Peculiar Coincidence 1

Stephen Fry and I both attended the Paston School in North Walsham, Norfolk, a local state Grammar. I gather from his autobiography, Moab is My Washpot, that he disliked it a lot, as did I.

It appears that we were not just at the same school, but in the same year and class. How astonishing that the same class from a small state school in Norfolk should produce two Rectors of the distant Dundee University.

The peculiar thing is that I have no recollection of Stephen Fry at all. He was apparently only there for a year, but at 16, presumably already enormous, and in the same class, I should have thought he would have been unmissable.

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One thought on “Peculiar Coincidence

  • johnf

    Stevie Baby is a bit well-known for his whoppers or shall we say fantasies. But why would anyone wish to pretend they were at North Walsham Grammar? Didn't he go to prison while there?

    The closest parallel I can think of was a friend who was school with John Major in the same year and can't remember him at all.

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