Problem or Solution? 11

For all those fools of the David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen variety who argue that things in Iraq would fall apart if we left, so we have to stay to secure the oil – sorry, keep the peace – here is the definitive answer.

It is obvious to anyone not blinded by neo-con ideology, or greed, that UK and US continued military presence is the main provoker of violence – both in Iraq and elsewhere, including at home. Now the British have left Basra and occupy nothing but the airport, and have entirely reduced their mission to pretending the US is not alone in Iraq, Basra has gone peaceful.

Meantime I see that sleazy fat neo-con slob Aaronovitch – someone should buy that man a picture for his attic – has been chosen by the BBC to “interview” Blair. It is yet another sign of the disgusting propaganda vehicle that the BBC has become, that it allows a leading neo-con pro-war, pro-Zionist and anti-Muslim propagandist to conduct what ought to have been an important interview by a real interviewer. Where is Paxman when you need him?

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11 thoughts on “Problem or Solution?

  • macshealbhaich

    I always liked Paxman's dictum on interviewing politicians: "Why is this lying bastard lying to me?"

  • Boss


    Thanks for the post, this sleaze bag Aaronovitch, the mad as hatter Zionist, along with his buddies, whose endless pontifications have a common denominator; Weltanschauung of Jewish Supremacy. These have for four years excused the genocide of the Iraqis, along with the needless deaths of our troops, in Iraq, for the benefit of their own pet project.

    The fact that price tag of Iraq war has resulted in cut backs galore here at home, these including; doctors, that is Gps, not prescribing the drugs that patients need (can provide proof for this), as well as the weird, and wonderful taxation scams; rubbish tax, etc. Somehow is never even debated, while the none existent pretexts for war are elevated and debated endlessly.

    Of late, a Mahmuoda Houzhan (spelling may not be correct) has been paraded on the BBC, and given the platform to highlight the Religious Militia clampdown on women in Basra, and elsewhere, whom have been murdered for; 'going out to work, not adhering to dress code, etc.' as well as the murder of gays, and lesbians to boot. (forty deaths were the number that this 'expert' came out with, most probably another actress like the last one whom attended the Labour party conference, and performed, by shouting out loud; 'we want to be free')

    Apparently, Iraq is no longer a free fire zone battle field, and the number of people getting blown to bits with all manner of weapon systems is no longer a worry, hence the parade of dissidents to highlight the lack of human rights in Iraq. This would be a comedy if it were not for the severity of the Iraqi despair.

    Fact is Iraq war is lost, and no amount of force will resolve the defeat into victory. The few factors determining the prolongation of war, one of which is to be found in Kurdish regions. Kurdish lands are getting grabbed, for peanuts by the various Israeli agents, as stated by Dr. Feraydun Hilmi on an al-Jazeera TV debate (Inside Iraq) to Ranan Gissin (the shaven eyebrowed former spokesperson for Sharon).

    The nexus of the greedy war profiteers, and land-grabbers are the only forces keeping the war in Iraq going, at cost to all of us, and Iraqis. Otherwise there is no reason for continued occupation of Iraq. This occupation will come to an end by the time Bush has been kicked out. The current figures of the dead, and wounded troops, and Iraqis released do not reflect the actualities. This contention is supported by the outright hostility, and reluctance of US state department personnel, that are soon to be deployed based on orders, and no longer on a voluntary basis. (there is video of the heated debate of the personnel and Condi on the youtube, in which one of the diplomats says; 'you are handing us a death sentence, who will look after my three children if I am killed in Iraq?)

  • johnf

    While the accusation of anti-semitism is levelled at every one of us who in any way criticizes Israel, what is blindingly obvious, but can never be mentioned, is that the individuals who promote neo-conservatism and rightwing Zionism – Aaronovitch, Cohen, Christopher Hitchens and Melanie Philips – are each one Jewish racists of the deepest and most awful sort.

  • Craig


    Well, yes up to a point. I don't think I'd call Nick Cohen a racist without more evidence. And of course we must not forget that there are many outstanding opponents of the war – and of Zionism – who are jewish.

  • Alien

    I agree with Craig. "Jewish" is not the same as "Zionist" in the same sense that "Muslim" does not mean "terrorist".

  • macshealbhaich

    I agree with Craig and Alien. I wonder, also, whether Christopher Hitchens is Jewish – he may be an idiot, but that's not a Jewish monopoly.

  • johnf


    I agree that there are many jewish opponents – and some of them prominent and courageous – of the war, of course.

    But the people I listed are jewish (I believe Hitchens mother is) who, because they are jewish, it is extremely difficult to accuse of racism. I think it is something which is very deep – I don't think people like Hitchens or Cohen or even Aaranovitch originally thought of themselves as zionists – which the shock of 9/11 brought out, and it is aimed at Arabs in particular and Muslims in general.

    (I'd admit with Hitchens it probably started earlier, with the attacks on his friend Salman Rushdie and possibly also due (likewise with Cohen) to various trotskyite dogfights in the late 70's and early 80's between long forgotten sects over whether or not it was right from a revolutionary perspective to support Saddam. I suspect George Galloway was in an opposing sect).

  • Randal

    The choice of the contemptible Aaronovitch to interview Blair was indeed very revealing of the true nature of the BBC, and its transparent attempts to rehabilitate "Blairism" by glossing over the still twitching and burning corpses of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Not all that different from the previous employment of that fawning lefty and apologist for interventionist murder Andrew Marr.

  • girtholomew

    I don't think it's entirely fair to put Hitchens in the same bracket as some of the others mentioned. He has publicly criticised Zionist/Jewish extremists inside Israel, for example.

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