Daily archives: April 26, 2006

Down and back

The weblog has been off-air for some days due to server problems but things are now hopefully back up to speed. We will be posting some backlog items over the next few days. Sorry for the delay…

Update: Yes, it did take a few days longer than expected but all is (finally) looking good now!

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Blair’s hopes of surviving until 2008 may rest on local elections

From The Independent

The local elections on 4 May could have a big impact on national politics and will provide a test for the leaders of all three main parties.

For Tony Blair, the battle for control of England’s town halls will be the most important local contest since he became Labour leader in 1994. The results could decide whether his party allows him to remain Prime Minister until 2008 as he apparently wishes.

Also see previous post on strategic voting in London

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