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by craig on May 11, 2009 4:04 am in War in Iraq

David Aaaronovitch’s new “conspiracy debunking” book Voodoo Histories is getting an extraordinary level of boosting by the mainstream media. Here are a few highlights from this masterly exposition:

– No government has ever done anything nasty to any of its citizens, ever, unless they were Socialists (including National Socialists) or Islamists. All other government is entirely open and secretive acts do not occur.

– All official inquiries, commissions and judicial investigations in history have been composed of entirely honourable people with no agenda to serve political masters and inspired only by a pure devotion to unalloyed truth

– There was no conspiracy to lie about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Colin Powell did not lie and show fake photos to the Security Council. Tony Blair did not lie to Parliament. George Bush did not lie to the American public. Nobody was waterboarded into confessing to the Al-Qaida/Iraq link. The dodgy dossier on weapons of mass destruction was a figment of the imagination of socialists/Islamists/other mad people, and anyway it was all true except they have hid the WMD, so there.

– The Zinoviev letter, Roger Casement’s diaries and the Jacobite order to massacre all prisoners if they won Culloden, were all quite genuine just like the government said.

– There was no St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.

– The US had no part in the overthrow of Allende.

– Patrice Lumumba just went away on holiday.

– There was no conspiracy to kill JFK, or if there was, it was the Socialists

– Anybody who ever takes a different view on any of the above is a dangerous lunatic whose views on no subject at all need to be taken seriously.

– Belief in the official narrative is the definition of sanity.

– To defend the official narrative, the establishment needs to employ fat ugly propagandists with greasy hair and incredibly bad complexions.

Oh look, so they do.

Anyway, now I’ve saved you the trouble of reading it, you can buy Murder in Samarkand and The Catholic Orangemen of Togo instead.

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  1. grumpy Old Man

    11 May, 2009 - 6:21 am

    So it’s a work of fiction then.

  2. Aaronovitz and three other guests were promoting similar tripe on Radio 4’s Start the Week with Andrew Marr on Bank Holiday Monday. Just in case anybody got a spare minute to reflect on the problems of the world, the BBC kindly soothed them back to sleep that everything is fine just as it is. I refuse to pay the BBC’s licence fee.

  3. I wear my tinfoil hat with pride.

  4. Aaronovitch is a fool. I gave up reading his stuff years ago. I take you have actually read the book? Commiserations.

    I think you mean Roger Casement’s diaries – not Erskine Childers’. Casement’s recent biographers have concluded that the diaries were in fact genuine.

  5. You forgot to add:

    – Zionism is a laudable and purely defensive political movement that always has the best interests of the people of Gaza at heart.

    To borrow from Iain Dale on James Gray – Aaaronovitch is “a class one copper bottomed shit”

  6. Thanks Anticant. I’ve changed Childers to Casement – a diplomatic exemplar of mine. Yes, I read reviews of his last biography. Not sure though if his diaries were not doctored a bit.

  7. Oh thank God! It was all just some horrible nightmare. Three cheers for our Dr Paanglossovitch! I’ll go back to sleep now happy in the knowledge that when I wake up, it’ll be in the best of all possible worlds.

    And what was that? ‘Nobody was waterboarded’? Quite right too. It’s the least he deserves.

  8. The full Casement story was fully researched and definitively written by my friend Jeffrey Dudgeon in his book “Roger Casement: The Black Diaries” (Belfast Press, 2002). Well worth reading – unlike Aaronovitch!

  9. “All official inquiries .. have been .. inspired only by a pure devotion to unalloyed truth.”

    Oh, how wonderful! In a world containing so many lies, isn’t it good to know that somebody has something *positive* to report! Truly, this book will go far towards coffee tables or unwanted gifts.

  10. “Here are a few highlights from this masterly exposition …”


    I hope nobody’s going to tell me that the Beeb has been trotting him out every five minutes. I’ve lost all faith in what used to be a great organisation.

