Compulsory Zionism 180

In view of the current outbreak of compulsory Zionism, I thought that I might make certain my own position is quite clear, as delivered to an audience of 250,000 people a few years ago


UPDATE The Blairite witch-hunt of Palestinian advocates has of course accelerated since I posted this. I am quite certain that Ken Livingstone is no racist of any kind.

However the subject of any collusion between certain Zionists and Nazis had been a banned topic on this blog for years, because it is a subject of no modern relevance, and is attractive to actual anti-semites who I do not wish to have making comments. If you wish to discuss whether or not Ken Livingstone was factually correct, please do it somewhere else.

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180 thoughts on “Compulsory Zionism

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  • Paul Barbara

    Israel & Co., please do your homework, and then write longhand 100 lines as follows:
    ‘Abhorrence of Israeli Apartheid and brutal suppression, torture, rape, ‘Administrative Detention’, imprisonment and torture of minors, random brutality, stealing of land, ‘Ethnic Cleansing’, and random brutality does not equate to anti-Semitism’.
    I want them on my desk by nine o’clock tomorrow morning, otherwise you’re up before the headmaster. Now buzz off.

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