Theresa May, Your New Islamophobic Prime Minister? 340

A quick Google news search for “Theresa May and “Abu Qatada” reveals over 2,000 mainstream media articles in the last three days combining both. This is hardly surprising, as in her speech announcing her candidacy for Tory leader (and thus PM) May dwelt on her deportation of Abu Qatada as evidence she was qualified for the job. The May supporting Tory MP who was put up for Sky to interview immediately afterwards managed to say “Abu Qatada” three times in a two minute interview.

Abu Qatada should indeed be a powerful symbol – but not the symbol he has become, a hate figure. He should rather be a symbol of the hate-filled and intolerant place Britain has become, and the dreadful injustice meted out to individuals both by the state and the media.

Abu Qatada spent, over a thirteen year period, a total of nine years in jail in England despite never being charged with any crime. It is not just that he was not convicted. He was never charged. Nine years, think about it. In all that time, neither he nor his lawyers were ever permitted to see the accusations or evidence against him.

Britain has draconian anti-terrorism laws that would make a dictatorship blush. It is an offence to “glorify” terrorism. It is specifically “terrorism” for me to write, here and now, that Nelson Mandela was justified in supporting the bombing campaign that got him arrested. I just knowingly committed “glorifying terrorism” under British law. It is specifically “terrorism” to deface the property in the UK of a foreign state with a political motive. If I spray “Gay Pride” on the Saudi embassy, that is terrorism. We also have secret courts, where “terrorists” can be convicted without ever seeing the “intelligence-based” evidence against them. We have convicted young idiots for discussing terror fantasies online. We have convicted a wife who “must have known” what her husband was doing (at least that one was overturned on appeal).

Yet even with the bar so low it is resting on the ground, from his first arrest in 2001 to his deportation in 2013, through innumerable arrests, police interviews, wiretaps, computer seizures and searches, no evidence against Abu Qatada was ever found which would stand up in court. It is worth noting that if almost any of the vast number of accusations the tabloids made against him had been true, for example if he had actually said in sermons the things he was stated to have said in the UK press, he could have been charged and convicted. But investigation by the police and security services found every single one of these claims to be false.

It is true that Theresa May did succeed in deporting him. To Jordan, where he faced charges of association with terrorist groups. In two trials, one before a military tribunal, Abu Qatada was found not guilty of association with terrorism and all other charges. It should be very plainly understood that the Jordanian monarchy is no friend at all to Palestinian salafist clerics like Abu Qatada, and he had good reason to fear being deported there. But even they found that the evidence Abu Qatada is a terrorist does not exist.

Now I have never met him, though I have met his lawyers and doctor. Abu Qatada holds views with which I do not agree; I dislike the bigoted in any religion. But his main crime appears to have been to be a Palestinian cleric with a perfect comic opera appearance for the right wing media to make up quotes and hate stories around.


This picture is taken from a hilarious Daily Telegraph article in which that author complains that Abu Qatada had “fooled us again” – by the dastardly expedient of not actually committing any crimes.

So if you are proud of a world in which people against whom there is not one shred of court-worthy evidence, who have never been charged, can be detained for nine years and then deported, vote for Theresa May as PM. I expect the Tories will, happily.

Abu Qatada should indeed be a symbol. He should be a symbol of the deepest national disgrace of unjustified imprisonment and of the foul place the United Kingdom has become under successive far right Labour and Tory governments. And I say far right with deliberation. In what other kind of country could the story of Abu Qatada happen?

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340 thoughts on “Theresa May, Your New Islamophobic Prime Minister?

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  • N_

    It is specifically ‘terrorism’ to deface the property in the UK of a foreign state with a political motive.

    So it wouldn’t be “terrorism” to do it to the US embassy in London because they only lease it?

    What if someone dribbles some paint onto the acre of land that the US state owns at Runymede, spelling out “Abide by the Geneva Convention: Close Guantanamo”? That’s terrorism?

  • Alan

    Brexit and the blame game, because after all, Craig has decided to take part in that, instead of acting as a unifying force.

