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35 thoughts on “Uses of the Nobel Peace Prize

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  • Mattias

    Ingo, I mean that the Norwegian Nobel Committee basically has the power to drive the media agenda for a day or two each year. This year they used that power to highlight the issue of nuclear disarmament, and the importance of diplomacy. Good for them.

    Lets face it, the only we will get any traction on nuclear disarmament is if an American president decides to. At this time there are no large peace movement that will make this an electoral issue in the US. Hell there is not even a peace movement here that manages to make an issue of the totally useless nuclear weapons within the EU.

    Therefore we are rather fortunate that this seems to be one of Obama’s pet issues, and every push he can get in the right direction is good. Besides he certainly deserves some kind of price for getting rid of the missile defense thingy.

  • Anonymous

    Mattias. OK The media’s been driven…

    Any change?

    (No not /that/ ‘change’ – I mean REAL change)??

  • Owen Lee Hugh-Mann

    “Obama as peace winner! I feel as if we live in an Alice in Wonderlnd world!”

    “Remember Henry Kissinger got one for all the “wonderful” things he did in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia…”

    …and let’s not forget Kissinger’s sponsorship of the coup in which Allende’s democratically elected government was replaced with a fascist military junta led by our good friend Generalissimo Pinochet – action surely worthy a Nobel Peace Prize on its own!

  • Chris

    Someone above got it right suggesting it was a typo. It should have read Osama.

    The precedent? Mandela, the ‘terrorist’ who eventually managed to pick one of these worthless accolades from the ‘international’ people. Mix in enough worthies with the murderous criminals, and the lines are significantly blurred to help in the war of ideas.

    A generous interpretation, Could the committee have been sticking a finger up to Bush? The only way they have publically dared to do in the last eight years of murderous mayhem? (And massive profits to those in the right clubs; as even these people motivation to have people killed)

    Who knows and if the ‘free’ press didn’t write about it, who would care?

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