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Staring at the screen in disbelief as the BBC broadcast a preview of a quite literally soft focus “interview” of Theresa May by a simpering Nick Robinson. North Korean stuff. For Panorama.
“Prime Minister, a lot of people liked it when you described yourself as a bloody difficult woman”. Astonishingly sycophantic stuff from the state broadcaster.

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  • Sharp Ears

    British weapons to Saudi Arabia with which to bomb the Yemeni people.


    ‘”Saudi Arabia is trying shut down a UN-backed war crimes investigation in Yemen, Human Rights Watch said on Friday, calling it a “blatant attempt to avoid scrutiny” of its conduct in the country.

    The group’s allegations are backed by rival resolutions on Yemen proposed at the ongoing session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

    A resolution led by a group of European countries and Canada calls for a one-year extension of the inquiry that last month reported evidence of possible war crimes by all sides in Yemen, including the Saudi-led coalition.

    A second text, led by Tunisia on behalf of the group of Arab states, makes no mention of extending the probe but calls for Yemen’s often-criticised National Commission of Inquiry to continue studying the conflict.

    Saudi Arabia and its ally the United Arab Emirates, which are leading a coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen, are both members of the Arab group on the 47-member rights council.’
    21st September 2018

    Saudi companies establishes cement points inside Yemeni border
    Sep 22, 2018
    MAHRA, Sep. 22 (YPA) – Tribal sources revealed that Saudi Arabia companies established points for the project of the Saudi oil pipeline within the Yemeni territory, 30 km in the direction of the province of Mahrah, east of Yemen.


    • nevermind

      Thanks for that Sharp ears, the UK’s economic dependency on selling arms increased by 83% last year, they are making a ‘killing’ out of civilian death, thanks to people like Liam Fox.
      67% of the UK’s arms deals are with middle eastern countries and anybody whi is aghast at any backlash from these states must realise that our civilians are equally fair game, hallo St. Theresa and the Libyan terror connections kept, which supported her election campaign with the Manchester bombing, just managing to scrap the mark.
      15% of the trade is with North America,11% with Europe and 7% with Asia Pacific countries.
      figures tracked over the last few years since 2007 showed that Liam Fox’s DIT has been the second largest arms exporter in the world for 11 years.
      UK courts are in support of this trade as they did not deem it ‘unlawful’ to use taxpayers money for defense export orders that eventually result in the death of civilians, serious threats to health such as Cholera as well as stopping all economic activities in Yemen, for example. Shame on you judges of dread.
      BAE is flogging its outdated Hawk and Typhoon jets to anyone who can pay and our ‘military guidance’, all paid for by taxpayers who were never asked to support the reprehensible killing of innocent civilians.

      Welcome to the future of the past Brexit economy under the Tories!

    • iain

      “The Government will today urge the BBC and rival broadcasters to do more to challenge Russian propaganda in the wake of the Salisbury attack, alongside a rallying cry that a “strong media means a strong democracy and a strong nation””

      Orwellian in its audacity. I agree, any site that questions approved narratives should now be concerned.

      • Jack


        Indeed, and they arent shamed of it apparently, also not only Craig but anyone who comment here is in the same cover of the domestic spy agencies.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ iain September 23, 2018 at 15:07
        With a slight alteration, I would make HMG right: ‘.. a “strong free, truthful media means a strong democracy and a strong nation””
        Somehow I don’t think May would take me on as a speech-writer.

      • N_

        Why don’t the British poshboys kick out RT, if they want to be so “strong” against foreign agents and saboteurs?

        They could also nationalise Chelsea football club and the Evening Standards and sell them to Nicholas van Hoogstraten for £1.

      • Ingwe

        And like the gutless, whining Government lap-dogs that the media are, they will undoubtedly oblige, still further,

  • glenn_nl

    If another “snap” election is called for this November, can we expect further soft-focus interviews with May? Because she didn’t particularly want to be seen or heard much at the last one.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Call a snap election in October and announce it at Tory Conference…….and have Cabinet resign

    • BrianFujisan

      Probably having a wee dram at home Sharp Ears.

      Talking of which, as a Great writer, I wonder if Craig feels creative –

      Liquid Poetry competition – Isle of Arran Distillery –

      The Isle of Arran Distillers have launched a competition to find the official poem for their Lagg Distillery. The winning entry will take pride of place onsite at the new distillery that is due to open in the Spring of 2019. Budding writers have been tasked with producing a poem that beautifully captures the Isle of Arran’s history, landscape or, quite simply, spirit – whisky or otherwise.