    “If the gloves were off among the economic and political elites before the counting of the referendum votes – and they were – then there is no sign that the combatants are ready to step out of the ring. The two sides in the Brexit debate, in the run up to the vote, consistently misrepresented the other side, fabricated information for their own side, ignored the real issues and thoroughly discredited themselves further in the process. Even before the debate, very few people believed more than a fraction of what any politician asserted was the truth about anything let alone what was in their own particular interests. This whole episode has merely confirmed the polite view that politicians are extremely economical with the truth and has given further credence to the cynical answer to the rhetorical question; ‘How do you know when a politician is lying; Answer; when they open their mouths.’ Bourgeois politics has no real credibility with increasing numbers of ordinary people – and not just in the UK.”

    Feel free to read on but I’m quite happy to stick with: ‘How do you know when a politician is lying; Answer; when they open their mouths.’

    • James

      “Bourgeois politics has no real credibility with increasing numbers of ordinary people, and not just in the UK.”

      I agree.

    • James

      …but, I will add

      European people must stand united.

      The European Commission is “bloated”, “bureaucratic” and “out of touch”.

      The “people” however, also have a duty.

      A (caveat applies) friend said, I watched all the TV about the Brexit and decided that……
      ….and most people agreed she was “educated” on the subject.

  • Alcyone: Anybody who thinks that Islam is a Religion of Peace needs their heads examined

    You only need to look at countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan: and see how they treat non-muslims.

    In the Age of the Global Village, can we expect Peace and Harmony with such rogue countries amidst the “family of nations”?

    Please leave your observations about Bush and Blair, and Palestine, aside for a minute so that these issues are not conflated, confused and convoluted, like the World we live in at the moment.

    If YOU are serious about making this World a better place to live in, for God’s sake start thinking for yourselves. Which means, set aside EVERY “THING” you know and start thinking ORIGINALLY, from the very beginning. Assume you are the first Human Being to arrive on Earth. It’s not that difficult, try it. Or be a member of Craig’s second-hand-human-beings club, of which he himself is neither Founder nor Chairman.

    • michael norton

      French intelligence services should be overhauled in the wake of the 2015 Paris attacks, a parliamentary commission of inquiry has recommended.

      Various services should be merged into a single agency, the commission said.

      Commission president Georges Fenech proposed a body similar to the US National Counter-Terrorism Centre.

      The attacks in November 2015, which left 130 people dead, prompted criticism of the security forces’ response.

      “Faced with the threat of international terrorism we need to be much more ambitious… in terms of intelligence,” said Mr Fenech.

      Meanwhile the continuing state of emergency imposed after the attacks was only having a “limited impact” on security, the commission found.

      Between 6,000 and 7,000 soldiers are on duty in France as part of the extra security measures, deployed to protect schools, synagogues, department stores and other sensitive sites.

      “I am wondering what real added value they provide in terms of securing the national territory,” said socialist MP Sebastian Pietrasanta.

    • michael norton

      On National Grid’s low-ambition scenario, the UK will miss the targets by nine years.

      Even the greenest scenario only reaches the targets by 2022.

      The renewables targets are legally binding and the EU may wish to punish nations that fail to meet them.

      Surely if we are in the process of leaving the hated E.U.
      we no longer have to take any notice whatsoever of what they want or what they think
      and they can stick their rules where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • Alcyone: Jeremy Corbyn is about to be crucified....

    ….proving once again that Change must come from within, not without!

    Apparent outward change is mere ‘little-delta’ modification.

    If you want Change, do it. Inwardly. (Oh no, we don’t want to do that!)

    Well then, stay lost. But for God’s sake stop moaning, moaning and more moaning.

  • Alcyone: ^Jeremy Corbyn is about to be crucified.... ^ I hope I am wrong, we need an effective Opposition

    Has anybody linked this earlier here:

    “Len McCluskey: Jeremy Corbyn ‘is a man of steel’ – BBC News”

    Highly recommended watching — sane, calm, cool, wise, collected.

      • Alcyone: Angela Eagle, know your new Political Careerist Leader of Opposition

        Haha! I do wish he would dress better though. (Not that the Eagle-turned-crocodile, wannabe Leader of the Opportunists dresses any better, despite her pink sensibilities.)

