Jack Straw’s Corrupt Partner, Lord Taylor of Blackburn, Demands £120,000 to “Bend the Rules” 58

The disgusting Lord Taylor of Blackburn, who together with Justice Secretary Jack Straw forms the chief parliamentary support for the stinkingly corrupt BAE arms company, has been caught out demanding £120,000 to peddle his New Labour influence in the House of Lords.


As ever, this blog was there first – eighteen months ago. We have in fact been all over Lord Scumbag like a rash. These are essential reading as background to the current scandal:



I think this passage I wrote in 2007 has been roundly vindicated:

Straw’s links with BAE are partly conducted through Lord Taylor of Blackburn, the former leader of the Blackburn with Darwen Council that includes Straw’s Blackburn constituency. Lord Taylor, an archetypal New Labour apparatchik from Straw’s constituency machine, has lived off the taxpayer in Labour Party appointed posts all his life. He is now chiefly known as the second highest claimer of expenses in the House of Lords. In 2005 Lord Taylor claimed over ‘57,000 of tax-free expenses, over three times the average claim of under ‘19,000. he spoke 15 times in the year.

But he doesn’t really need that public money anymore, as the grasping creep Taylor is the primary conduit between the defence industry and New Labour. He has been a highly paid “Consultant” to BAE for over a decade. He also has used some of that money to make major contributions to Jack Straw’s election expenses in his Blackburn constituency, declared by Straw in the Register of Member’s interests. Lord Taylor also regularly makes large contributions to fund Blackburn New Labour. When I stood against Straw in Blackburn at the last election, Taylor was present with Straw at a black tie event hosted by BAE in the constituency said to be “unrelated to the election”.

Interestingly, this year in the House of Lords’ Register of Members’ interests, BAE has disappeared from Taylor’s list of eleven paid consultancies and two paid directorships. It might be interesting to dig for links between these companies and BAE. Some are certainly arms firms – including the highly sinister Electronic Data Systems.

EDS is another of the arms companies that has made many billions from the Iraq war. Among their many current defence contracts is a $12 billion project on electronic systems for the US armed forces. Presumably a well-plugged in New Labour apparatchik like Lord Taylor was of no hindrance to EDS in March 2005 when they landed a ‘2.5 billion contract from the UK MOD for a similar project. Indeed, if Lord Taylor cannot help swing that kind of contract, why are EDS paying him?

I do not have power of words sufficiently to condemn the institutional sleaze of a system where a scumbag like Lord Taylor can be put, unelected, by Labour into a seat for life in the national legislature. There, while a legislator, he can act as a well paid and highly connected lobbyist for the arms industry. As someone who has been deeply patriotic, I must now say that I find myself unable to have any pride in my own country any longer.

I do hope the old war profiteer finally gets put away behind bars. But with his long term partner Jack Straw as so-called Minister of Justice…

Allowing influence to party hacks like Taylor is of course exactly why New Labour is 100% against democratic reform of the House of Lords. Now your essay question: examine the facts about Lord Taylor in the light of the analysis of the control of policy by specific interests by J A Hobson in the blog entry below.

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58 thoughts on “Jack Straw’s Corrupt Partner, Lord Taylor of Blackburn, Demands £120,000 to “Bend the Rules”

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  • w.blower

    Interesting but hardly surprising that BAE have New Labour and no doubt the Tories in their pocket. That would go some way to explain how numerous serious and scandalous allegations of organised sectarian abuse of RC employees at BAEs now relocated Rolls-Royce aero-engine factory at Hillington in Glasgow are repeatedly swept under the carpet and are not only tolerated by the trade unions but orchestrated and in cases perpetrated by union officials.

  • Mae

    Ok..not secret service. Some people take free speech for granted, think it lets them say what they like, without proof, get sued and risk spoiling it for the rest of us with new laws and precedents coming about as a result.

    My point about blogs and forums is that they quickly get over-heated and evoke the kind of debate and angry language that if spoken in public would make you look, wild, raving, extremist…a nutter.

    Writing style not equating well with how an individual appears in person? Something like that. What ever the topic, be it; Celebrity Big Brother, Animal testing, the merits of the 4030 Rolex modified Zenith Chronograph movement versus the current 4130 in House movement. Some topics make quiet people type like angry nutters

    I would say that even the Times it seems, has now seen that Taylor is guilty of nothing more than Bragging and Exaggerating, and giving the best sound bite – bringing about changes that I bet most would agree with are needed. He may well yet be your hero Craig ;). Well maybe not, but he could have just killed the upper house for you.

    Also it looks like Lord Moonie is your actual War-Monger in this bag..

    All this aside, Craig, good luck with your book, as said in comment to a later entry, we all have to live. I would also hope you do not still see me as a troll and especially not New Labour Troll – that hurt.

    George, you have your view, good, just warning you don’t bother to reply to this…I’m done. I hope I have cleared up any rushed typing as posted earlier, if not, sorry, it’ll have to do.

  • George Dutton

    “George, you have your view, good,”


    Don’t we all ?…thats why we come on here.

    “just warning you don’t bother to reply”

    Me take a warning…Never.

