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Nadira and I (supported by Cameron, Emily and Jamie) are delighted to announce the arrival this afternoon of our new son Oscar John Murray. In the best family tradition he milked his appearance, spinning it out for over 48 hours and making it as dramatic as possible. But happily both Oscar and Nadira are now doing very well. I shall see what Nadira thinks on posting a picture, tomorrow after she has rested. I am a very proud father and shall now have a quiet Lagavulin.

It has become a cliche to thank NHS staff endlessly, but we owe the most genuine and heartfelt thanks to the staff at the maternity unit of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, who were simply wonderful, and extraordinarily kind and dedicated.

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189 thoughts on “Oscar’s Arrival

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  • J Galt

    Best wishes to you and your family including the new arrival.

    I’m a Glen Scotia man myself however Lagavulin is an excellent libation with which to wet the wee man’s head!

  • Garry W Gibbs

    Congratulations Craig.
    You will be interested in yesterday’s court reprimand of Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru politician, who escaped a contempt of court charge despite having blatantly prejudiced a murder trial.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Giyane

    My Disney magic wish for Oscar would be that of Merryweather, cancelling the dark spell cast by Humza Yousaf’s Scottish Hate Bill, and reversing its Islamist intention to make Scotland a branch of Islamic State, whose rules are known only to the Masonic Elders.

    May Oscar grow up and flourish in a Scotland of hard- won , centuries old , Freedom of Thoughtand Freedom of Speech. Amen.

  • Martin Hawes

    Congratulations Craig. You don’t know me from Adam and I live halfway around the world, but I have huge respect for you and your work, especially in view of the trials (literally) that you’ve been through lately. You are one of the few commentators whose views I still trust. I wish you and your family all the best.

  • Alf Baird

    Congratulations Nadira, Craig and family.

    Fower bairns’r a handfu mynd, an Aa shuid ken, Aa hiv fower masel, an a wheen o gran-bairns tae.

  • Pete

    Congratulations to you all! And thanks for your ongoing efforts in defence of truth, freedom and justice.

  • Derek Hopley

    Craig , heartiest congratulations to your wife and yourself , letr’s hoe it’s the start of a year of good news for you and yours

  • David Llewellyn Smith

    Congratulations to you Craig and all your family and a warm welcome to our beautiful but flawed world to Oscar John!!

    • DunGroanin

      Most humans are just human.
      There are though, a very few who are complete arseholes, who are incapable of being just as human, as most are.
      They even believe they should decide how many humans there should be!

        • DunGroanin

          If the hat fits …

          Anyone that really believes over population to be such a major problem – perhaps needs to follow their conviction to its logical conclusion?

          Captain Oats is well remembered for his pointless sacrifice as is the arsehole Scott for his demented ambition.

          Kindly let us humans alone to be just human.
          For these reading this exchange (the comments on the whole are revelatory in ways that I will post on later) who may not know the dynamics and vectors of population – I suggest a few hours of studying the work of the late great Professor Hans Rosling.

          THE greatest expert on the ‘over-population’ myth.

          Here is some background on him

          My personal understanding based on the FACTS, is that the myth is rarely anything more than inferiority complex dressed as Superiority and Exceptionalism and really just about Racism, Xenophobia and Eugenics. Children and uninformed are misled by such charlatans to also ignorantly profess such ‘common sense’ lies. It is how mob mentality works; also how Facism takes root and peoples are induced to hurt Others.

          • neil

            It’s great that there are clever people like you to put stupid people like me in our place. And it’s also great that you found something online to prove that you’re right and your critics are wrong. It’s also blindingly obvious that you’re not in any way influenced by a cognitive bias which leads you to give undue weight to arguments which just happen to support your point of view in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And finally, once again, I’d just like to stress that more humans is exactly what Planet Earth needs right now. If only everyone on the planet could each produce four children … ah yes, I can’t see any problem with that at all.

          • glenn_uk

            If the population doubles every generation, and every individual on average lives longer and consumes more, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Goose


    Let’s hope for an equally happy resolution to your absurd ME tinpot dictator-esque trial for that satirical piece. The fact it came to trial seems to make a mockery of justice, the wait must be unbearable given current restless events in your life.

    On a similar note..Just reading about the rapper recently arrested in Catalonia for among other things ‘insulting the royal family’ – a Spanish royal family discredited after a series of financial scandals Seems like this insane, highly politicised use of the judiciary to fight unrelated battles is contagious.

    • Goose

      Craig highlighting his frustrating wait reminded me of this…

      A scene in the film Official secrets (2019) about Katharine Gun’s experience. Ben Emmerson QC (Ralph Fiennes) and Ken Macdonald DPP (2003-2008) Speaking about the case in the final scene.

      KM : You know, it wasn’t my choice to prosecute. I was bound by the decision of the Attorney General.

      BE: Why did you keep her in a state of distress for a year before you brought charges?

      KM : The services wanted to make an example of her. If we dropped the case any earlier, what kind of message would that have sent?

      BE : Do me a favour, Ken. Go and fish somewhere else.

  • Dafydd

    Llongyfarchiadau, (congratulations) Craig and family – lets hope the week has more good news for you with your court case – we’re both thinking of you.
    Dafydd and Ruth

  • Peter Broughan

    I am a passionate Independence supporter who loves whisky but cannot drink it. I am genuinely allergic to the magical stuff.

    I will however savour a vicarious one with you today, and raise a toast to Oscar John and Nadira while pretending my Hobgoblin IPA is a fine Macallan.

    Sincere congratulations. But please remember Cyril Connolly’s famous observation that “There is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hallway.”

    Your “good art” has helped to get to where we are, and might yet keep some others almost honest. We need you in the battle ahead.

    • DunGroanin

      The odd calvados now-days for me. I too prefer the ale and have put a wide range of bottles through the taste test, the last 12 months, barred from my regular pints. Amongst some I slurped a couple of Proper Job’s (moreish) in celebration as an apt toast to our man’s happy arrival.

  • Lorna Campbell

    Congratulations, Mr Murray, and to your wife, Nadira, and the rest of the family. A new wee one is always a cause for celebration.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Congratulations Craig. You are doing well. Whilst I am a few years older than you, I still experience almost the same delight, when our Grandchildren are born. They are 3 and nearly 5 now, and tremendous fun.

    When I was about 7 years old, we travelled from Oldham for a tour of Scotland to visit my Mum’s relations. My Dad had a moped, and my Mum had a scooter.

    Whilst I remember several of my relations wanting to teach me everything about Scotland, and giving me books, I also remember an extremely old lady, much older than the 80 year olds, on her hands and knees on the carpet playing tiddlywinks with me.,and getting very excited.

    Welcome to our future.


  • Robert T

    Congratulations Craig , Nadira , Oscar John ,and the rest of the family , something positive thankfully and I hope that more good news comes your way soooooonnnn

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