        Maybe he should take a leaf out of Nicola Sturgeon’s book! Where does she get the money from tough to keep up with Hillary Clinton?

        I am still for Virginia Raggi!!!

    • Alcyone: Thanks for that, YKMN. The one I dread is...

      The lesser of two Eagles who was shedding crocodile tears on TV just a few days ago. Eagle Knievel!

      Hopefully, probability will insist that the PM and the Leader of the Opposition are not both women.

      I love women and I would have voted for the Mayor of Roma had I had a chance. That Eagle though gives me the creeps. Poor Jeremy, compassion on many fronts!

  • Hieroglyph

    Fucking hell, Liam Fox is back. Truly, for some, there is no shame from which they can’t bounce back and declare for leadership. I swear Liam Fox could be caught chopping up hookers live on the BBC, and he’d still believe he’d make a Churchillian PM.

    Also, where is Werrity these days?

    Please note, I do not accuse Liam Fox of chopping up, well, anybody. I do accuse him of having absurd levels of self-belief, but I guess he’s normal in those circles. Politicians are odd birds are they not? Even the psychologically normal ones are arrogant arses.

    • Rob Royston

      Odd birds indeed. In past times some of what we read about his meetings with alleged alien groups would have put him in the Tower. Then again, I had a first hand account from someone involved in some shipping issue out in the Gulf. Fox flew out and sorted it very quickly to everybody’s satisfaction, so it seems he was a very able Minister, if flawed.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        He may be nasty, but he’s a damn sight more genuine than Gove. And probably cleverer.

  • Alcyone: Angela Eagle, know your new Political Careerist Leader of Opposition

    According to Wikipedia:

    ” In April 2008 Eagle took part in a debate in Parliament on the UK economy in which the Liberal Democrats tabled a motion suggesting that the country was facing an “extreme bubble in the housing market” and the “risk of recession”. Eagle responded stating “Fortunately for all of us … that colourful and lurid fiction has no real bearing on the macro-economic reality.”[6] A year later Jeremy Browne, who led the original debate, said her comments “summed up the Government’s delusional attitude.” towards warnings of financial crisis[7] ”

    So, she has never held a proper job!

    and then the toothless crocodile’s other claim to fame is that she appears on the “Pink List”:

    “She was placed in the top 50 of The Independent’s “Pink List” for 2009 of the 101 most influential gays and lesbians in Britain.[34]”

    Can you imagine, for a second, the hard-nosed Union-bosses wielding their influence in Parliament and throughout the many critical ongoing debates up and down the country through this Loser to Watson for the Deputy position. And now the ambitious Eagle, feigning pink crocodile tears is ready to Leap Frog? What a laugh, sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • Alcyone: Angela Eagle, know your new Political Careerist Leader of Opposition

    On the other hand, Andy Burnham seems to have a pair of balls and, I hope I am right, values to boot.

    Credit to every remaining member in Corbyn’s cabinet in the face of what is probably quite extraordinary peer pressure.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Chicken Licken AKA Mark Carney has just announced that (a) the level of household debt in the UK is so high that householders will have difficulty weathering the sky falling in and (b) that he is increasing the lending limit for banks: enabling them (as before, and disastrously) to invent and lend more money. This may well be accompanied by reduction of the base rate, according to earlier statements.

    Let’s get this right. Taking the long view of more than five minutes into the future, Carney is proposing to mitigate the country’s dependence debt by increasing the country’s dependence on debt.

    And issuing an open invitation to the banks to indulge once again in the fraudulent resale of debt.

    This is so nonsensical that it can only be part of the preliminaries for kicking the Brexit vote into the long grass. Also noted in his statement is the continuing assumption that it is much more important for existing house mortgagers to watch their investment grow in value indefinitely, than for anyone to be able to afford a house in future.

    Voting leave appears to have been akin to throwing a grenade into a henhouse, and thoroughly justified on that basis. But it’s a pity that the decapitated chickens are still in a position to make policy.

