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The 41 year old “starlet” in this picture is Gulnara Karimova, “the most hated woman in Uzbekistan” according to leaked US diplomatic cables, which are understated. She has had business rivals killed, forcibly taken over the assets of Uzbek and foreign entrepreneurs as well as Uzbek state concerns, been involved in trafficking girls into prostitution in Dubai, a partner of Gafur Rakhimov in the narcotics trade and she benefits financially from the open forced labour of millions of small children picking cotton in the state farms.

On the plus side she is a Professor of International Relations, International Singing Star, World Renowned Fashion Designer, Ambassador to Spain and to the United Nations, Poet, Scriptwriter and Jeweller. She is worth about 4 billion dollars. None of which “career” has been hurt by the fact that her father is the world’s most vicious dictator.

Gulnara also likes to enhance her image for domestic consumption by hobnobbing with the Soviet oligarch’s idea of important westerners. Thus she is close to Joan Laporta, until recently President of Barcelona FC, and has arranged visits and plater exchanges from that club. She has dueted with Julio Iglesias, been serenaded by Sting, and is a friend of Nat Rothschild, Oleg Deripaska and other of the Peter Mandelson holiday set.

That the 41 year old deputy dictatress likes to wear pigtails and cakes of cosmetics and pose as a young ingenue with old has-been stars is a hobby which costs the exploited Uzbeks dear. Depardieu is getting 3.2 million euros for appearing in a film officially scripted by Karimova, but in truth ghosted by Professor Akbar Hakimov of the Uzbek State Academy of Literature (I can hear Bulgakov having wild fits of laughter in his grave).

Depardieu has become an amporphous blob of animal fat; it is difficult to tell where he ends and where air starts, possibly because he is exuding a lot of gas. He looks like a particularly cheap and ill-conceived monster from a 1970’s Dr Who episode.

For someone my age, who was thrilled by Les Valseuses and still cries at Jean De Florette, what Depardieu is now, is just horrible. We tried to overlook his urinating in plane aisles or attacking fans, as evidence of wild charm. But recently his tax exile to Belgium, friendship with the Putin inner circle, adoption of Russian citizenship and now pussy-licking of old Gulnara are beyond horrible.

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  • Jives


    What if the hate is perfectly justified though?

    I mean,if the mothers,fathers,sons and daughters of Uzbek torture and murder victims were similiarly minded would you then mention Orwellian 2 minute hate as a herd instinct?

  • Jives


    Hard to seperate policy from opinions though no?

    You’re looking for an illogical disconnect.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Who was it….”You can’t have Falstaff, and have him, thin”?

    If your ambitions don’t kill you; achieving them, will.

    I feel sorry for Karimova. She has reached the limit of material gain.

    Maybe she will write an original version of Song of Solomon, after her craven, sodden soul reaches the Seventh Circle of Hell.

  • Jives


    I agree with you’re alliterative analysis however,the problem is that people like Gulnara will never have enough material gain.

    I can feel her disease,to quote another.

    Most of us can.

    But she cant

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Jives; Just being me. Greed, like stupidity, knows no limits. But, hope springs eternal; even for the hopelessly avaricious swine of privileged elitism.

  • Jives



    Maybe her destiny will be a special place in hell,where a 24 carat gold and diamond encrusted iPhone is headphoned eternally to her ears,with the screams,wails and cries of the tortured and murdered souls playIng at deafening volume in loop mode forever.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Conflict


    America for a number of reasons is the best example of a representative democracy combined with a capitalist system to benefit the few rather than the many.

    American democracy is a political economy dominated by the few, A liar’s democracy dictated by fabricated statements(sound bytes scripted by corporate lobbyists) having little or no basis in fact, sound economic policy or freedom and equality.

    The system is not sustainable and I predict eventual collapse as most Americans face declining wages, higher unemployment, and considerable uncertainty about their families’ futures.

