More killings in Andijan? Information Agency – THE TRUTH ABOUT ANDIZHAN: The Andizhan regional hospital resembles a maximum security military object nowadays – a checkpoint at the entrance, soldiers brandishing automatic weapons, a metal fence all around. This is where residents of Andizhan wounded on May 13 and 14 are kept, practically like in a jail.

There is no saying how many of them are inside. Everything is classified – the number of the wounded and what is happening inside. Only one thing is known. The wounded are suspects, already subject (or about to be) to a thorough investigation. Detectives want to know if anyone participated in the mass protest action on May 13… It is known as well that many patients of the hospital disappear without a trace.

A casual acquaintance of this correspondent said she had a relative inside. The man is practically alone in the whole ward now, the rest of the patients disappeared. Not released to their families. They disappeared.

It turned out soon afterwards that a great deal of families in Andizhan have missing relatives.

“My son has been absent from the hospital for five days already,” an old woman said. “His wife went over to see him only to be told that his name was not on the list of patients. She went to the police station now to find out if they might have him…”