        • BrianFujisan

          I was Wondering if I would get away with that Sharp Ears.. Cos I wrote this one –

          Saturated Airs

          Breathing in ‘ the Angels Share ‘

          Tipsy Whisky Nists

          I also intend to try for this competition.. and I still need to get my Moondream poem to you

          stay well

  • BrianFujisan

    To Repeat Herbie’s words @

    Pauline Bradley, At Faslane Anti Nukes Protest Saturday 22nd September 2018 –

    ” The reason why we have these Montsrous weapons, is that some of the big boys in the imperialist countries can stay at the big table, and carve up the world, and it’s necessary for the Capatiliast system that. that continues, and the permanent war Industry ”

    Pauline Bradley ‘ war Machine ‘

    P.s I did not catch her words on Film.. But Indy Live did.

    PP.s We need a Huge Protest about the starving children in Yemen…. the pictures are heart breaking

    • Charles Bostock

      More heartbreaking than kids starving to death in Sudan or hacked to pieces in the Congo (DRC) ?

      You never talk about cases like that, do you.

      Perhaps you have a selective heart.

      • SA

        That too Charlie. But it seems that it is you who have a selective heart when it comes to Syria and Yemen. Obviously you like us selling arms to the Saudis because it creates jobs, and arming the White helmets out of overseas development funds.

  • Sharp Ears

    Marr with Corbyn this morning.

    @ 32.33 the ‘interview’ starts. @ 56.33 ‘the interview’ ends.

    The whole interview lasted for 24 minutes. 10 ** of those consisted of a sustained and concerted attack by Marr on Corbyn on anti-semitism and associated matters. Everything that could be raked up was raked up. It was planned.

    **From 40.20 ( Marr to JC ‘Are you a anti-Semite?) until 50mins.

    • Charles Bostock

      Well, you don’t like “soft focus” interviews, apparently, so what are you complaining about if the interview with Corbin was a tough one?

      • flatulence'

        It wasn’t tough. You ask a simple question over and over again to try and frustrate the interviewee and also make them look evasive as they try to answer the question again and again in a new way. It’s tough for the viewer, because it’s frustrating and tedious to watch. Poor journalism and poor tv. It’s slop. And for anyone with any sense it is terrifying that it may be being gobbled up by the masses. I’m sure anyone moral would prefer a really tough interview, especially if the tories and blairites got the same treatment, but they won’t do that with Corbyn, they’re too afraid he will just talk sense and dominate. May needs her woolly choreographed interviews though and hand picked audiences, otherwise all you see is a massive flake.

        • Dave

          Home Secretary Michael Howard was asked the same question 10 times by Paxman and Howard calming repeated the same answer, rather than lose his temper, which must have been the motive, because repeating the same question is offensive. I.e. its an insulting interview intended to attract an angry response which is then used to cast the interviewee in a bad light.

          Marr tried the same trick with Corbyn, who responded calmly, which revealed his inner Zen which doesn’t go unnoticed by the viewing public, even if they aren’t Corbyn/Labour supporters.

    • SA

      Marrs interview with Corbyn was a disgrace. He was gesticulating and arm waving as if he was a Hussar on the attack. There was no attempt to look at the other side, no attempt or mention that the Palestinians are also people with rights, nothing but an personal attack on Corbyn. He even defended Hodge.

      • Ken Kenn

        Truth is that the producer and editor of these “Shows ” select the subjects to discuss and the presenter allegedly
        has an input into it but essentially takes notice of the idiot in his ( or her ) earpiece.

        The embarrassment from Marr vis : ” Are you anti Semetic ? ” was palpable.

        All the interviewers know Corbyn isn’t antisemetic but ask the question anyway – similar to ” How often do you beat your wife Minister?” questioning.

        Ironically for the non – irony understanding Zionists at the alleged meeting Corbyn is a fellow Zionist. He agrees on a Two State solution. It’s the Israeli government that doesn’t agree with that solution.

        Are they antisemtic?

    • Sharp Ears

      Says it all.

