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  • Geoff

    The vague reasoning behind his award sounds unconvincing enough, but when would his nomination have gone forward?

  • nextus

    The announcement today seems to be a typographical error: Obama should really have won the “Noble Pish” prize, because that’s all he seems to talk. It was awarded for promises, not action. Increasing troop numbers in illegal war zones is hardly the greatest signal of peaceful intent.

  • dreoilin

    Or continuing rendition. Or allowing Israel to ignore him when he said he wanted settlements stopped in the West Bank.

  • Sabretache

    I find this near infinitely depressing.

    Leaving aside the fact that nominations closed just 2 weeks after he assumed office (3rd Feb), he has still had less than a year and has actually achieved close to zero by way of concrete contributions to ‘world peace’. Quite the contrary in fact, on any reasonable examination of the facts; overseeing close to 1,000 overseas military bases whilst prosecution at least two illegal wars and seriously escalating one of them and threatening military action against others. But it is the fawning nature of the awards process itself that is really puke-inducing. As if the President of the worlds vastly dominant arms manufacturer/exporter and wager of serial wars on any country that fails to see things the US way or any so-called ‘insurgency’ against those bribed, cajoled, or threatened into doing so, actually NEEDS another $1.4 million plus a diploma and gold medal.

    The Nobel Committee has lost all credibility in my book – perhaps it is fitting that Alfred Nobel himself was an inventor and manufacturer of explosives

  • George Dutton

    “The Nobel Committee has lost all credibility in my book – perhaps it is fitting that Alfred Nobel himself was an inventor and manufacturer of explosives”

    And made a fortune as an arms salesman.

  • MJ

    Actually, when you think that past winners of the NPP include Menachem Begin and Henry Kissinger, this year’s award seems positively enlightened.

  • Edo

    Nobody is stupid enough not to know that a ‘unanimous’ decision like this will not backfire on them. Nobody, especially not the Nobel prize team.

    There’s a reason for this award, and it’s nothing to do with what BO has done so far… Like Sabretache said, nominations had to be in 2 weeks into his presidency.

    It’s like awarding a degree during fresher’s week. Just doesn’t happen.

  • Ruth

    Maybe things have become so warped, that by giving him the prize, it is hoped people will come under the illusion that he is a peacemaker. It has the same perverseness as Hazel Blears joining in a demonstration against hospital closure in her constituency when it was her government that was closing the hospitals round the country and she was a minister.

  • tony_opmoc


    “I find this near infinitely depressing.”

    To be honest, I am way beyond that, and found it completely hilarious – as it brilliantly exposes the farce of “World Government”

    When I read it this morning, I posted on Alternet…

    Obama Has Just Been Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize For Increasing The Bombing in Afghanistan

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    Posted by: tony_opmoc on Oct 9, 2009 4:04 AM

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    I Feel Like Throwing Up


  • Faux Cul

    I was thinking along the same lines as a poster who suggested that Netanyahu could have been the recipient. My thinking was more Mugabe,The Burma Junta, Yje President of N Korea or even Osama Bin Laden

  • Tony

    I think we are all showing a remarkable lack of sense of humour and lack of sense of reality about how the West works. This must just be irony. It is something between Alice through the Looking Glass and Gormenghast. Who chooses these awards – Rupert Murdoch? Who hands them out – Brucie Forsyth?

    Much of Obama’s rhetoric is less martial and sounds more intellectual than George W. Bush, but “bombing tonight, and where shall we bomb next” and turning a blind eye to Israel’s nukes & war-making are still the same mantras of US foreign policy.

    So long as the US spend more than the rest of the world put together on weapons while 10 millions are out of work at home and 10% have no health insurance, giving Obama any kind of award for peace seems a very sick joke.

  • MJ

    Of course it’s a joke. They’re just taking the piss. That’s how far down the line we are.

  • anon

    Outside the UK the food is fresh and nourishing and you can buy it unpackaged from a small stall, but inside the UK it is displayed in a supermarket with numerous photos and slogans stating how fresh and nourishing it is, when it isn’t.

    Obama washes whiter, contains less fat, and cleans more germs abroad. Buy New Obama, the New World Order Wonder. Don’t forget, when you see New Obama’s New World Order Wonder working, you’ll wish you voted for Bush or Blair.

  • dreoilin

    The argument appears to be that it’ll give him a shove towards achieving what he says he wants to achieve. I don’t buy it. It’s the most farcical thing I’ve seen in years.

  • david

    It’s a complete mockery. There has been a slight change in style, but nothing of substance. I cannot think of one reason why this should have been awarded. Not one.

  • anticant

    It’s like awarding a restaurant three Michelin stars after reading the menu and before the food has been served.

  • Strategist

    At risk of getting flamed…. I have decided over the course of today that I think this is a neat move.

    Reason: it gives Obama deep inside himself something to live up to in the future decisions he has to make. There is also the spectre over him of the Nobel Committee asking for the award back. That could save a lot of innocent lives when the time comes to decide to escalate Afghanistan, Iran, or wherever, whenever.

    So what it prostitutes the prestige of the award that he hasn’t done it yet. There’s no better practical use of the influence a peace award committee can have than to try to stop wars that haven’ yet been started and save lives that aren’t already lost.

    And, as a bonus, it drives the Tories, the Republicans and the fucking loonies at Harry’s Place so crazy their brains explode.

  • Mattias

    I think it absolutely fabulous that the Norwegian Nobel Committee decided to give nuclear disarmament a push. It is clearly in line with what Alfred Nobel intended with the peace prize, and it is sorely needed since we seem to have forgotten about the ~20000 warheads that remain.

    Whether Obama deserves it or not if besides the point – giving it to him gives maximum media exposure to the issue.

  • Ingo

    Matthias, why does the Nobel peace prize Committee and its work need media exposure? An important subject as nuclear disarmament will always recive publicity if it is delivered from the mouth of the Nobel PPC, don’t you think?

    Since when is the committee craving publicity?

    20.000 warheads plus, plus are the ones held by rogue states, undeclared, the bastions of western resolve in the war on terror, always at war with their neighbours and absolutely terrifying to me.

    If Obama wants to see progress on Irans nuclear issues, he has to put Israels nuclear weapons on the table, detract from stationing nukes In the Arab Emirates, or of the coast of Iran and also ask France to do the same.

    If the region is to be denuclearised than it has to be in a give and take fashion.

    I feel like being smacked in the mouth by a Nobel peace prize committee that has yet to wake up from the rethoric of the election.

    fact show that Obama has allowed israel to monger, in cohouts with India, to destabilise Pakistan, now he has got two undeclared wars on the go next to each other.

    Then there is South America, its increasing independence and reluctance to play the US game is obvious. Placing five large bases into Columbioa is an invasion of South Americas soil and it will be seen as such.

    South America’s drugs policy is swinging against the farce prohibition and Obama will have to be carefull, another war in South America could set the globe alight.

    The Nobel Committee, in my most positive case, could want to see the MEast talks being picked up again, they want to see progress in Copenhagen and I’m sure they would want to see channels opened up to the Taliban and Al quaeda.

    The most environmentally destructive activity on earth, apart from modern agriculture, is war, so unless he succeeds in this ‘s/hyst’, he will not get the Nobel prize for the most environmentally friendly president.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    “Obama as peace winner! I feel as if we live in an Alice in Wonderlnd world!”

    Remember Henry Kissinger got one for all the “wonderful” things he did in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia…

    bombs away!

    Hey! watch out Alice.

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