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Against Islamophobia

A video of Craig’s speech at the recent conference on

‘Islamophobia and the war on terror’ can be viewed here

Over 650 delegates from across Britain, representing dozens of organisations, filled the People’s Assembly on 18 November 2006. The Assembly brought together peace and anti-war groups, trade unions, faith groups, community groups, political parties and other representative organisations. They came to discuss how attacks on Muslims are linked to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and how the anti-war movement can counter those attacks.

Further details on the event are available from Stop the War

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A petition more serious

From the Ceasefire Campaign:

“Dear friends

Over the last few days, almost 50,000 of us have supported the call for a new plan for Iraq! Thanks to you, our Iraq ad ran this week in major newspapers in London and Washington, DC, calling for a new diplomatic role for the international community and the withdrawal of Coalition forces from Iraq. Click below to see the ad and add your voice of support:


If you have not yet joined our call for a new direction in Iraq, please consider doing so at this crucial moment. Coalition governments are beginning to accept that there is no military solution, but they haven’t settled on what an alternative diplomatic approach looks like. With hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths already in Iraq, we cannot afford to miss this chance to demand a new course. Your voice could make a difference over the coming week.”

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