Theresa May, Your New Islamophobic Prime Minister? 340

A quick Google news search for “Theresa May and “Abu Qatada” reveals over 2,000 mainstream media articles in the last three days combining both. This is hardly surprising, as in her speech announcing her candidacy for Tory leader (and thus PM) May dwelt on her deportation of Abu Qatada as evidence she was qualified for the job. The May supporting Tory MP who was put up for Sky to interview immediately afterwards managed to say “Abu Qatada” three times in a two minute interview.

Abu Qatada should indeed be a powerful symbol – but not the symbol he has become, a hate figure. He should rather be a symbol of the hate-filled and intolerant place Britain has become, and the dreadful injustice meted out to individuals both by the state and the media.

Abu Qatada spent, over a thirteen year period, a total of nine years in jail in England despite never being charged with any crime. It is not just that he was not convicted. He was never charged. Nine years, think about it. In all that time, neither he nor his lawyers were ever permitted to see the accusations or evidence against him.

Britain has draconian anti-terrorism laws that would make a dictatorship blush. It is an offence to “glorify” terrorism. It is specifically “terrorism” for me to write, here and now, that Nelson Mandela was justified in supporting the bombing campaign that got him arrested. I just knowingly committed “glorifying terrorism” under British law. It is specifically “terrorism” to deface the property in the UK of a foreign state with a political motive. If I spray “Gay Pride” on the Saudi embassy, that is terrorism. We also have secret courts, where “terrorists” can be convicted without ever seeing the “intelligence-based” evidence against them. We have convicted young idiots for discussing terror fantasies online. We have convicted a wife who “must have known” what her husband was doing (at least that one was overturned on appeal).

Yet even with the bar so low it is resting on the ground, from his first arrest in 2001 to his deportation in 2013, through innumerable arrests, police interviews, wiretaps, computer seizures and searches, no evidence against Abu Qatada was ever found which would stand up in court. It is worth noting that if almost any of the vast number of accusations the tabloids made against him had been true, for example if he had actually said in sermons the things he was stated to have said in the UK press, he could have been charged and convicted. But investigation by the police and security services found every single one of these claims to be false.

It is true that Theresa May did succeed in deporting him. To Jordan, where he faced charges of association with terrorist groups. In two trials, one before a military tribunal, Abu Qatada was found not guilty of association with terrorism and all other charges. It should be very plainly understood that the Jordanian monarchy is no friend at all to Palestinian salafist clerics like Abu Qatada, and he had good reason to fear being deported there. But even they found that the evidence Abu Qatada is a terrorist does not exist.

Now I have never met him, though I have met his lawyers and doctor. Abu Qatada holds views with which I do not agree; I dislike the bigoted in any religion. But his main crime appears to have been to be a Palestinian cleric with a perfect comic opera appearance for the right wing media to make up quotes and hate stories around.


This picture is taken from a hilarious Daily Telegraph article in which that author complains that Abu Qatada had “fooled us again” – by the dastardly expedient of not actually committing any crimes.

So if you are proud of a world in which people against whom there is not one shred of court-worthy evidence, who have never been charged, can be detained for nine years and then deported, vote for Theresa May as PM. I expect the Tories will, happily.

Abu Qatada should indeed be a symbol. He should be a symbol of the deepest national disgrace of unjustified imprisonment and of the foul place the United Kingdom has become under successive far right Labour and Tory governments. And I say far right with deliberation. In what other kind of country could the story of Abu Qatada happen?

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  • Republicofscotland

    So Nigel Farage, has decided to call, it a day, again. Mr Farage feels that he couldn’t really achieve anymore, and that helping to bring Brexit to fruition was in part his, piece de resistance, so too speak.

    Farage, will probably be reminded, by the populus for that poster, and his much televised comment, of “We’ve got our country back.”

    • Ba'al Zevul

      What happens next in UKIP could be interesting. Either Carswell will move it towards being a flag-flapping sept of the Tories and start taking votes from them, or, as it becomes increasingly clear that Brexit will not be implemented, it will become the party of protest and attract Labour votes from people threatened by migrant labour in the Neglected Zone ™

      Looks like everyone’s splitting these days…

      • Jemand

        If Leadstrom gets leadership, Brexit & Tories will be set for two more terms and Carswell will become a footnote buried in history.

  • James

    I wonder what’s going to happen on Wednesday !

    Something BIG needs to happen in “the news”, to bury Chilcot.
    It always does.

    Justin Bieber, the love child of Princess Diana and The Archbishop of Canterbury, declares himself the rightful heir to the Prussian Empire and “suicide bombs” Buckingham Palace ?

    • charles drake

      tuesday would be the day for real or fake psy op event
      would it not if chill pill is wed.
      farage has chosen life instead of boston brakes
      boris shown the grassy knoll footage plus other footages closer to home.
      andrea leverson leveson of the city drone spoke today
      fox sidelined
      what a manly may day
      chillcot will happen lessons are already being processed and learned.
      2 million dead unfortunate
      ho hum
      but we must move on as an integrated european nation.
      we need a strong man to get us a better deal within the family
      i suggest a yo blair
      and an alco pop alistair campbell

    • Anon1

      Is that Giyane?

      Still, I can think of worse. Like being stoned to death for adultery or pitched off a rooftop for being gay.

      • Jemand

        Still playing lawyer for the murderous cult of Islam, Fedup? You’re fooling no one but yourself. Every day brings another massacre by subscribers to the ‘religion of peace’. Aren’t you even slightly embarrassed for giving those evil killers your moral support?

