Tessa Jowell Should Be Charged With Money Laundering 41

David Mills has been given a jail sentence in Italy for corruption, though sadly he will probably escape jail as the rich and well connected normally do.

Tessa Jowell actively participated in the laundering of the corrupt payments from Silvio Berlusconi, given to her husband David Mills in return for false testimony in court to cover up some of Berlusconi’s endless crooked dealings. Tessa Jowell participated as a full partner in the three time remortgaging of her home, paying off the mortgage with cash and then remortgaging. She has stated that there was “Nothing unusual” in this.

Most people would think it was very unusual to be able to pay off a large mortgage with cash at all. To do it twice and remortgage again each time would strike most of us as very weird indeed.

Which illustrates the gap between the hierarchy of “New Labour” and the “Hard working families” who are Gordon Brown’s favourite soundbite. This is illustrated by Mills’ description of £500,000 as “not very much”.


This is of a piece with Jacqui Smith’s ripping off the taxpayer of £150,000 by pretending her sister’s home is her main residence, then wondering what the fuss is about. That would be ten year’s salary for the British soldier killed today in Afghanistan.

Nobody who reads Mills’ letter to his accountant (above link) can doubt that he is a crook. This particular Berlusconi deal was just one part of his bent practice, which included the financial arrangements for organised crime in Italy to sell on infected and condemned human blood from the USA into transfusion services in Europe. Tessa Jowell lived off these criminal earnings for decades and actively participated in laundering the cash.

Either Jowell did not notice she was living with a major criminal – in which case she is far too stupid to be a minister – or she was complicit – in which case she is far too corrupt to be a minister.

No ifs or buts are possible.

Only when Mills was exposed to the media did Jowell abandon her husband – sacrificing her marriage for her political career. If she had remained loyal to him it would have at least been some slight saving grace. In fact the woman is a total disgrace.

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41 thoughts on “Tessa Jowell Should Be Charged With Money Laundering

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  • Rowdy

    Two reasons for posting, one is to provide a link to the Daily Mail feature on Ms Jowell


    and the other to see if I actually am allowed to do so.

    Previous attempts have been intercepted for holding pending approval. How long does approval take or is there a glitch somewhere?

  • MJ


    That happened to me once and it was bacause my Name and E-mail Address fields were blank when I posted.

  • Rowdy

    MJ, thanks for the tip. The problem thread is ‘In Development Hell’.

    The Name and Email fields are completed, Remember Me is selected, I can post here and have even posted previously in ‘In Development Hell’.

    I have just tried to repost for the third time but get the intercept screen.

    So it looks like a glitch somewhere.

  • tarron

    well nice to meet all you Scotties – talkin sense as usual .

    On gays and what it matters well im transexual and i find most of my peers are

  • anticant

    I see [‘Guardian’, 24 Feb] that Ms Jowell has written an article exhorting Labour to “step outside its comfort zone” and to address the issues that concern “the aspirational working class”.

    Presumably she’s thinking of comfort zones such as thrice-mortgaged houses and taxpayer subsidised second homes, and aspirational workers such as her husband-at-arms-length, David Mills.

  • Other John

    I’m tired of all this talk. All talk, no action. Typical Britain. Typical politics. Just all egos. Attack Labour, but do you think the damn TORIES give a toss? I’m off.

  • Dr Paul

    Re the separation of Mr Mills and Ms Jowell. I’ve heard of a marriage of convenience, do we have here a divorce of convenience?

  • anticant

    They aren’t divorced. They are just conveniently separated. They are frequently seen around town together.

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