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The 41 year old “starlet” in this picture is Gulnara Karimova, “the most hated woman in Uzbekistan” according to leaked US diplomatic cables, which are understated. She has had business rivals killed, forcibly taken over the assets of Uzbek and foreign entrepreneurs as well as Uzbek state concerns, been involved in trafficking girls into prostitution in Dubai, a partner of Gafur Rakhimov in the narcotics trade and she benefits financially from the open forced labour of millions of small children picking cotton in the state farms.

On the plus side she is a Professor of International Relations, International Singing Star, World Renowned Fashion Designer, Ambassador to Spain and to the United Nations, Poet, Scriptwriter and Jeweller. She is worth about 4 billion dollars. None of which “career” has been hurt by the fact that her father is the world’s most vicious dictator.

Gulnara also likes to enhance her image for domestic consumption by hobnobbing with the Soviet oligarch’s idea of important westerners. Thus she is close to Joan Laporta, until recently President of Barcelona FC, and has arranged visits and plater exchanges from that club. She has dueted with Julio Iglesias, been serenaded by Sting, and is a friend of Nat Rothschild, Oleg Deripaska and other of the Peter Mandelson holiday set.

That the 41 year old deputy dictatress likes to wear pigtails and cakes of cosmetics and pose as a young ingenue with old has-been stars is a hobby which costs the exploited Uzbeks dear. Depardieu is getting 3.2 million euros for appearing in a film officially scripted by Karimova, but in truth ghosted by Professor Akbar Hakimov of the Uzbek State Academy of Literature (I can hear Bulgakov having wild fits of laughter in his grave).

Depardieu has become an amporphous blob of animal fat; it is difficult to tell where he ends and where air starts, possibly because he is exuding a lot of gas. He looks like a particularly cheap and ill-conceived monster from a 1970’s Dr Who episode.

For someone my age, who was thrilled by Les Valseuses and still cries at Jean De Florette, what Depardieu is now, is just horrible. We tried to overlook his urinating in plane aisles or attacking fans, as evidence of wild charm. But recently his tax exile to Belgium, friendship with the Putin inner circle, adoption of Russian citizenship and now pussy-licking of old Gulnara are beyond horrible.

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  • KingofWelshNoir

    Yup, you are right in everything you say, with one small exception. Jean de Florette was the light comedy wasn’t it? It was the second one, Manon des Source, which had that agonisingly beautiful and heartbreaking ending? Not to mention the agonisingly beautiful Emmanuelle Béart. One of my all time favourite films.

  • Mary

    He’s on a downward spiral.

    Depardieu fails to attend court on drink-drive charge Gerard Depardieu (centre) chose to go to Montenegro for a meeting with government ministers

    Gerard Depardieu has failed to appear in a French court where he faces a drink-driving charge, days after taking Russian citizenship in a tax row.

    Yes KingofWelshNoir. It broke my heart too. A reminder.

    From the Jean de Florette page about Depardieu.
    ‘Depardieu was well established as a versatile actor even before this role. Seemingly impervious to the great pressure on the film crew, he earned a reputation on the set for “fooling about, telling jokes, swearing at planes interrupting the shot and never knowing his lines until the camera was rolling”.’

  • Strategist

    King of Welsh Noir

    My memory is that Jean de Florette was tragic, as Depardieu’s character is slowly destroyed by Yves Montand and Daniel Auteuil’s failure to help him find the water source his farming venture needs (as his young daughter Manon watches on helpless), whilst in Manon des Sources, Manon, now grown into a particularly fine figure of a young woman (Emmanuelle Beart) exacts revenge on behalf of the family, rights all wrongs and gets married to the nicest guy in the village.

    I’m very grateful to Craig for this post, I personally was enjoying the flamboyance of the latest Depardieu story re the Russian passport, living 500 yards across the Belgian border etc, in an adding to the gaiety of the nation kind of way (whilst being conscious of the personal tragedy of what is presumably Depardieu’s descent into alcoholism). But Craig is right, that acting greatness and general larger than life charisma does not excuse all behaviours, and this is one of them.

  • glenn_uk

    Let me get this straight… his announced plans to leave France was a threat, and they were supposed to change their tax policy to keep the fat bastard hanging around?

  • glenn_uk

    By the way, Craig – could you put up some sort of warning, so we can at least brace ourselves before looking at such obscenities? We could choose to look later, if at all. Suddenly throwing up into the dustbin at work is rather embarrassing you know!

