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I have no sympathy at all for anybody who voted No on the grounds of the pledges by Brown, Miliband, Cameron and Clegg about constitutional change, and is now whingeing about the blatant dishonour of those pledges. I cannot understand how anybody could be so stupid as to have believed them, and yet have a brain capable of sparking respiration.

Labour is interested in losing no influence of Scottish Labour MPs on any UK or English matters. It wants greater powers to English metropolitan councils which are controlled by Labour – because that will give Labour careerists more jobs and access to contracts. Those are Labours “constitutional reform” goals. The Conservatives “constitutional reform” goals are to keep Scotland’s tax on oil revenues and tax on whisky coming to Westminster, while loading greater responsibilities but no more money on the Scottish parliament, and stopping Scottish MPs voting on English matters thus guaranteeing conservative apparatchiks continued jobs and access to contracts.

Both Tories and Labour want to keep the appalling corrupt and undemocratic House of Lords for its jobs for apparatchiks, access to contracts etc.

Nobody cares what the Lib Dems think anyway.

I ask again – what did you expect?

This is the collective wisdom of Andy Myles and myself, over an excellent mackerel breakfast at Nom De Plume.

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693 thoughts on “What Did You Expect?

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  • Tony M

    And you know fine well that upgrading some of the gnarlier parts of A9, would have been easily achieved by putting Scotland’s financial affairs on the soundest possible footing imaginable, by voting Yes for independence. It’s never too late to see the light, though I doubt you care much in reality for the resolution of this and many other, far more pressing issues, critical human needs needing met, than you do for driving a wedge between people united by far more than you could ever hope to divide them with.

  • fred

    “Niggardly Highland-Lowland division sowing, how typically Fred-like, troll-like.”

    Fuck off retard.

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