  11. Aarnovitch is MI5 for sure.

  12. So lies like this are okay to sell in the mainstream media but books by people like Craig, Media Lens and Chomsky are not. Jolly good.

    I guess it’s just the system protecting itself along with maintaining the commitment to being wrong about 95% of what they say.

    (I mean, how many mainstream news reports or reviews about things you know about in detail have been anything other than hack-jobs full of basic errors and/or outright lies? By extrapolation to the things one doesn’t know about in detail, it’s all wrong/lies. Better to read an expert than someone who writes for the MSM, on any issue, IMO.)

    Long live the alternative sources of information.

  13. It certainly is ‘spooky’ how much coverage a book like this is given. Lump all conspiracy theories together; tarnish the sound by juxtaposing them to the mad. Erect a few straw men to conveniently knock down and ignore facts that are inconvenient. Fortunately,there are so many good resources out there, in print and on video, that people can use to get to the truth for themselves. Though they don’t get msm book reviews, as you know Craig.

  14. The unbelievable soft soap interview Aaronovitch got on Start the Week for this book was a disgrace. But the blame for that lies completely with the presenter Andrew Marr, who needs to realise how absurdly, fawningly pro-establishment he has become and take time out for a rethink of who he is and what his job is.

  15. Andrew Marr, John Snow, Jeremy Vine and one or two others of the news media front line look like the kind of guys who tossed a coin to decide whether they would become ‘journalists’ or join the military.

    They are skimmers. Not reflective. They are bustling, upbeat, ‘chipper’……maybe a bit dim.

    When the name of someone who had questioned aspects of 9/11 on his show was mentioned, Marr shook his head, gritted his teeth, said that the person was “nuts” and quickly moved on.

    He had obviously never even visited these issues. You’d think ‘political correspondents’ would at least make themselves familiar with the issues…..before, I suppose, adopting the laughable official narrative or complete silence on the matter (as they must to keep their jobs)

    Aaronovitch is an establishment instrument. I have seen him at the back of 9/11 meetings feverishly scribbling. He understands the danger posed by 9/11 truth if it ever gets widely accepted (it is pretty mainstream in the USA now. More than a third of the population reject the official government ‘conspiracy theory’…in New York the figure is is over 50%).

    His job is to firefight. Counteract threats by whatever means that are necessary…..

    ……spin, outright lies, omission……but mostly name-calling.

  16. I entirely agree, Kevin. Nowadays, anyone who questions the official version of events is labelled a nutjob.

    I’m not a knee-jerk conspiracy theorist, but I’ve become utterly convinced over the past two years that 9/11 was a ‘false flag’ operation designed to forward the PNAC agenda, which had the conquest of Iraq at the top of its hit list since the early 1990s.

    My chief source for this is a right-wing Republican blogger – there actually are some honest Republicans – who digs very deeply and posts copious official documents to back up his assertions. One of his most striking claims is that the third tower was destroyed because it housed computers containing incriminating intelligence records and also details of exceptionally high-level stock exchange transactions in the days and hours preceding the 9/11 catastrophe. Their disappearance was highly convenient to people wishing to cover their tracks.

    Also, why was all the steel and other debris from the Twin Towers shipped off to China in the twinkling of an eye instead of being exhaustively sifted and analysed?

  17. “Also, why was all the steel and other debris from the Twin Towers shipped off to China”

    It wasnt, Fresh Kills landfill.

  18. Aaronovitch??

    Spook lackey.

    Not sure if he has opposable thumbs either.

    Odious brown-nosing cretin.

    I suppose he eats well though,and his pockets are stuffed full of brown envelopes from his Ma$ters.

  19. Aaronovitch translates via Hebrew to Shit head.

  20. or rather it should do. QED.

  21. This Zionist apologist, whose career as a keyboard mercenary has spanned many years, is a known tub of lard, lying sack of shit, propagandist for the cause of Jewish Supremacy. As in any other supremacists doctrine, the preservation of the myths, and lies as well as the vociferous defense of the already spun yarns as the gospel truth in a dogmatic fashion are part and parcel of any “debate”.