  • Habbabkuk

    Mark Golding : “Monsieur Depardieu remains the avoirdupois of an American fabrication called democracy.”.

    You appear to be suggesting a close connection between G.D. and America and between G.D. and democracy. What on earth is the above sentence supposed to mean?

    I suppose that since G.D. has now officially become a bad guy you couldn’t resist dragging the US into it somehow.

    Unless demonstrated otherwise, not intelligent.

  • glenn_uk

    Habbabkuk: “Unless demonstrated otherwise, not intelligent.”

    Same could be be said about you, pal.

  • Jives

    Thanks for your unrelenting exposure of this loathsome woman and regime.

    Its important.

    Depardieu is just a grotesque sideshow.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Conflict

    ‘Out to lunch’ again ‘Habbabkuk’ – the connection is obvious. It concerns the redistribution of income and wealth from those who produce it to those who do not; in this case forcing a man to choose between himself and his family — and his government.

    Countless UK /U.S /IS bank money launderers and corporates leave profits abroad to evade taxes WHILE THE POOR ARE FLEECED in this so called Western ‘democracy’ – now is that freedom, is that equality, is that justice?

    Look here’s a clue:

  • Pauline Barten.

    Depardieu is obviously hiding his money in his stomach. He does not need to fear, the tax man would never think of looking there.

  • lwtc247

    It never ceases to amaze me Craig, that when you post something negative about someone, almost ALL commentators suddenly reveal their latent inner hate for the exact asme person. Strange that. I remember your David Steel post in which you stated off being hostile to him and the chorus followed. But then you realized something that you spoke badly of him on turned out to be wrong. The chorus rapidly died down. Steel wasn’t such a bad chap after all. A very interesting phenomenon regarding people of influence.

  • Habbabkuk

    Mark Golding : still not with you, I’m afraid. Can you explain why democracy is a fabrication, and if it is, why is it specifically an American fabrication?

    IN addition :

    Re your 1st para : you sound sorry for “a man” (presumably Depardieu) who’s “forced” to make that choice. But presumably you are in favour of redistribution from the rich to the poor. So what exactly is your point?

    What has your 2nd para got to do with Depardieu? Since he’s not one of the “poor” who are being “fleeced” (I believe he’s moved to Belgium to avoid being fleeced, as he sees it), are you saying he’s a “bank money launderer and corporate”? I thought he was a well-paid actor.

    BTW ‘nul points’ to Glenn_uk for that primary school playground comment; he’ll be telling me his brother is bigger than my brother next.

  • Habbabkuk

    @ Lwtc247 : but you already know the answer, surely. It is that most of the posters are groupies and impressionable. And the other half of the answer is that they are angry, frustrated and looking for a purpose in life, but unfortunately not especially intelligent (certainly a lot less intelligent than Craig).

  • glenn_uk

    Actually, lwtc247, your memory fails you. In the Steel case, for example, I said something along the lines that the guy should grow a pair, “man up” and make the approach himself and request a retraction. Instead of which, he had to go weaseling and bleating through his solicitor which makes the guy look even more of a money-grabbing toady IMHO.

    But as for your criticism, are you saying you actually like this couple in the picture above? Which of the characters criticised in this blog do you actually admire?

  • craig Post author


    All of the regular commenters on this blog quite often disagree with me about individual items. I don’t know of any major blog with a less sycophantic comments section. I think you are wide of the mark here.

  • Jives


    Pretty disingenuous point.

    This blog largely attracts posters who respect Craig for the principled and moral stance he took over the horrors of torture.

    Its more than likely most posters share this purview.

    What is your point then? That people on a blog such as this might defend people like Gulnara?

    Why would any decent person want to do that given her methods?

    Looking for some deeper behavioural analysis is pretty pointless,its largely a case of Occam’s Razor:

    She’s a nasty piece of work-as are most of those Craig goes after on this blog.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Iraq was tenuous at best, Craig. As your physician, I recommend you should only visit Uzbekistan while drinking, heavily.

    As for the Gorgon Karimova, where is Perseus? The Greeks may suck hind-tit on economics, but they are Hell-Hounds when it comes to meting out justice on a Titan Slut, especially one who is a Wonder of the Criminal State World.

  • lwtc247

    Is it too much to appeal for some reflection amongst the generally intelligent and respected posters here (despite the odd spat)on the matter? There’s something educational about Orwells 2 minute hate

  • lwtc247

    They often disagree with you on policy Craig, and that’s great (in ways in which you know what ‘great’ means) but when it comes to ‘loves’ and ‘hates’, well…

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