International Peace Conference Condemns Conflict in Iraq

Craig Murray spoke this afternoon at the International Peace Conference in London.

From The Scotsman

Veteran Labour politician Tony Benn opened an International Peace Conference in London condemning the conflict in Iraq as “illegal, immoral and unwinnable”.

Mr Benn said the peace movement wished to see troops withdraw from Iraq, ensure justice for Palestine, and prevent attacks on Iran or Syria. “This is the biggest political movement in my lifetime,” he said. “It represents 60% of US opinion now and the same in Britain.”

He continued: “It is a very positive movement and has support across the political spectrum.”

Up to 1,500 anti-war protesters and activists gathered for the 10-hour event being held at the Royal Horticultural Hall, Vincent Square. Mr Benn said people of all nations with the same desire for peace, had gathered at the conference, organised by the Stop the War Coalition (SWC).

Bethnal Green and Bow MP George Galloway and Craig Murray, former ambassador to Uzbekistan are to speak this afternoon. The conference is split into four sessions, the first covering the current situation in Iraq, the US and Britain, the second, campaigns by military families.

The afternoon agenda included discussions about bringing world leaders to account, before an evening session on the next steps to building an international movement.

Lindsey German, convenor of SWC, said: “This is a day of people coming together to talk about how we can take the peace movement forward. We are united in that we want to bring the troops out of Iraq and allow the Iraqi people to run their own country.”