    • MJ

      “This may well be accompanied by reduction of the base rate”

      Can’t get much lower without going into negative territory. Which may be the way we’re heading.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        ‘S right. Can’t wait for the opportunity to pay the banks to lend my money (and the 30X its value it can leverage) to someone prepared to pay 5% on that. Which the bank keeps. Anyway, for now, +0.25% seems to be the next move. Tough shit, savers.

        Incidentally, Carney and Osbore were making reassuring noises well before the vote concerning the contingency plans they were putting in place, weren’t they? That’ll be the pound’s value slumping to the point where we can export more of what we don’t make to people who wouldn’t want it if we did, I guess.

        Why has this country’s economy been turned into a casino?

        • michael norton

          Part of it is to give the Osborne – Carney punishment beating to the pensioners, who dared to vote for LEAVE.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    He should have refused to appear before the committee and let them take him to prison if they wanted.

    He could have cited the precedent set by The Holy Blair in twice declining to appear before the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee to answer their questions on the non-payment of compensation to British victims of Libyan-supplied IRA attacks. He should write, as Blair did, to the committee in a supercilious tone and tell it that he’d already answered the questions he wanted to and he didn’t like the rest.

    That’s the international statesman way to do it

  • Alcyone: Angela Eagle, know your new Political Careerist Leader of Opposition

    All our print media, even piddly little local papers (NOM) are busy educating us on what the “holy” month of Ramadan and Eid are. Unbelievable! Are Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar busy buying up what’s left of the real estate of the City of London, including the public squares and spaces?With the pound seriously down, this is a fire-sale for them. So let’s drag out triggering Art 50 as long as we can; the gravy train gets ever longer.

    Btw is the Mayor of London holding an Eid street party? If not, why not?

    • charles drake

      why are you allowed your say so much alcyone
      what is so special about you
      that you are allowed so much freedom
      to dodge a weave and pollute the well
      why you
      and people like you are allowed such freedoms
      who makes the choice
      for the chosen

      weird world

    • Alan

      “So let’s drag out triggering Art 50 as long as we can’

      There’s a new fear that Europe might trigger Article Seven which suspend Britain’s rights within the EU. Others argue they wouldn’t, but we have to live in fear, right?

      • Alcyone: Our Type Zero Global Civilisation

        Thank you for that Alan, I wasn’t aware. Good some people are focussing on the issues at hand and exploring the whole field of possibilities, which truly is the Reality.

        However, this is an opportunity for all of us, and yes, we are all in an highly uncertain period, look at every fear in the eye and dump it. Biological fear is something we have inherited as animal, evolving in a wild world. The rest is psychological fear. Has it any place? Think about it. Is psychological fear helpful at all? I mean, does it solve any problems in any way at all?

        Biological/animal-based fear is derived from the food-chain phenomena. IOW, we could be something or someone’s else’s lunch at any time, if we don’t have proper shelter. Add to that food. And reasonably, clothes. Well, poverty and the B&B (Bush ‘n Blair) Doctrine has in fact sent the World (which was supposed to be heading, at the turn of The Millenium, to the Rainbow) into such an insecure tailspin, that millions, not previously so exposed are now exposed to biological fear for losing their homes and deprived of clean water and a square meal.

        Should we go to The Ivy and discuss this further over lunch? Wait, I have to swing by Bond Street and Savile Row. Smart guy that dude who invented ‘Monopoly’!

        1 Reflect on Fear
        2 Remember the truly poverty-stricken and violence-inflicted, despite ‘our’ difficult times
        3 Change yourself, if you want to change ‘Society’
        4 Make sure we Leave
        5 Rename the Ministry of Defence to the Ministry of Offence
        6 Hold a referendum on Leave NATO
        7 Emulate Switzerland
        8 Eat more chocolate
        9 Try being less of a medieval man and less of a Type Zero Global Citizen
        10 Buy British and support the Pound 🙂

  • Macky

    From Johnathan Cook;