    Tocqueville may have been short-sighted in America’s appetite for discovery but his predictions on industrial aristocracy and super-power domination were astute.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    That just might be music to her ears, Jives. I recommend an eternity of bad-hair days, augmented with ill-tempered and disrespectful servants, who deliberately use the wrong nail polish, continually feeding her empty carbs as Borat thumps Uzbekistan on a single-channel TV.

  • Jives


    Yes that would be very fitting.

    Maybe also a wardrobe of infinite pairs of shoes,each of whose heels break after 30 seconds.

    Or infinite Gucci handbags where the handles break as soon as she picks them up…

  • OldMark

    ‘For someone my age, who was thrilled by Les Valseuses and still cries at Jean De Florette, what Depardieu is now, is just horrible.’

    Spot-on. After Les Valseuses Depardieu was lucky enough to secure a return date with Isabelle Huppert in Loulou- another enjoyable, sympathetic ramble into the world of French low- lifes. Real ‘nostalgie de la boue’ stuff.

    Now G.D. seems to prefer hob nobbing with the criminal overclass of the former Soviet space to appearing in decent films.

    Craig- good to see you back on form, and (I hope) making a speedy recovery.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Yeah, Jives. She would only discover the Pradas and Guccis were Chinese rip-offs ,after paying triple-retail along with import taxes and GAT.

  • Jives

    @ Beats By Dre UK,

    “Can you message me with some hints on how you made this web page look this cool, I’d be thankful.”

    Sure,spend less time spamming and youll have more time to dedicate to making your website cool.


  • Habbabkuk

    Mark Golding : I read what you say about the US. But I’m not sure it helps very much. Let me explain why.

    Taking as our starting point the premise that commenters are not obliged to comment but once they have done so must submit to enquiry and, if necessary, constructive criticism, let us look again at the sentence about which I pulled you up :

    “Monsieur Depardieu remains the avoirdupois of an American fabrication called democracy”.

    Should we read this as meaning that there is no such thing as democracy, and that is merely an American fabrication?

    If democracy is a fabrication, what basis do you have for claiming that it is an American fabrication? Why not a French fabrication, for instance?

    Why is it specifically Monsieur Depardieu who has the honour of being, in your opinion, the avoirdupois for this American fabrication? What features qualify him in particular?

  • Jives

    Should any be wondering why there is so much hatred for Gulnara and the Uzbek regime:

    1. Boiling people alive.
    2. Freezing people to death.
    3. Rape,often with broken bottles.
    4. Finger and toenail removal.
    5. Electric shocks,often to genitals.
    6. Enemas with pepper solution.
    7. Disappearance,rape and murder of relatives.
    8. Continual beatings,for days, hours,weeks,months and years.
    9. Sleep deprivation.
    10. Noise torture.
    11. Electric drills.
    12 Forced removal of teeth with pliers.

    To name but a few methods.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    I prefer Obummer, glenn, ‘cuz he is like a substance you obtain to elicit one effect, but it goes South. Such warfare seems more sanitized, due to it’s remoteness. If war required the ‘close-up and personal’ nature of hand-to-hand combat, there would be less of it, IMO.

  • Vronsky

    The awful thing is that people we love can actually be real shits. You like Debussy? Shame on you – he was a real shit. Beethoven? Failed snob. T S Eliot? Fascist. Depardieu? Fat oversexed drunk.

    But he was great in Jean de Florette. Pathetic, struggling, faithful, stupid, like the horse in Animal Farm. They should have left it at that. Manon des Sources was just Death Wish, lite (photography poetic, though).

    Gulnara’s nothing. You’ll never have to brace your love of her work against an uncomfortable knowledge of her nature. She’s a nice simple girl – shit all the way down.

    (I hate American movies: guns, car chases, zombies, creepy people who shower every hour on the hour. Why can’t they have movies about people who smell a little, don’t have superpowers, never drive their cars too fast, couldn’t shoot anyone, and when they’re dead they’re dead?)

  • glenn_uk

    Ben Franklin: That’s absolutely right. People in the countries making the aggression have – by and large – absolutely no stake in it. We might notionally “support the troops” and our American counterparts might wear a US flag-pin on the lapel – heck, wear three of them if you’re _really_ patriotic! – but the wars have absolutely no impact on our lives.

