The USA is Another Planet 49

This extraordinary passage is from the State Department’s Daily Brieifng yesterday:

QUESTION: Mr. Crowley, it is the Israeli’s actions that need to be investigated. So how can Israel, too ?” best investigation ?” why is the United States opposed to UN investigation?

MR. CROWLEY: As we’ve said, we are completely supportive of an impartial investigation that helps us understand what happens ?” what happened on these ships, and more importantly, working collectively, how we can meet our common objectives of increasing the international support for the people of Gaza, and at the same time, supporting Israel with its legitimate security concerns.

We believe that Israel is in the best position to lead this investigation. But as the Secretary said yesterday, this has to be credible. The international community will be watching this very closely as it unfolds. We want to see this done in a way that meets international standards. We’ll be talking to Israel about how best to accomplish this. We’ll be talking to other countries that may want to play a role in this. And as we ?” as the Secretary said, we are open to ways of making this as credible as possible, including international participation. And that is our view.

QUESTION: Why ?” I think his question, though, was essentially why? And can you explain why Israel is in the best position to lead the investigation (inaudible)?

MR. CROWLEY: Israel is a vibrant democracy. It has effective, competent institutions of government, and Israel is fully capable of investigating a matter that involved its forces. And so can Israel conduct a fair, transparent, credible investigation? The answer is yes.

At the UN Human Rights Council, the USA was joined by only Italy and the Netherlands in voting against a motion condemning the murderous Israeli attack in international waters. (The UK abstained on the pathetic grounds that we should await the outcome of the independent investigation, in the full knowledge that there will be no independent investigation).

Berlsconi’s support for the US and Israel is no surprise, but the Netherlands deserves remark. It has gone on a remarkable journey in the last decade, from a liberal society to one as poisoned with fascism as their Flemish neighbours.

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49 thoughts on “The USA is Another Planet

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  • Richard Robinson

    “I strongly suspect that is you doing more false flag posting.”

    A thing that’s striking me recently is that a number of posters seems to arrive fairly quicky at a kind of “melt-down” position where their authentic outpourings can’t easily be distinguished from those of Arsalan’s Mum in her libel-free bed (apart sometimes from a few characteristic misspellings).

    I’ve seen various people making various suggestions, going back a while, for techy things that might “improve” the signal-noise ration here, and tend to reckon it’s probably not helpful – it’s not clear how much time or inclination you have for fiddling with this stuff, or what the software allows in the first place, and anyway I guess you have your own ideas. This is, of course, a preamble to making the same mistake myself – does the site have a registration / login mechanism ? If so, allowing posts only from logged-in users would oblige people to put a name to their posts, and provide at least a strong incentive to keep to only using one name at once ?

  • Michael Petek

    An international investigation isn’t necessary, because there’s already been one.

    Israeli naval forces warned the flotilla to divert, as it was about to enter a blockaded area.

    The flotilla signalled: ‘Shut up. Go back to Auschwitz.’

    FINDING: Israel broke the law because it is unlawful for a Jew to be in a public place other than a gas chamber without the permission of an officer of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Turkish papers have now, it seems, published photographs of soldiers bleeding badly while under assault.

    FINDING: More evidence of Jewish criminality. It is shari’a that a Muslim has the right to beat a Jew, because Jews are dirty and immoral and sinners. The Jew may beg for mercy, but if he protests there is a violation of the dhimma, therefore their lives and property of them all are permitted to the Muslims.

    Sheikh Hussein bin Mahmud has declared: “Everyone who has had contact with the Jews and lived alongside them, in the East and in the West, has spurned them, loathed them and detested them, to the point where Hitler said, ‘I could kill all the Jews in the world, but I left a few alive so that the entire world will know why I killed the Jews.'”

    He declared that the Turks should “kill every Jew in Turkey.” Moreover, “Gaza does not want ‘freedom ships’ bearing blonde women with Muslim, Christian, Jewish and atheist men; it wants a naval fleet and a land army bearing black Islamic banners… Gaza will not agree to a cease-fire with the Jews. On the contrary, it is thirsty to drink the blood of the sons of apes and pigs, and it is hungry and longs to devour the body parts of these cowards.”

