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101 thoughts on “Why Israel Should Know Better

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  • Suhayl Saadi

    Of course, it’s officially denied, but then, so are lots of things. the SAS and other state entities do lots of things, undercover, one woudn’t want to write home about. That’s partly their role. David Sterling, from Stirling, what a man.

  • Arsalan

    Speaking of animal rights not covering people of the lesser races.

    A Bunch of Palestinians decorated a donkey and made it walk in view of a bunch of Israeli soldiers to upset them.

    A reporter asked the soldiers why they don’t just shoot the donkey.

    The Soldiers responded doing so would get them in to trouble with Israeli animal rights organisations, but shooting Palestinians on there other hand results in no trouble.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I’m sure many of us have met ex-SAS personnel who have ‘done stuff’ in Africa (and elsewhere) you wouldn’t believe (as the expression goes), both as state employees and later, as private mercenaries acting on behalf of the UK state or other associated imperialist interests.

    Just read Craig’s ‘Catholic Orangemen’ book to gain an insight into some of these practices. Tip of the iceberg, of course.

    Here you go. Thomas the Tank Engine, eh! Check esp. the section on ‘Mercenary Work’, which “requires expansion”. Yes, indeed.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Actually, this type of role has been played often by a number of key upper class and upper middle class Scots from the central (by which I mean Stirlingshire, Perthshire, etc.) and eastern parts of the country, often through generations of the same families, for at least 300 years.

    It’s part of the much-discussed Scottish ‘anti-syzygy’ in relation to their relationship with the British Empire. Many of the colonial ‘Residents’ in far-flung parts of Empire were Scots, as were lots of officers and spies. Interesting travel writers, some of them.

    It goes on today, as well. Craig, you must know much more about this area than I.

    They’re often very interesting and highly educated people.

    But beware.

    One of them once said to me, “I and some friends did some work for the government, awhile back, and now I’m very concerned because recently some of my friends’ cars have been going off the road”.

  • Arsalan

    Michael Petek

    Oh I forgot to mention, your Nonie Darwish, is one of the many fake ex-Muslims.

    Just in case you guys don’t know what a fake ex-Muslim is, it is a person who fakes converting from Islam to Christianity as a means to milk as much money as they can from idiots like Michael Petek.

    Muslims can spot these fakes from a mile away, but evangelical idiots like Michael Petek fall for their copycat stories, buy their books and hire them as speakers.

    Michael Petek if you ever meet her, please teach her how to pronounce the world Muslims correctly.

  • Ed Kendrick

    When enough people know that Mossad/Israel–not Muslims–did 9/11 along with traitors/gentiles within the U.S., the justice needed for 9/11 will come.

    The real truth about 9/11 will save the world from these members of the Synagogue of Satan.

  • angrysoba

    “The real truth about 9/11 will save the world from these members of the Synagogue of Satan.”

    Another loon suffering from Judenhass.

  • Arsalan

    Michael Petek

    Hay, I want to talk to you about why your Nonie Darwish, your source of knowledge on all things Islamic is not able to pronounce the word Muslim correctly.

    I would have thought someone who claims their native language was Arabic and they used to be Muslim would at least be able to pronounce the word Muslim.

    Or should my question to you be, why doesn’t American evangelical organisations at least teach the actors they hire to be fake ex Muslims, some basics of Islam such as how to pronounce the word Muslim before they put them in front of cameras to fool idiots like you?

    Is it because you guys are so ignorant and stupid they know you wouldn’t notice

    these silly mistakes?

    So much so that they gave Ergun Caner a evangelical university to run and a TV show, to teach the ignorant morons like yourselves how to be more ignorant and more moronic?

  • arsalan

    Has Michael Petek gone away?

    Is he looking for a Fake Ex Morzleem who is more convincing?

    Or just one that can pronounce Muslim correctly?

    Hay why don’t you guys just grab hold of a Arab Christian and ask them to pretend they were once Muslim instead of the Pathetic attempts such as Nonie Darwish and Ergun Caner.

    At least that way the person you use would be able to at least pronounce the word Muslim correctly.

    Oh I forgot, you can’t do that, because Arab Christians, like all other mainstream sects of Christianity regard you so called christian Zionists to be a bunch of heretical nutters and trouble makers.

    What ever difference mainstream Christians, Jews and Muslims have with each other, we are all united in in thinking you guys are just a bunch of lying heretical nut Job hate mongers.

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