    “It’s fascinating and not a little disappointing to see the very different reactions from Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump to very similar manufactured allegations of anti-semitism being used to discredit their campaigns.
    Corbyn used a hearing yesterday in parliament to apologise for pretty much every accusation of anti-semitism levelled against him – including the farcical claim that he compared Israel to Islamic State last week.
    Trump, on the other hand, stood his ground over the suggestion that an image claiming Hillary Clinton is “the most corrupt candidate ever” – and in the pocket of big money – is anti-semitic because the words are in a star. Clinton supporters suggest the six-pointed star is the Star of David and therefore implies the big money is Jewish money.
    Trump and his team point out not unreasonably that Jews don’t have a monopoly on the six-point star, and that it is also a sheriff’s star – suggesting that Trump is the man to bring Clinton to heel. (We’ll set aside the fact that the campaign claims of both US candidates are nonsense to start with.)
    I very much suspect that, had Corbyn’s camp been similarly accused of anti-semitic imagery for using a star, he would have apologised for that too yesterday. It’s time for Corbyn to learn a trick or two from Trump and stop playing according to the rigged rules set by his critics.”

  • Macky

    Some here may remember that at the time of JC being elected leader, I strongly advocated that he should have cold-shouldered the Right Wing Blairites, and definitely not included them in important positions in his shadow cabinet, as that was just asking for trouble, and so it has proven to be.

    As much as I admire Tony Benn, I detest Hilary Benn, and hold him responsible for the present situation, in that I suspect Hilary deliberately forced Corbyn to back Remain despite JC’s well-known scepticism to the EU, so that if the Vote was for Remain, he still would have turned on JC & launch an attack revealing that JC was really for Brexit; the fact that Brexit won, just meant he had to think of a new angle/pretext to attack JC, which was that he didn’t try hard enough for the Remain campaign; it was a cunning plan that meant JC could be attacked whichever way the Vote went.

    Corbyn has to stop trying to appease people who just want to destroy him, and instead employ his authority as Leader; instead of allowing a free vote on Syria, and a Party line on the EU Referendum, it should have been the other way around, and it would have been if he hadn’t tried to accommodate Hilary Benn.

    • Alcyone: Our Type Zero Global Civilisation

      Makes sense.

      But a leopard doesn’t change its spots. Let’s see what is in store. In the end, I reckon JC will have to be leading a party with ‘truer’ values. Unlikely that will be the Labour Party, unless Chilcot has the effect of them taking a good long look in the mirror.

      • Alcyone: Our Type Zero Global Civilisation

        Macky, isn’t it difficult to believe that Benn woud’ve ventured out without the blessing of our dear Watson?

        I think he’s even more the chameleon-type politician.

    • nevermind

      I think he also has to talk to voters, all voters and for that he should drag the labour party into the 21st. century by forming a progressive alliance with Greens, Plaid Cymru, the Lib Dems. First agreed policy to give voters a choice of a fair proportional electoral system, fighting austerity that breeds discord and protect the workers rights and rights for women Ms. Leadsome wants so dearly removed.

      have nothing to say about those who stabbed their leader in the back when he needed their support, they have removed themselves, lets develop a cross party ten point plan and then appoint a cross party cabinet to set it into motion, prepare as if the GE is declared tomorrow.

      First local meeting tonight, see what other think about it at grass roots level.

    • MJ

      Corbyn inherited that bunch of has beens and needed them to make up the cabinet numbers. Provided he can make it to the party conference in September he should be fine. Conference, boosted by all the new members, is likely to take a dim view of the actions of PLP old guard and may well introduce some rule changes regarding selection that will put immense pressure on them to behave (if they want to stay in politics).

  • nevermind

    O/T but an imminent issue. Aviva has suspended trading in its 1.8 billion property portfolio, uncertainty is biting hard and investors do not fee safe here with no access to EU markets.
    And Frankfurt is till wanting to merge their stock exchange with that of London?
    BTW Michael N., Gold is still rising, does this mean a recession is near?

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Always look on the bright side: FTSE up tonight, Dow Jones down.

      Buy whoopee cushions. Raspberry yoghurt futures also worth a look.

      • michael norton

        I expect Keith Vaz will try and corner the market in whoopee cushions,
        he’s got a thing for cushions.