      ‘At an October 2006, BBC seminar discussing impartiality, Marr highlighted alleged bias within the BBC. He stated: “The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It’s a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities, and gay people. It has a liberal bias, not so much a party-political bias. It is better expressed as a cultural liberal bias.”[34][35]

      Marr spoke at the Cheltenham Literary Festival on 10 October 2010 about political blogging. He claimed that “[a] lot of bloggers seem to be socially inadequate, pimpled, single, slightly seedy, bald, cauliflower-nosed young men sitting in their mother’s basements and ranting. They are very angry people.”[36]

      In March 2014, Marr was criticised for allegedly expressing his own opinion on an independent Scotland’s membership of the EU while interviewing Alex Salmond on BBC Television.[37]

      In the New Statesman during 2015 Marr expressed the opinion that the new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, may be electable and that Conservative leaders recognise this. Marr wrote, “Here and now, in 2015, we know diddly-squat.” At that time Marr considered a Labour election victory under Corbyn unlikely.[38]’

      A stroke and now kidney cancer. He should take the hint and retire gracefully to the second home in Cambridge (Marshall House) where Jackie is the head of Lucy Cavendish College.

      Never forgetting the super injunction he obtained to squelch his alleged extra marital affair. His type has no shame.

      • Sharp Ears

        No. You don’t. You need the order of the boot.

        Andrew Marr: ‘I don’t deserve my £400,000 BBC salary’ | Daily Mail …
        27 Oct 2017 – ‘I don’t deserve my £400,000 BBC salary’: Andrew Marr tells Jan Moir how ‘no one in the media earns what they should’ in candid interview.

        Especially not Mr Marr when I heard from Jennie Formby, the general secretary of the Labour Party, on a replay of her speech, that 12.5million people are now living in abject poverty and that some food banks are so overwhelmed by demand that they are having to make sandwiches. What a country. The Have and the Have Nots. I, Daniel Blake lives.

  • Charles Bostock

    Re Julian Assange

    I was wrong when I predicted that the said Assange would be ourt of the embassy of Ecuador by the end of the year (I meant 2017).

    Nevertheless, I shall lake a new prediction : Mr Assange will leave the embassy not with a bang but a whimper – by which I mean he will be ejected silently, discreetly and without publicity. The good people supporting him will wake up one of these mornings to hear on Radio 4 or read in their morning paper that Mr Assange is in police custody and will appear before magistrates later in the day.

    • SA

      If I were you I would give up predictions. Look what happened to Cassandra even though she was right all along, imagine the retribution if she was wrong and there were no Greeks in that Horse?

  • Dave

    There is no defence to the charge of anti-Semitism other than saying you’re not anti-Semitic, but its no good because your accuser says you are, born of a presumption, born of the ancestral madness, that humanity is anti-Semitic and those who deny it are lying or in denial.

    • Tony

      The Corbyn-haters first claim was that he would make Labour unelectable. That was the theme of their 2016 coup against him. Some people, including many Labour MPs, heard that argument and accepted it in good faith.

      The 2017 general election result changed all that. It is no longer seen as a credible argument and that is why we hear all this business about anti-Semitism now.
      The sheer depths to which these people are willing to sink is truly unbelievable.

      I strongly recommend this article:

    • Sharp Ears

      Correction. Misremembered! ‘Proud of your party Mr Corbyn?’

      Corbyn was saying the other day that the new editorship of the Mail is a great improvement on the previous incumbent. Really O’Brien?

      The piece accompanying the Berger rot is pure and simply another attack on Corbyn. It concludes:

      ‘Finally facing robust questioning from the BBC’s Andrew Marr yesterday, Mr Corbyn squirmed, groaned, and shamefully refused to apologise. He even had the gall to describe Labour as ‘ open, welcoming and safe’ to people from all faiths.

      Conclusive proof of how misguided that claim is came only hours later, with the horrifying spectacle of a moderate Jewish Labour MP, Luciana Berger, being escorted around the conference by two police officers, so serious is the threat to her safety from the Corbynite mob. What an utterly shameful state of affairs.

      Under most circumstances comparisons with Nazism are best avoided, but who could deny the grain of truth in Labour MP Stella Creasy’s challenge to the hard Left over anti-Semitism: ‘What are you going to do before it gets to Cable Street? Nazism doesn’t turn up fully formed.’

      But as much as the Mail sympathises with Miss Berger, Miss Creasy and the other moderates, we have a question for them all. Why on earth are they still supporting this wretched man to be this country’s next prime minister?’

      Chapter and verse. Over 1,000 words of the rot.

      and there is more of it on the website.

      • SA

        It is good and makes me cheerful to see the unconditional support that the mail gives to two Labour Mps in an effort to get Corbyn into Downing Street.

    • Dave

      And who ordered the police permission to take part in that stunt considering two police accompanied her to and from conference which is significant police resources being used.

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