    So there we have it! Sensible policies for a prosperous Caliphate! Happy headbanging, Sheikh Hussein!

  • Anonymous

    It seemed like a useful exercise to examine how the Israeli propaganda machine via its state sponsored journalists and news media released information after the Mavi Marmari massacre.

    We note that for days no communication was possible from the captured occupants of the humanitarian relief vessel.

    The Jerusalem Post followed a statement by the Israeli Defense Force that read, “Israeli Soldiers Attacked ” by a headlined that read:

    “Israeli Soldiers Met by Well-Planned Lynch Mob”

    JP May 31st 2010

    The Post said, “Israeli storm troopers invading the ship were turned into victims and the humanitarian pacifists were turned into aggressor.”

    The same day Professor Sabel of the Hebrew University said Israel’s act of piracy in international waters was declared LEGAL.

    Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon said the humanitarian organizers were accused of having ties to terrorists (al-Qaeda).

    Haaretz, May 30 2010

    Israeli propagandists ‘doctored’ video releases portraying one of the Israeli soldiers on the deck, cutting out the preceding sequence of attack when dozens of human rights people were shot, killed and maimed.

    Financial Times, June 2, 2010

    The Israeli sea and airborne commandos were described as the victims of a “Brutal Ambush at Sea”

    Ynet News, June 1, 2010

    Once the Israeli propaganda machine started spewing out its gutter lies, the entire leadership of the Zionist Fifth column swung into action in the United States and Britain.

    The terrorized human rights workers were accused of being a “lynch mob”, attacking the Jewish commandos who were firing automatic rifles wildly across the deck and at cornered victims. The few courageous individuals who fought back to stop the murderous attack were slandered by the Zion-propaganda, which itself is as monstrous as the crimes they perpetrated.

    Presidents of the Major American Jewish Organizations, published every scurrilous Israeli state lie, about the Israeli commandos being ‘lynched’, ‘attacked’ and the human rights victims being responsible for the death of their comrades.

    The Daily Alert May 31 ?” June 2, 2010

    Israeli commandos attacking the humanitarian boat as being … “assaulted and beaten”

    Washington Post, June 1, 2010

    “..act of piracy on the high seas was legal”

    NY Times, June 1, 2010

    The White House said “The United States deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding the tragedy”

    AFP May 31, 2010

    Washington, pressed to participate at a UN Security Council meeting, spent 10 hours eliminating all references to Israel’s illegal criminal act, ending in a resolution which merely calls for an “impartial” investigation, with Washington pushing for an Israeli investigatory committee.

    In the week preceding Israel’s announced assault on the humanitarian flotilla, (pro-Israel) Jewish leaders met with over a third of US senators to pressure them to pass harsher sanctions on Iran by June. Among the key operatives attending were the Jewish Federation of North America, AIPAC and the rest of the Israeli Fifth Column.

    Jewish Telegraph Agency, May 26, 2010

    Rahm’s mission to Israel was to hand Netanyahu an invitation to the White House, during the week of the slaughter at sea. The only reason Netanyahu did not come to Washington was because he rushed back to Israel to buttress the Foreign Office’s defense of the slaughter in the face of world-wide outrage. But in a phone conversation, Obama promised Netanyahu a prompt new invitation ?” assuring the Jewish statesman that violating international laws and bloodying dozens of humanitarian activists is of no consequence, especially since it insures continued financial support by Obama’s Zionist backers.

    Collated from Voltaire with courtesy

  • sabretache

    Wow !

    The ravings of Sheikh Hussein bin Mahmud almost rival those of Michael Petek.

    I suggest he goes away and reads the IDF apology (oops – clarification) on the ‘..back to Auschwitz’ slander – see above. Yet another in a veritable litany of blundering ‘white-is-black’ propaganda and deception attempts.

    Poor old IDF; you almost have to feel sorry for them don’t you? They used to cultivate an image of such macho, invincibility. And now here they are, reduced to habitual, bungling, incompetence. I can just see them stamping their collective little jackboots like the spoiled brat school-kids most of them are when they realise the rest of the world is laughing at them.