  • Alcyone: Our Type Zero Global Civilisation

    Let’s hope that the unions’ bosses tell Watson that it is his Joint Responsibility to pull the shambles that is Labour today, together.


    “In 2003, Tom Watson voted for the Iraq War,[10] and subsequently voted consistently against an investigation into the Iraq war.[11]” (Wiki)

  • Mark Golding

    Britain should withdraw from the European convention on human rights regardless of the EU referendum result”, Theresa May has said, in comments that contradict ministers within her own government.

    I am curious as to what briefings, consultation and guidance the Conservative Policy Research Unit gives to MP’s at our expense considering millions of tax pounds is recouped as expenses by those MP’s who subscribe together with a collective subscription from Conservative peers.

    I note the previous PRU director resigned over “the culture of excessive drinking between some MPs and young male researchers in Parliamentary bars and claims “that a third of the young men and women working in Parliament — nicknamed “the palace of sexminster” — had suffered sexual harassment.

    Chairman of the PRU is the recently knighted and master of the hunt, Sir Henry Campbell Bellingham who has a major interest in mining titanium oxide in the sands of Mozambique:

    Sir Henry is the chairman of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, the UK’s leading democracy-building foundation which provides expertise in developing parliaments, political party structures and civil society organisations in emerging democracies – the key institutions that make up a functioning democracy. Prior to entering Parliament, Sir Henry practiced as a barrister. Sir Henry in an independent member of the board of Pathfinder Minerals Plc. Among his key responsibilities are the chairing of the company’s board meetings and providing advice to executive directors on matters including corporate governance and general strategic direction. Sir Henry brings extensive knowledge of Africa, the continent in which the company is seeking to operate.

    • Mark Golding

      According to the Westminster Foundation for Democracy:

      Mozambique has had steady economic growth and is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies following the recent discovery of new natural resource deposits. The country still remains one of Africa’s poorest nations and can ill afford another protracted civil war. The population is also wary of further conflict after the last war. Citizens would like to see their leaders demonstrate greater political maturity in negotiating peaceful solutions.

      Interesting ?!

      • nevermind

        Thanks for that insight into Henry Bellingham, Mark G., another remarkable exploitation story. I’m sure Mozambiques Citizens will also want their leader to sign beneficial contracts that modernise is basic needs systems and benefits most of Mozambique, not just feather his own and a few rich people’s nests.

        • Mark Golding

          Thanks Nevermind – Here is a report of the conflicts in Moambique: The AFP news agency that the security forces had been accused of “summary executions, looting, destruction of property, rape, ill-treatment, and other human rights violations” and that “at least 14 local Renamo officials” had been reported killed or abducted since the beginning of the year.

          Last month, farmers in the Gorongosa region said they had found a mass grave containing 120 bodies. The killings are believed to be connected to a military crackdown on Renamo.

          • nevermind

            Good old Henry is filling his belly by supporting the brutal excesses of individuals who want to keep the ‘citizens’ of Mozambique down, a Norfolk MP who is soo loved for supporting his voters, against a nasty waste burner in his neighbourhood.

            Colonials still rape Africa and whatever their arguments, they are the one’s that keep Africa down.

          • Anon1

            While the British went about building institutions, the Germans were measuring skulls.

  • Republicofscotland

    “The UK Chancellor George Osborne is suggesting lowering the corporate tax rate to 15 percent in an effort to encourage businesses to invest in the British economy outside the European Union.”

    I recall durìng the Scottish referendum, George Osborne claiming that the Scottish governments plan to cut corporation tax, to entice companies to head North, as “a race to the bottom.”

    Of course now that Osborne is proposing it for the UK, it’s the right thing to do in the British governments eyes.

    • Republicofscotland

      “Scottish MP Alex Salmond says the coup against Jeremy Corbyn was launched by a core of right-wing Labour MPs because they fear the anti-war leader will seek the impeachment of Tony Blair after the Chilcot report is published on Wednesday”

      Dennis Skinner agrees with Salmond that the rampant urge to remove Corbyn is to dampen the vitriol heading Tony Blair’s way post-Wednesday.

