US of A and its lackeys!

  • YouKnowMyName

    did anyone catch the FoxNews clip yesterday of the US General calling for “Americans to kill more Russians, now!”

    meanwhile better news, now the GCHQ is legally allowed to store peoples’ metadata, perhaps they could offer an economically lucrative metadata service to Slovenia who dumped all their metadata last year, the Netherlands who ‘stopped’ recording it this Wednesday, or Bulgaria who has also just stopped recording it and perhaps even that other bastion of democracy Paraguay who is considering to stop!


  • Jay

    @ Mackey

    I know you are right and it is wrong and it mustn’t go on, but it does and I am sorry that it does.

  • glenn_uk

    WIth all the talk about the Afghan war ending, I have yet to hear anyone explain what we actually were doing there for nearly 14 years. If the object was to overthrow the AQ/Taliban government, what was the rest of the time spent for? Restoring the rights of women? Destroying the drugs trade? Preventing fanatics controlling the country?

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Sorry about that mess above. I don’t understand why it came out like that. Please delete, Mods. This is what I intended to post:

    “US riled as Britain seeks to join China-backed Asian bank.”


    I reckon the UK will work for the prosperity of this monetary system with all the whole-hearted zeal that it lavishes on the European Union.
    Better to be a spanner in the works on the inside than to be powerless on the outside.

    And I reckon the degree of the US’s rile will be exactly the amount demanded by its central banking masters in order to give the UK’s application some credibility.

  • YouKnowMyName

    in reply to Squonk 12 Mar, 2015 – 2:58 pm where is Putin?

    rumors are persisting around the Clinica Sant’Anna, CH-6924 Lugano-Sorengo, that a third child has just been born to Ms. Алина Кабаева. I’ll find out for certain tomorrow. 😉

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    The Malcolm Rifkind quote obviously took several days to cross the Atlantic. Or else someone’s been asleep again.

  • lysias

    That’s like the Clintons saying they don’t have to respond to something because it’s “old news”. Hillary is likely to use that chestnut soon about her misuse of e-mails.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Lysias 13/03/2015 8:41 pm

    A very thoughtful article, Lysias, thank you.

    I would like to get at a full transcript of Rifkind’s genial remarks but I can’t seem to find one online.

    Kind regards,


  • Old Mark

    ‘Now much of their detention is due to the fact that there is insufficient provision in the system to care for the needs of migrants.’

    Jay- I assume ‘Now’ is a typo and that you meant to write ‘How’?
    In which case your remark about ‘insufficient’ provisions suggests that you anticipate the that ‘migrants’ detained in these centres would be a burden, rather than a benefit, to the UK if they were given rights of residence- an assumption that is almost cetainly correct.

    What do the detainees want?

    Access to free at the point of use medical services, and a whole range of non contributory benefits that don’t exist in their home countries ? Surely not !

    Some of these ‘detainees’ will be convicted criminals who are resisting repatriation after serving their time. Does Jay believe the UK still has a continuing duty of care to these people ?

  • Old Mark

    ‘I do wish Craig would put up another post.’

    Seconded- the encouraging recent news concerning the Assange case would certainly warrant a few comments from Craig.

  • Iain Orr

    Anent various requests for Craig to speak to his people [reminding me of the John Frum Pacific islanders awaiting the arrival of the Duke of Edinburgh], one specific topic mentioned has been Craig’s former boss, persecutor and political opponent – Jack Straw. A friend recently reminded me (without quoting sources, but he is someone whose memory I trust more than my own) that at the same time as it became known that “Encounter” was being funded by the CIA, so also did it become known that the firebrand leader of the NUS was pocketing CIA allowances.

    I’m not suggesting that when he was Foreign Secretary Straw was reporting to a CIA handler. However, I remember that in the 2005 election Straw’s message to Muslims in Blackburn was that he had really been against joining the US crusade against Saddam (and he has since boasted that he could have brought the government down if he had voted against the war, like Robin Cook). What that shows is simply that Straw is a prime example of the well-known lines (sometimes wrongly attributed to others) by Hubert Wolfe CB, CBE (1885-1940):

    You cannot hope
    to bribe or twist,
    thank God! the
    British journalist.

    But, seeing what
    the man will do
    unbribed, there’s
    no occasion to.

    “Over the Fire”, in The Uncelestial City, Gollancz, 1930) p 30.

    Whatever Straw really believes or believed is hardly at issue. A good enough reason for him not to vote against the war was simply to protect the long-term potential of the CIA as an income source if the dugs of the UK political milk-cow dried up. Has “traitor” any traction here?

  • lysias

    Don’t forget the suggestion in Robert Harris’s The Ghostwriter that Blair’s career had been advanced all along by the CIA. (One does wonder about John Smith’s untimely death.) Harris should have been in a position to know, or at least to have a good idea.

  • Clark

    Iain Orr, what a fine comment. I haven’t laughed so much in weeks. I think we have a new line for “Tony Blair; War criminal!:

    Jack Straw;

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