Daily archives: October 30, 2007

Saudi Disgrace


I was so impressed by this cartoon in the Times I went out and bought a copy as I felt Mr Murdoch deserved my money today. Also great to see Vince Cable of the Lib Dems making a good stand on the issue by boycotting the event. Full marks.

Saudi Arabia is a terrible abuser of human rights whose corrupt and obscurantist regime has spawned the worst excesses of modern terrorism, and exported financial corruption throughout the world. I am stunned by Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells statement today that the UK and Saudi Arabia share “common values”. But on reflection, I think our governments do share common values – a worship of money, and a disregard for common people.



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Newsnight Tonight BBC 2 10.30pm

has an expose on the Uzbek cotton industry. I advised on the making of this and on how to do secret filming in Uzbekistan. This is the stuff that we did a mass blog on over a year ago, and on which I have spoken and down the country in draughty halls at 117 meetings since. Finally we may get some real pressure on the clothes and fashion industries now for their complicity in propping up a fascist regime.

Please do watch.

This short film by the Environmental Justice Foundation is also important:


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