      The Chilcot report years late and miles over budget, will be made available tomorrow. According to press reports it contains as many words, as four of Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace.

      I wonder if that alone is aimed at putting off Joe Bloggs from reading it.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      One problem with relying on RT is very often that it is a day or two out of date, RoS. BBC had it a couple of days ago, and I put it up then. With the additional comment that that was the same rate as Serbia’s (though I failed to mention that it’s 3% higher than Russia’s)

  • charles drake

    this most certainly is not the time for
    musselamic phobias or abuse is.
    we will have many a years in the futures
    for stir and agitation of the pot.
    wimbulldones on the telly
    men are from mars woman
    venus williams from uranaus.
    pims on the lawn cameron oxford supper tonight.
    maybe horse ride across the round up ready mowed down downs
    rejoice in this glorious may day evenings
    what a gay time had by all.
    may strong man already on throne
    corbers soon labor gone.
    leveson enquires chilcotts lessons
    being processed and learned.
    friends soon back on track
    sunk hitler nut deep in eurovision.
    junk junkers a friend again all forgiven.
    the ec heath ship sailed long ago for final
    satanick destination with a chuckle and a childs scream
    3 cheers hurrah for the westminster child wrangling circus.
    best in show.
    the beast must be fed
    blood must flow.

    as for lovely tory blair he only wanted the best

    for friends and family
    saddam hussein new hitler
    so so long ago

    • michael norton

      I have not been to Scotland in Decades but am going soon for a family event.

      I had not realized that there are so many FAT people in Scotland.
      Are they eating deep fried butter?

      Obese people rescued by firefighters more than 100 times
      Statistics obtained by BBC Scotland reveal that the fire service carries out an average of almost three “bariatric rescues” a month.

      In many cases, they are called to help paramedics who are unable to move very sick, morbidly obese patients.

      One health expert warned that they will increase as “the obese get obeser.”

      In recent years there has been an “obesity epidemic” in Scotland

  • Burnt

    Don’t even get me started on this load-of-trash writing. What the author seems too thick to comprehend is that the ‘ultras’ and ‘extremists’ are the ones who have always claimed to be middle-grounded. They are the extremists who imposed extremist laws and took all sorts of extremist measures. That’s not to say Farage and the likes are any better than the Blairs and Camerons, of course.

    All I can say is that you really lack imagination if you are still, after all these years, seeing the political spectrum as something so crassly linear. The so-called centre-left or centre-right can be just as, if not more extremist in the havoc that they wreak. (As should have been all too clear to the Guardian hack).

  • michael norton

    UNITED KINGDOM offered Brexit free trade deal with AUSTRALIA

    that sounds useful.
    Australia has called for a free trade deal with Britain following its exit from the European Union.

    The Islamaphobic Theresa May described the move as “very encouraging” and insisted it showed Brexit could work for Britain.

    In a phone call to the new PM, her Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull said he urgently wanted to open up trading between the two countries.

    Liam Fox, the new international trade secretary, said he was already “scoping about a dozen free trade deals”.

  • Alan

    ‘To hell with their culture’ – Richard Dawkins in extraordinary blast at Muslims:

    The 74-year-old said: “There’s this notion Islam and Muslims are this protected species.

    “That if we talk about them at all or criticise at all, it’s somehow hurting or humiliating Muslims. It’s a ridiculous idea.”

    Host Maher then added liberals should protect those who are being repressed regardless of who it offends.

    He went on to say this includes women forced to wear religious clothing, which led to Dawkins extraordinary comment.

    Maher said: “We’re on the side of the women’s movement and poor and minorities and whatever. Gay people, the disabled, the abused, whatever Caitlyn (Jenner) is up to. We’re all for it.

    And they (liberals) applaud that but if you say something about a woman being forced to wear a beekeeper suit in the hot sun all day…”

    Dawkins then took over saying: “But that’s ‘their culture’ and you have to accept it. It’s the one exception. Liberal about everything but this one exception, ‘it’s their culture’.

    “Well, to hell with their culture.”

    Dawkins went on to say Islam had a “free pass” because of the “terror of being thought racist” if the religion is criticised.

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