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lardon and witch

The 41 year old “starlet” in this picture is Gulnara Karimova, “the most hated woman in Uzbekistan” according to leaked US diplomatic cables, which are understated. She has had business rivals killed, forcibly taken over the assets of Uzbek and foreign entrepreneurs as well as Uzbek state concerns, been involved in trafficking girls into prostitution in Dubai, a partner of Gafur Rakhimov in the narcotics trade and she benefits financially from the open forced labour of millions of small children picking cotton in the state farms.

On the plus side she is a Professor of International Relations, International Singing Star, World Renowned Fashion Designer, Ambassador to Spain and to the United Nations, Poet, Scriptwriter and Jeweller. She is worth about 4 billion dollars. None of which “career” has been hurt by the fact that her father is the world’s most vicious dictator.

Gulnara also likes to enhance her image for domestic consumption by hobnobbing with the Soviet oligarch’s idea of important westerners. Thus she is close to Joan Laporta, until recently President of Barcelona FC, and has arranged visits and plater exchanges from that club. She has dueted with Julio Iglesias, been serenaded by Sting, and is a friend of Nat Rothschild, Oleg Deripaska and other of the Peter Mandelson holiday set.

That the 41 year old deputy dictatress likes to wear pigtails and cakes of cosmetics and pose as a young ingenue with old has-been stars is a hobby which costs the exploited Uzbeks dear. Depardieu is getting 3.2 million euros for appearing in a film officially scripted by Karimova, but in truth ghosted by Professor Akbar Hakimov of the Uzbek State Academy of Literature (I can hear Bulgakov having wild fits of laughter in his grave).

Depardieu has become an amporphous blob of animal fat; it is difficult to tell where he ends and where air starts, possibly because he is exuding a lot of gas. He looks like a particularly cheap and ill-conceived monster from a 1970’s Dr Who episode.

For someone my age, who was thrilled by Les Valseuses and still cries at Jean De Florette, what Depardieu is now, is just horrible. We tried to overlook his urinating in plane aisles or attacking fans, as evidence of wild charm. But recently his tax exile to Belgium, friendship with the Putin inner circle, adoption of Russian citizenship and now pussy-licking of old Gulnara are beyond horrible.

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134 thoughts on “The 3.2 Million Euro Lardon

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  • Habbabkuk

    That’s what I like, Mark Golding – reasoned argument!

    (PS – use of word “fuck” = mental impoverishment)

  • Mark Golding - Children of Conflict

    You putrified the ‘argument’ Habbabkuk with peculiar sideswipes on format I judge repulsive. You then reply in bullet points which likewise I determine arrogant, egotistical and rude. You are a prat Habbabkuk and the only impoverishment in my frame is the malnutrition left in countries smashed by those zombie morons in which I place your own ignorant and shallow mind-set.

    I do not suffer fools gladly Habbabkuk and I have had enough of your loquacious dribble.

  • nevermind

    The burly lady with the Spanish accent, carrying you daily dose of green liquid and pills will be round soon Habbabkuk, no need to get all anxious and delirious.

    look…. here she is, there there, you feel better soon.

  • Rebelchancer


    I mean, how many dictator’s daughters…well..I reckon after a few single malts Craig would be in like Flynn. Isn’t she also very close to Roger de Courcey? She just has it all eh? Everything except a conscience.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Habbabuk – there were multiparty elections in Syria last May, after Assad changed the constitution to legalise opposition parties and end the one party Ba’athist state, as reported by the BBC on 16th May 2011 ‘Syria election results show support for reforms, says Assad’

    It’s true that Assad’s forces have committed many crimes and murders, including targeting unarmed protesters, the wounded, ambulances and medics – though the idea that this is western governments’ motive for opposing him is pretty far fetched since it hasn’t stopped them arming or supporting the Bahraini, Saudi or Yemeni dictatorships (the last using mortars and sniper rifles repeatedly on unarmed protesters)

    Many of those fighting Assad also target civilians though – including members of Al Qa’ida and the Syrian Al Nusrah who are backed by the Saudis – who are murdering employees of state TV stations and other civilian employees of Assad

    There have also been credible reports of massacres of Alawites by Sunni jihadists

    So it’s not a simple picture of evil dictator vs lovely freedom fighters – and much of the Syrian opposition is opposed to armed rebellion against Assad because it’s leading to an increase in sectarian violence and may lead to a long bloody civil war like the one continuing in Iraq and past civil wars in Lebanon.