    Therefore, to find this excuser of murder, torture, and genocide being given an easy ride by the minions of the same bunch of murderous torturers ought come as no surprise.

    However, the fact hat the rest of the world is not buying the crap on offer is not yet registered on the sharp operators whom verily believe, these can get on with printing some more crap and keep the addled brain masses busy for even longer.

    Fat chance of that, any one read the “Family of Secrets” By Baker? Or better still Murder in Samarkand by a guy a who was there, and wore the teeshirt, and got hung to dry by the same bunch of liars, pimps, torturers, and murderers whom are trying to keep the gravy train rolling for a lot more longer?

  22. frank verismo

    11 May, 2009 - 5:53 pm

    Aaronovitch is more to be heartily laughed at than attacked. I believe we are collectively reaching the point where such obvious shills will be seen as pantomime rather than making any kind of serious contribution to important issues. He is, indeed, a joke – and the BBC are increasingly providing little more than a panto stage for such people.

    “”Also, why was all the steel and other debris from the Twin Towers shipped off to China”

    It wasnt, Fresh Kills landfill.”

    156 assorted pieces are known to have gone to Fresh Kills. The majority were swiftly shipped off to the Far East.

  23. Seriously, instead of simply abusing the author or his book, why not debunk it by reason, which is presumably what he claims to be using? Why not write an essay on which of his main theories are indubiable or rubbish or the grades of certainty, supporting such assessments with evidence and logic, and post it here (or a link)?

  24. Forgive the ad-hominem, but all I can think when I see a picture of this man is how uncannily he resembles one of those fraudulent celebrity psychics. Look here –

    See what I mean?

    I wonder if he is as genuine though?

  25. No, wait, I take it back. It’s Jeremy Beadle. Holy sh*tting Christ on a bike, it really is, isn’t it? I just KNEW he had to be one big wind up. I mean REALLY.

  26. Abe Rene at May 11, 2009 7:25 PM

    You mean we have to read his drivel first, then debunk the bilge that we know he has written, all for the sake of what?

    To dignify the fat, slobbering ziofeckwit and adding weight to his mercenary “contribution”?

    He can get stuffed, it will be a cold day in hell before anyone sane would dignify his unconscious drivel, that is basically a crude attempt in propaganda.

    To dignify this mercenary’s “contribution”, is akin to engage in a dialogue with the painting elephants of Taiwan, or typing chimpanzees of the Philippines, the poor creatures are as concious as Aaronovitch about the activities they have been set up to carry out.

    The Supremacist twaddle forming the jump board for the “contribution” of this ziofeckwit, is so devoid of logic, and reason, that any attempt in rebuttal would only be comedy, as some one already has pointed out.

    hence no cigar!

  27. Hi Craig,

    Can we just go over again which method of purchasing The Catholic Orangemen of Togo actually leaves you in the financial black? I am happy to read it as an ebook or paper book.

  28. @Fortuzero

    “but all I can think when I see a picture of this man is how uncannily he resembles one of those fraudulent celebrity psychics.”

    Perhaps you meant his man.

    @ Snoop

    “Aarnovitch is MI5 for sure.”

    MFI more like: his argument seems to fall apart with many pieces missing.

  29. @Fortuzero

    “but all I can think when I see a picture of this man is how uncannily he resembles one of those fraudulent celebrity psychics.”

    Perhaps you meant his man.

    @ Snoop

    “Aarnovitch is MI5 for sure.”

    MFI more like: his argument seems to fall apart with many pieces missing.

  30. People who have read Aaronovitch’s book may be entitled to dismiss it as reactionary nonsense. I haven’t read it, so I don’t know. That is the point. People who condemn a book without reading it are in danger of forming a new bandwagon. At worst they may become crackpots, ready to believe any juicy story, making them vulnerable to manipulation. As I see it, to be a good political ‘independent’ it is important to resist the temptation to jump on bandwagons and insist on applying reason. I may well read Aaronovitch’s book if a cheap paperback edition becomes available (or maybe a cheap used edition).

