Media Hypes Nutcase Scribblings as “Terror Plot Admission”

By Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | October 12 2006

The British media is feverishly hyping the deranged notes of a screwball Muslim Londoner as evidence of a huge “terror plot admission” in which Wall Street and other prominent buildings were the target – despite the fact that the suspect had no means whatsoever to carry out the attack – meanwhile completely ignoring a report earlier this week where the largest haul of explosives and a rocket launcher were found at a white man’s house in Burnley.

“A man has pleaded guilty to conspiring to murder people in a series of bombings on British and US targets,” reports the BBC.

“The plans were for attacks on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank buildings in Washington, the New York Stock Exchange and Citigroup buildings in New York and the Prudential buildings in Newark, New Jersey.”

According to the latest manufactured monster in the closet fairy tale, Dhiren Barot, of north London, planned to use a radioactive “dirty bomb” as well as blowing up cars in underground UK parking lots using gas cylinders and explosives.

Here’s the kicker.

“The Crown could not dispute claims from the defence that no funding had been received for the projects, nor any vehicles or bomb-making materials acquired.”

No money, no vehicles, no bombs – just some retarded nutcase scrawling absent-minded empty threats in a notebook. Should he be investigated by the police? No doubt about it. Should his “confession” of scribbling demented ramblings in a paper pad be splashed all over the top of the BBC website and head up the evening news as a major foiled bomb plot?

No. That’s outright fearmongering and artificially inflating a nothing story to feed into the public’s fear of its own shadow – greasing the skids for Blair to shred the remaining tatters of liberty and blanket the country with more shouting telescreens.

The hype surrounding this nothing story is especially vacuous when you consider that earlier in the week the “largest ever” haul of explosives was found at a house in Burnley – including a chemicals, bio-suits and even a rocket launcher. The find was briefly reported on by a handful of local town newspapers but completely blacked out by the national print and TV press.

Some charge that the BBC were complicit in burying the story.

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