    The soldiers who do fight in these wars are generally completely unknown to us, and immediately forgotten should we happen to learn of their deaths.

    Virtually nobody who thinks or claims that these wars are just dandy and necessary for our security and freedom would entertain signing up, and certainly wouldn’t allow their children to do so. Those that do are generally have poor employment prospects otherwise, need the health insurance etc. it offers, are following family traditions and so on.

    If the leaders of countries did actually lead the charge, or at least if their top generals did, we’d see a heck of a reduction in wars of choice. For that matter, a draft would serve the same purpose.

  • Jives

    Yes,war is now a technocrats dream.

    The remoteness of drone warfare engenders a detachment of the warmonger who can more easily deepen his/her denial of complicity in the horror.

    More importantly however i think remote warfare is a PR tool.

    From Vietnam through to todays wars in,for example,Iraq and Afghanistan the West has been vulnerable to domestic public opinion when the coffins/bodybags are coming home in increasing numbers.

    These new wars by remote technology serve to minimise casualties on one side,thereby reducing domestic hostility in the public’s mind to the wars.

    Ergo: more wars,with the elite technocrats increasingly inured from the swell of public opinion.

  • Jives

    The Fog Of War: an extract from Robert McNamara:

    McNamara: LeMay was focused on only one thing: target destruction. Most Air Force Generals can tell you how many planes they had, how many tons of bombs they dropped, or whatever the hell it was. But, he was the only person that I knew in the senior command of the Air Force who focused solely on the loss of his crews per unit of target destruction. I was on the island of Guam in his command in March of 1945. In that single night, we burned to death 100,000 Japanese civilians in Tokyo: men, women, and children. Well, I was part of a mechanism that in a sense recommended it. I analyzed bombing operations, and how to make them more efficient. i.e. Not more efficient in the sense of killing more, but more efficient in weakening the adversary. I remember reading that General Sherman in the Civil War …the mayor of Atlanta pleaded with him to save the city. And Sherman essentially said to the mayor just before he torched it and burned it down: “War is cruel. War is cruelty.” That was the way LeMay felt.

  • Dreoilin

    Glad you’re out of the CCU, Craig.

    Keep up the good work … If they let you out altogether, we mightn’t hear from you for a week. 🙂

  • glenn_uk

    Hello Dreoilin – happy new year to you! Just happened to drop back in the last day or so myself.

  • Mary

    Christopher Tappin is sentenced to 33 months in prison. He may be allowed to serve the sentence here. He is 66 and his wife has an illness.

    ‘Mrs Tappin, who suffers from the chronic illness Churg-Strauss syndrome, was unable to attend the court hearing.

    She said: “Now I can begin to see light at the end of this long dark tunnel, but remain frustrated that Chris’s extradition was granted in the first place.”

    ‘FBI sting’

    Mrs Tappin added: “Having seen first hand how the Extradition Act works in practice, I’m dismayed by the damage inflicted on defendants and those close to them.

    “The cost is too often either unnecessary, disproportionate, or both.

    “We cannot change what has happened to Chris, nor to those who have gone before him, but we can take steps to stop unwarranted extradition being imposed on others.”‘

  • Rose

    Vronksky at 7.39 – lovely post.

    Here, for what it’s worth is a list of my fallen heroes: – Dickens, Evelyn Waugh, C.S.Lewis; George Eliot and dear old Eric Blair himself (Eton begorrah!)

    Perhaps we expect too much of people whose work we admire.

  • Mary

    This deeply unpleasant and venomous stuff from Matt ‘I Love Amerika’ Frei on Channel 4 News tonight. Frei used to perform similar duties for the BBC when he was their correspondent in Washington. He is even casting doubts as to whether Chavez is dead or alive.

    Wednesday 09 Jan 2013

    Dead or alive? What is the truth about Hugo Chavez?

    Also see these posts by Emersberger on Medialens about the black propaganda from the Guardian and the Independent in the same vein.

    There is also this good blog

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