    All this makes arming and encouraging the armed rebels not such a clearly good policy as you’re suggesting – gradual reform, even if it means power sharing with Assad for some time, might well be better than bloody sectarian civil war involving atrocities by both sides – especially as the best armed and funded armed opponents of Assad are not democrats by extreme Sunni Jihadists, meaning there’s no guarantee (or even likelihood) of democracy if they overthrow Assad

    sources on all of this on my blogpost on it here

  • Duncan McFarlane

    p.s I’m not a fan of his Assad – and his father was certainly responsible for massacres, but what choice does he really have but to hang on now, given the example of the “justice” meted out to Gadaffi? Would you quit power if you thought the likely result was that you, your family and your supporters would be tortured to death?

    Assad’s regime is guilty of many crimes in murdering civilians – so are many of his enemies. Neither side winning by force is likely to result in anything except more atrocities

  • Kempe

    ” there were multiparty elections in Syria last May, after Assad changed the constitution to legalise opposition parties and end the one party Ba’athist state ”

    Yes but under that constitution all other political parties have to have the permission and approval of the government. Makes you wonder just how opposed to Assad they could be.

    Civil wars always sem to be the bloodiest and most vicious of all conflicts with atrocities commited by both sides and Syria is no exception. One option for Assad might be to accept exile in Russia or Saudi Arabia. As with most dictators he’s probably got enough stashed away in Switzerland to fund a comfortable retirement.

  • Uzbek in the UK

    Well, finally Mr Murray decided to have a go at G.D. I think I posted the link to fergananews good few weeks ago.
    Mark Golding, I somewhat share your anti-American sentiments but what you fail to recognise (or at least mention) is that G.D. was now officially accommodated by Mafia State – Russian Federation. For those of you who unaware to get Russian citizenship is somewhat much harder than getting British or US citizenships put together. G.D was awarded Russian citizenship in a matter of few days. Has it also anything to do with him being product of plutocratic American democracy?

    And not as far as today Putin’s puppet prime minister ex-president Medvedev openly argued (in rare public criticism) that it is only president (Putin) who can judge on effectiveness of Russian government ministers. Says a lot about effectiveness of Mafia State.

    Is this an alternative Mark Golding is suggesting?

  • Uzbek in the UK

    British Uzbek Society is karimov’s lobby. One of the things to get from them is recognition of Andijan Massacre as fight of uzbek butchers against terrorists by their well known member “Prof” Akiner.
    You do equate Karimov and Nazarbayev. I agree with you on the form but not on the substance. Despite being dictator Nazarbayev hardly keeps 10.000 Kazakhs in prison for political charges and boil some of them alive. He is crazy bastard but he hardly as unpopular as karimov in Uzbekistan. Nazarbayev does effectively preside over corrupt state but it is Uzbekistan that is widely (and well deservingly) acknowledged as one of the most corrupt states in the world.
    This comparative positivity towards Nazarbayev might not be solely due to his own will. Kazakhstan has over 45% of Slav population (the largest outside of Russia and Ukraine) and this is the main factor that does not allow Nazarbayev to turn Kazakhstan to virtual Uzbekistan (turning whole population into slaves). Keeping Slavs better off in Kazakhstan than they would be joining Russia was main Nazarbayev’s motto. Otherswise days of Kazakhstan would be numbered.

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