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11 thoughts on “Darling – Economy To Grow 1.25% in 2010

  • yellowbelly

    Craig, not that you will be required to actually pay up, but hypothetically speaking.

  • Abe Rene

    You do realise, don’t you, that the prognosticator Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, even more formidable than Punxsutawney Phil, Seer of Seers, could have been behind this prophecy? Why, we could have heard the rumour from people with nasal English accents, calculated to strike terror into the most stony-hearted of doubters. You’re tempting fate, you know.

  • Comical Ali

    What is this nonsense comparing me to a predicting animal, especially one made in America? I am an educated man. I know English, I saw Groundhog Day, so I know what you are talking about. I was paid 100,000 Iraqi dinars for my prediction. I predict growth, yes growth, of 10.9%. Yes, ten point nine. I underline it. And these pessimists, we will shoot them all. We are not afraid, and you also do not be afraid!

  • Jon

    If you turn out to be right, Craig, will Derek Draper and New Labour pay two grand towards your website? 😉


  • lwtc247

    Beware Craig…

    BBC 10 O’clock newz Feb 2011:

    Today the Chancellor Mr. Paul Stains (Conservative) was just about to unveil last years growth rate of exactly 1.25% the deputy Speaker Mr. Roland Rivron adjourned Parliament having been passed intelligence of a potential bomb threat to the Commons.

    Several men from the Bristol and Bradford area have been detained under the newly passed terrorism act, permitting the police to shove broken fluorescent strip lights into the anus and eyeballs and while in detention for 500 days.

    In related events, the police have shot 840 protestors killing about 700 hundred of them when they came within 10 moles of Westminster in what the MET chief Ms. Chakrabati said “was an apparent attempt to protest at the detention and had treatment of the guilty plotters.” One survivor is reported to have told underground news agencies that they were simply going to London to buy tickets for the tickets for the FA CUP final between Liverpool and Celtic. MET chief Ms. Chakrabati said “This is nonsense. MI5 had been tracking these men for years and the wearing of red apparel acted as a secret message to sleeper cells to join in and attack the detention facility”

    And Finally, an Interpol arrest warrant has been issued for Mr Craig Murray for defying the NewConservartives 2011 “Announcements Act”, dubbed the ‘You say it, we spin it” act, due to an oath on pain of freedom undertaken by Mr Murray in early 2009 questioning the 2010 growth rate. Mr Murrays lawyer, who himself faces 50 years in prison or being within 50 yards of child pornography, said he had proof Her Majesty’s government had falsified the figure to finally get rid of Mr Murray who had previously raised questions about the government fair treatment of terrorist criminals around the world. BBC sources speaking on condition of anonymity said to our Security Tzar Mr. Frank Gardiner, that Mr Murray had invented the whole thing”

    Good night and thank you for watching the BBC Newz.

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