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US complicity wth torture in Uzbekistan

Village Voice – The CIA’s Kidnapping Ring: Actually, there is much that U.S. interrogators can learn from their counterparts in Uzbekistan on how to break down prisoners. One of the CIA’s jet planes used to render purported terrorists to other countries’where information is extracted by any means necessary’made 10 trips to Uzbekistan. In a segment of CBS’s 60 Minutes on these CIA torture missions (March 5), former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray told of the range of advanced techniques used by Uzbek interrogators: “drowning and suffocation, rape was used . . . and also immersion of limbs in boiling liquid.” Two nights later on ABC’s World News Tonight, Craig Murray told of photos he received of an Uzbek interrogation that ended with the prisoner actually being boiled to death! Murray, appalled, had protested to the British Foreign Office in a confidential memorandum leaked to and printed in the Financial Times on October 11 of last year: “Uzbek officials are torturing prisoners to extract information [about reported terrorist operations], which is supplied to the U.S. and passed through its Central Intelligence Agency to the U.K., says Mr. Murray.” (Emphasis added.) Prime Minister Tony Blair quickly reacted to this undiplomatic whistle-blowing. Craig Murray was removed as ambassador to Uzbekistan.

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British complicity in torture

The Independent – Revealed: Western nations that send terror suspects to torturing regimes: Britain and other Western countries are meeting the terror threat by sending suspects to regimes where they risk torture and abuse, it is claimed in a damning report published today… Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, has recently accused Britain of complicity in torture… He said many prisoners of Uzbek origin captured by US forces were delivered to Uzbek jails where they were subjected to torture. Information from these interrogations ended up in MI6 reports that he received. “MI6 said they found the intelligence useful,” he said. “I was shattered and disillusioned.”

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