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59 thoughts on “Wonder

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  • Abe Rene

    Congratulations! I wish you and Nadira well. All the best for your new family.

  • Paul Jakma

    Wow, that was a long auld labour.

    Congratulations, and all the best for the future for you and yours!

  • ken

    Congratulations to you both. A big welcome to little Cameron. Very best wishes for the future.

  • Strategist

    Craig may be just a tad busy, but site regulars may be interested to hear that the lead story in today’s Morning Star is on a mother’s vow to prevent mercenary boss Tim Spicer getting his hands on any British taxpayers’ money

    Whilst the paper has a splash on David Miliband’s scandalous proposals to allow the mercenary industry to provide its own self-regulation.

    Also available in old-fashioned print at your local newsagent – if they don’t stock it, get them to order it, it’s available daily nationwide to newsagents like any other national daily.

  • Ruth


    It’s great knowing that there is another little person on this planet who will be brought up as a civilised human being knowing compassion and caring for the rights of each and every person.

  • Hugh Kerr

    Craig and Nadira congratulations to you both and welcome to Cameron good to see he is being given his Scots heritage even if it is currently besmirched by that slimy Tory.

  • ora

    Congratulations to Craig & Nadira, and a warm welcoem to Cameron. Though you don’t know it yet, you already have many friends due to your dad’s efforts.

  • sam

    Welcome to the world, Cameron! And hearty congratulations to Craig and Nadira. The miracle of a precious new life puts all else in the shade and in perspective.

  • Ben

    Congratulations on this fantastic news, and your recent nuptials.

    Life will never be the same again!

  • Craig

    I hope Johnny Anomaly was joking, but for the record my dad was Robert Cameron and my brother is Neil Cameron. Nothing to do with the Tories! It also is good that as Kamran it is an Uzbek name too.

  • fortuzero

    All the best with everything. I expect we will be seeing fewer posts on your blog for a while! Enjoy the long hard nights! 🙂 It is all worth it I assure you! It really helps put things in perspective in this world…

  • Mark Wood

    It’s the process of being part of a family that makes you feel connected to past, present, and future generations, it also drags us out of a self-centred existence that we all experience whilst growing up from youth to maturity.

    Congratulations Nadira, Craig, and baby Cameron, welcome to the club of the participants of the mysterious and often wonderful circle of life.

  • John Monro

    Congratulations to you both, a great joy has come into your lives. Your hard work for an honourable future for us all becomes so much more personal when you have your own investment in that future. Keep up the good work, but don’t drown in it, Cameron and Nadira will need you as well. A small dram and a quiet toast to your family might well be in order. Slainte mhath!

  • joe90kane

    Wonderful news!

    As far as I’m concerned

    there’s not enough Scotto-Uzbeki types about.

    I hope this is a growing trend.

    All the best to you and your clan Craig!

  • alan_b

    Congratulations to you all, (Nadira especially, as she did most of the work!)

  • Shootallpoliticians

    How vile, another little bastard from the union of an errant would be politician and an ex-hooker. At your age as well, it’s what the Iranians call ‘putting bells on your coffin’. Do us all a favour and tie a knot in it, Murray, you vile hooker-fucker.

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