Official Secrecy in a Security State 31

In explaining why Damian Green was not going to be prosecuted, the Director of Public Prosecutions told us much about New Labour’s corruption of the Civil Service. Not only did the information he had received not endanger national security and not endanger life, but:

“Much of it was known to others outside the civil service, for example the security industry or the Labour party or Parliament”

WHAT? That lets some very large and furry cats out of the bag. Information which was officially classified within the Home Office, and which civil servants were attempting to keep secret from you and me, even by calling in the Police, was available to the Labour Party? I can think of no instance where that would be constitutional.

We need to know urgently, which information was classified and kept secret by the Home Office but known to the Labour Party, and why.

There could be no more graphic illustration of the failure of our politicised civil service to distinguish between the interests of the state and of New Labour.

The same goes in spades for the “Security industry” – the one exponential growth area of the economy under New Labour.

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31 thoughts on “Official Secrecy in a Security State

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  • Jon

    @Jaded – I agree that voting away from the big two is definitely necessary, and perhaps it is necessary to vote away from Lib Dem too. But if your protest vote could go equally to a genuinely left or a genuinely right-wing party, then shouldn’t you consult your “political compass” and prefer one over the other, rather than regarding them as equally good or bad? Unlike Tory/New Labour, there is a world of difference between Green and UKIP.

    (I tend to have to do a browser refresh after I have posted, in Firefox; think the page caching is quite aggressive to cope with potentially large amounts of traffic.)

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