  31. I’v enot read Aaronovitch’s book but i’ve read enuff of his “columns”-whilst nearly vomiting-to know the cut of his gib and i don’t like him one little bit or the grotesque lies he peddles.

    Andrew Marr? Just another blind mutant spook lackey spinning the NeoCon dollar nicely into his own frayed tweedy pockets.

    All apologies and due respect to blind mutants,natch…

  32. Posted by: Abe Rene at May 12, 2009 10:51 AM

    Give a management summary, after you stick your fingers into the electricity outlet socket to find out for yourself the facts about electrocution too.

    Easier still stick your fingers in the toaster to find out for yourself a lot more quicker.

    This fat git Aaronovitch, was the same pro war, cheer leader for mass murder, whilst Blair was chucking around his Kaleidoscope. This fact alone ought to be enough for this specimen to face the charges of facilitating the murder of one and one half of one million Iraqis, but hey, his name is not Demjanjuk is it?

    Instead the fat git gets to publish a “book”, that is apprently soon to be accompanied by a legislation and its reading to become mandatory for all school children whom ought to read and believe it too!

    Fact that he has nothing of any value to add, other than to parrot the lines emailed to him from Tel Aviv, not being enough grounds to dismiss the lickspittle whose head is so far up that he cannot see so much as day light never mind any hints of any truths about any kind of reality. You only need to listen to any news program, and or the numerous Israeli spokesthingies to hear this gushing Zionists “wisdom”.

    Oh, there again we are suppose to buy into the pseudo liberal crap of giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, even if it is for the one thousand, two hundred, and fifty third time!

    Then there can be no dangers of any misconstruction I suppose for sure, although whilst the fat git has collected another royalty or is that loyalty fee for his troubles of sucking up for the supremacists cause so hard.

  33. avatar singh

    16 May, 2009 - 7:03 pm

    David Aaaronovitch is a mercenary for anglosaxon piracy the world over-jews getting a few crumbs on condition that they su[pport this loot.

    there is one place I would like americans to attack.

    but it won’t happen because two thieves-london and usa-are in this together.…s_get_it_back/

    A Lot of Our Money Is Buried in the Cayman Islands — Let’s Get It Back

    By David Cay Johnston, The Nation. Posted May 16, 2009.

    Obama and Congress must get tougher on offshore tax cheats — prosecute them as criminals and require full payment.

    The Cayman Islands are well known to those seeking sun, sand and sea–and for their hospitality to US corporations seeking to escape taxes, launder money and use other discreet financial services. The islands’ tax dodgers help multinational corporations move jobs offshore; they also give aid and comfort to terrorists, drug dealers and divorcing spouses trying to hide money. Honest taxpayers have to make up for the revenues lost through this offshore cheating in three ways: we pay more in taxes, we get fewer government services and we incur rising government debt. Interest on that debt, which doubled under the Bush administration, now equals all the individual income taxes paid from New Year’s to around June 10. And that cost means less government investment in research, education and the infrastructure on which commerce depends. Untaxed money hiding in the Caymans and other tax havens means the rest of us pay a higher price for less civilization.

    In short, the Caymans, and other tax havens, are parasites that weaken the United States and other developed nations.

    President Obama proposed on May 4 to crack down on offshore tax cheating; that proposal does not go nearly far enough. Instead of settling for a dime on the dollar, as Obama’s plan would do, let’s get serious about offshore tax cheating, both legalized and criminal. Let’s do what we did to halt the imagined threats of communists in Grenada, depose a drug-dealing president in Panama and find those imaginary weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Let’s invade the Caymans!

    The islands, which belong to Britain, have no military and just 300 or so police. An invasion force composed of tax lawyers, forensic auditors and a handful of computer technicians could execute a hostile takeover without firing a shot.

    The Caymans are not really a country; they are a law firm p

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