  • Mae

    Warning…maybe not as here I am.

    Just didn’t want to waste your time.

    Although I do fear for you George…you would heed a “Bridge Out” or some such sign wouldn’t you?

    Anyway, take care George…and buy the Times again this Sunday…

  • George Dutton


    I have always got by using common sense.

    Been driving a car since March 1968 never had an accident while I have been the driver.

    “and buy the Times again this Sunday”

    Any reason to put a penny in Murdochs pocket ?.

    “Anyway, take care George”

    Got news for you Mae I am WELL on the way to another place…why should I care now…Come to think about it…I never cared before…lol.To live your life in fear…thats not living Mae.

  • George Dutton

    “The depth of ‘paid advocacy’ within the House of Bores has been well explored by The Herald today, coming on the back of the Sunday Times’ expose of four Labour peers taking ‘cash for amendments’.Every single party, bar the SNP, has members in the House of Lords who are on the take, sorry, paid for non-parliamentary consultancy. Chief amongst them is Lord Foulkes, who just happens to be a full-time MSP for the Lothians. Now Cameron says he will reform the Lords – how’s that for a U-turn in Tory”…


  • George Dutton

    If you look down the page in the above link you will find this…

    “Climate Change


    “Back to top

    11.39 am”

    “Moved By Lord Browne of Madingley”

    “To call attention to the political aspects of addressing climate change; and to move for Papers.”

    “Lord Browne of Madingley: My Lords, I declare my interests. I am managing partner and managing director of Riverstone Holdings”

    Hmmm…Thats the trouble,too many in the Lords and Commons with…”interests”.

  • George Dutton

    Back in the 1920s the railway system of the UK was ready to take on the mantel off distribution off goods to all parts of the UK and it would have worked very well. But the road haulage industry that was just beginning to come into being (it was a very small concern then)didn’t think this was a good idea,the motor manufacturers didn’t think it was a good idea, the oil companies didn’t think it was a good idea. So to cut a long story short and a lot of very thick brown paper envelopes in the hip pocket later… MPs didn’t think it was a good idea. We have suffered to this day and how.Every time you see a lorry on the motorway think of this post.

  • Ben

    Apropos your comments at the end of Catholic Orangemen of Togo re politicians and government agencies and the tie up with blood, oil and diamonds I see these comments on Order-Order.com :


    Truscott is a director of two Timis ventures. One, African Minerals, is active in Sierra Leone, the world’s biggest source of blood diamonds (African Minerals was formerly called the Sierra Leone Diamond Company). In September 2008 the Sunday Times reported that Timis was facing the prospect of a court case over disputed mineral rights. The other company, Eastern Petroleum is involved in oil prospecting in the former Soviet Union.

    Truscott is also a director of Gulf Keystone Petroleum, a company involved in oil exploration in northern Iraq, run by Bush/Cheney campaign contributor Todd Kozel. In addition, Truscott works for Gavin Anderson, a PR firm with strong links to the government of Russia and its commercial associate. (See declared interests).

  • redadare

    :Mae – go back to MI5

    Really, the establishment is not going to do diddly squat with with guys like Lord Taylor of Blackburn.

    The only solution is live with it, or send round some guys with baseball bats. Of course that would be incitement to violence or terrorism, so I would and could not possibly advocate it.

  • George Dutton

    “The cartoon is a criticism of the manner in which the British establishment, in the shape of John Bull, rewards the privileged and those least deserving whilst failing to provide the basic needs for the most needy and most vulnerable members of society”…


    Click onto any pictures on the above site and they will enlarge,

  • George Dutton

    “Cash for questions: new row over Scottish lord’s £30k deal”

    “The Sunday Herald has established that around half the parliamentary questions tabled by Lord Moonie, a close friend of prime minister Gordon Brown, relate to areas of commercial interest to US-based Northrop Grumman Corporation.”…


  • George Dutton

    “The hospitality enjoyed by top civil servants – including meals, trips to the opera, tennis and cricket matches – has been revealed for the first time”

    “The most prolific entertainers included oil giants such as Shell and BP, financial and advisory firm KPMG, and banks such Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche. Newspapers and the BBC also featured heavily in the 90-page list.”

    “Failed banks HBOS and Royal Bank of Scotland found the money to host key Whitehall figures, as the government prepared to bail them out with billions of pounds in public funds.”

    “RBS took Gordon Brown’s top foreign policy adviser, Sir Nigel Sheinwald – now ambassador to the US – to lunch last January. In February they dined Home Office permanent secretary David Normington, and in May stood lunch for Foreign Office mandarin Sir Peter Ricketts.”…


  • Martin Holden

    When is this criminal going to be sentenced for the theft of tax payers money, I have been waiting now for nearly 2 months and nothing has it been swept under the carpet as he has been let off?

    I have to say any normal person would have been sent straight to jail for the theft of a fraction of £11,000 he stole

  • Martin Holden

    When is this criminal going to be sentenced for the theft of tax payers money, I have been waiting now for nearly 2 months and nothing has it been swept under the carpet as he has been let off?

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