    As for Michael Petek; his grasp on reality is mirrored at all levels of Zionist Israel right now and is precisely why we should be fearful about just what its bungling, incompetent military/SIS complex leadership, with its finger on its nuclear button, will do next.

  • MJ

    “The flotilla signalled: ‘Shut up. Go back to Auschwitz.'”

    This is yet another botched and panicky piece of Israeli evidence-fixing. They seem to have forgotten that the actual exchange has already been aired. The response from the captain was in fact “Negative. Our destination is Gaza”.

    Michael, may I politely suggest that instead of relying solely on Israeli propaganda for your information you look elsewhere also? You look very silly otherwise.

  • Craig


    I deleted that comment from Apostate, and tidied up your response, which is still left hanging but makes the point.

  • MJ

    Craig: since you’ve removed Apostate’s post you may as well remove the entirety of my response, which looks meaningless as you’ve left it.

  • Freeborn

    Apostate-you renegade!

    You got no place to be here with this mob of charlatans.They’re the type of people who think if someone sees them reading The Times they’ll think they’re intelligent and powerful!

    Sorry mate these guys think like this:

    (1) Bilderberger is a cake with squares in it.

    (2) The Illuminati get switched on by some celeb in Blackpool every year.

    (3) We live in a democracy with a real-life opposition,open media and free debate.

    (4) With a little love and understanding Israel and its elite backers could become nice people and stop killing everybody in wars they make money from when they back both sides.

    (5) Sabbateans are reptilian aliens David Icke,Barry Chamish and Rabbi Antelman make pots of money inventing conspiracy theories and speaking about.

    (6) If someone says something nasty about Israel or the elites that sustain it they must be either “anti-semitic” or paranoid “conspiracy theorists” or both.

    And this is just a sample of the PC hyper-reality in which they live, move and have their being!

    I’ve been visiting here longer than you mate and this is how the land lies.

    By the way any more stuff about “the Holocaust” being a Zionist fairy tale and you’re out!

    I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it!

  • Freeborn

    Dear Craig

    So glad you excised that guy Apostate I was just trying to humour him.

    That stuff re-the “zi” in Nazi.Hell what do we want to know about that for.

    Trebitsch-Lincoln who the Bejeez was he?

    Hitler was a bad man.

    Jewish Nazis don’t exist.

    6m Jews died in the Holocaust. 4m in Auschwitz alone-it says that on the plaque outside.

    Zionist bankers don’t exist.

    It was only an Allied cock-up that the Soviets to take over Eastern Europe after WW2.

    Churchill,Eisenhower and De Gaulle just forgot to mention the Holocaust in their memoirs.

    Now that is all anyone needs to know re-WW2.

    Am I on-message now?

  • tungsten

    Er, Massa Craig,Mr Ambassder sir.

    Ain’t you gon exercise dat Freebon guy now?

    Jussa kina looks mitey funny kina dialog goin’ on dere wid Massa Freebon and dem other guys referring to comments dat offishally don’ exist no more.

    While yooz exercizin Freebon ana Apostate what you gon do bout all dem igrant shills anna PCs what taken over dis here blog?

    Larry’s wife say you can jussa sen Larry packin too.She don’ wan see him draggin St Louis thru the mud an’all no mo’.

    Jussa sen him back to Massa Silverstein’s cathouse pronto!

    An I think you doin a mitey fine job censoring all dem spiracists jussa likka Massa Sunstein say we should for our scurity an’all.


  • Abe Rene

    Craig: I would beware of banning someone on the grounds of suspicion alone, because it would be too easy for someone to forge a message to provoke a ban. It would be better to censor mesages that you considered objectionable on objective grounds, such as being irrelevant to the thread.

  • kingfelix

    I think the false flag Petek rant is a beautiful work and is a good means of reappropriating the discussion from the people who clearly post not to engage but simply to dump their own ‘reality picture’ here.

  • Monty

    Craig, you are quite right to highlight the rise of fascism’s ugly face with the continually increasing popular support of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands.

    It is the general election in Holland tomorrow so I will be keeping an eye on how they are doing.

    Here is Stephen Sackur enjoying himself shredding Wilders on BBC HardTalk:

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