Bilderberg – Why Don’t You Write Me a Letter to Brighten My Loneliest Evening? 65

Someone has written me a letter about Bilderberg

My own view is that those who get overly worried about rich and powerful people meeting to forward their common interest, need to chill out. Of course they do that. It’s just like Davos with added cachet from the thrill of being “secret”. If it were public, I don’t doubt you would find it’s just as banal.

Everything is not directed by Bilderberg, Freemasons, Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, the Rothschilds, the Prieure of Sion or any other grouping. Do the rich and powerful heavily influence western governments? Of course. Do they cabal in various ways? Of course. Is there a hidden force behind everything, a secret world government? No.

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65 thoughts on “Bilderberg – Why Don’t You Write Me a Letter to Brighten My Loneliest Evening?

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  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    The al-Qaeda Myth – An important piece of knowledge to empower you – friends.

    It was Zbigniew Bryezinski former national security advisor to President Carter and now advisor to Obama who was tasked to form and equip the Afghan mujahideen at a cost of $20 billion including training. On a visit to Afghanistan Bryezinski urged the ‘soldiers of God’ to double their efforts, he said, “your cause is right, God is on your side.”

    He created the Soviet Vietnam.

    At the time President Carter said, “We must recognize the strategic importance of Afghanistan to stability and peace. A Soviet occupied Afghanistan threatens both Iran and Pakistan and is the stepping stone to possible control over much of the worlds oil supplies!!”

    The scheme known as Operation Cyclone was an amazing success. The Red Army retreated from Afghanistan in 1989. Brzezinski said the CIA were involved in Afghanistan from 1980 after the Soviet army invaded on 24th December 1979. President Carter signed a secret order on July 3rd 1979 for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-soviet regime in Kabul. Western intelligence actively recruited Islamic extremists for the express purpose of provocateuring the Soviets into invading!!

    Brzezinski and the American government fostered Islamic extremists and helped form a fighting force. From Arab Afghans in this group another element was formed from these so called ‘foreign fighters.

    Wthin this group was a small group, about a dozen,led by a man called Osama Bin-Laden, a Saudi born heir to the Bin-Laden construction family fortune.

    It was Robin Cook after the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005 who wrote an article in the Guardian in which he claimed al-Qaeda (the base) literally referred to the database of mujahideen who were being handled by the CIA in Afghanistan.

    It was Robin Cook who divulged to me in a 15 minute meeting in Milton Keynes that he was very afraid and that I should investigate thoroughly the events of 7/7.

    Michael Springman an official at the Jeddah consulate testified that Bin Laden was a CIA asset and he was rubber stamping visas for his operatives to go to the United States for training.

  • Bill

    My guess is, when you see less than a handful of “banking & oil elites” with a close connection to almost all past military interventions in past 60 yrs having secret meetings you know it’s for a reason. Also you can bet these bankers also own mainstream media with fronts/equity/loans.

    When they invite or call in the highest levels of politicians, military & public servants for a secret meeting you KNOW they are trying to get info. & ways to fix what the key Bilderbergers/organisers want.

    I suspect this is Kissinger working for Rockefeller?

    If a “very small elite group” (The Fed owners & Rothschild’s et al), privately meet regularly, and have control of central banks & “unlimited money” and oil it is fair to say they are calling some shots. If they can get to choose who is in charge of everything (via money & media & collaborators) they might control almost all the shots. And some can be good too. However, I suspect the shots are mainly being fired for the furtherance of their quest for global dominion via control of our “socialist or totalitarian Govts” & money. They control global money and it controls global Govt. or Govts. And they controls the plebs.

  • Bill

    Jay Vos said it all:-

    “Is there a hidden force behind everything, a secret world government? No”.

    Not quite yet.

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