  • Dave

    They were from “rent a beard” promoted by the secret services to enrage the public as part of the “war on terror” narrative. I don’t think they were simply dupes, but had reached an understanding with the secret services to speak out about things happening abroad, but not to incite violence in UK.

    In return the secret services got their pantomime villains who could be demonized in the neo-con media and could collect intelligence from those who attended their sermons/websites, but in particular to promote the fiction that we suffered these extremists because we are a law abiding society, as opposed to criminal warmongers.

    But then the novelty wore off and Hamza and Qatada were deported to win the Home Secretary ‘brownie points’ and I suspect Qatada agreed to voluntary extradition in exchange for a deal that he would not be found guilty in Jordan.

    Also if Abu Hamza was guilty then the government/police were guilty too, because they facilitated his street sermons and those who de facto assist in publishing criminal material are guilty too! Now instead of “rent a beard” we have false flag attacks.

    • charles drake

      did police get pregnant cnd female peace niks carried on sexual activities for 10 years or more stasi like writing reports for the home office for decade real wife and family in different town.
      did you read the book The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against the Miners total mi5 infiltration of the miners organization.
      countless case of police starting riot for scargill blame strategy of tension.
      did we not see sniper with balaclava in ukrainia hiding blackwater type cia forces shape and control movement via infiltration.
      gangs and counter gangs all frank kitson
      standard m.o. procedure.
      you can hit a car like nigels from outside via another car.
      inside control is always better for maximum destructive effect
      call it boston brakes.

  • James

    After World War Two, about 1,000,000 German PoW’s died of starvation, exposure, lack of medicine.
    About 12 to 14 Million “Ethnic Germans” were “expelled” from their homes and sent to Germany. Millions more died.

    That is the “added” cost of war.

    So… the Blair/Bush “adventure” has caused the murder of millions in “the Middle East” region.
    And they are “free”.


    At the “post war trials”, the convicted stood trial on an old Law. That was “Causing War”. It actually still stands today….just “never used”. Sad really. It should be.

    • charles drake

      james i do not want to say you lie so let me suggest you have read 2 much sharma watched 2 much bbc laurence rees.
      may i humbly suggest the books other losses and crimes and mercies by james bacque i think you will find the figure you give covers a 10 month period.
      the bestial revenge crimes of france and monsters like eisenhower did indeed go unpunished your numbers 10 times off

  • Alcyone: How long, our Type Zero Global Civilisation?

    Craig, who is going to update Islam into the 21st Century

    “Ordinary” muslims, lots of them, are fasting while their Imams in Arabia (and the ‘sheikhs’), just turn their day inside out: sleep all day and gorge all night.

    And the ordinary ones think they’re getting detoxed, while keeping their ‘contract’ with God.

    Small question: Is it healthy not to drink water all day long? If you want to detox, wouldn’t it be MUCH BETTER to flush out your toxins by drinking LOTS OF WATER? (Do these ordinary muslims think these things out for themselves? For God’s sake!

    Bigger question: Can you make a bargain with God?

    “You cannot be serious!” — Famous Wimbledon player.

    • K Crosby

      Lots of people in hot countries drink as little as possible during the heat of the day since they’d only sweat it out. They tank up overnight instead.

      As for Islam, I doubt that Muslims are any more ignorant of the corruption of clergy as protestants are of the venality of the C of England hierarchy.

      Apropos, do you know of any Anglican churches that open at 10:00 p.m. to accommodate the homeless victims of Thatchler’s Britain?

    • charles drake

      alcyone sounds like an antibiotic
      i prefer collodial silver much more effective

      you cannot talk of islam without talking of the mi5 puppet with sas protection the royal house of saud
      all domeh instability atrocity baked in.

      check out adam curtis

      The Mayfair Set episode 1- Who Pays Wins

      How neoconservatives helped make “terrorism” the new “Communism” in post-9/11 America.documentary, “The Power of Nightmares”.

      since the british and the usa broke islam maybe they can advise on what the best way to correct it is.

      • Ben Monad

        “since the british and the usa broke islam maybe they can advise on what the best way to correct it is.”

        It was already broken via cultural/financial wars and global warming droughts and unemployment.

        Arabs and African Americans have something in common; the disappointment with available entitlements. The social DEMANDS from minority groups exceeds the supply and that’s not good enough for them. Not that racism hasn’t exacerbated the problem. It’s a shared responsibility that neither party will assume. It’s the other guy who forced me to abandon my humanity without a forethought !

        One other thing escapes the Entitlement Culture; with Freedom comes responsibility.

        That’s apparently a deal-breaker for most of them.

        • charles drake

          and what of the eternal demands and needs of those lovely folks that got 5 free german nuclear submarines.
          you know the group that came up with the option called sampson.
          but since we cannot talk of that group maybe i should just say sorry and to save time delete my comments : )

          • Neil Anderson

            “and what of the eternal demands and needs of those lovely folks that got 5 free german nuclear submarines.
            you know the group that came up with the option called sampson.
            but since we cannot talk of that group maybe i should just say sorry and to save time delete my comments : )”

            Your grammar, spelling and syntax got really good there Charlie. What happened to the faux dyslexia and nursery style prose? I do notice, however, that you’ve still got the e.e. cummings thing going on with no capitals. How clever you are!

  • Alcyone: If ever there were a time for honesty, it is now.

    To be clear, and for context relative to my above comments: I reject EVERY organised religion. They are harmful to your health. And they have not contributed to Peace on this planet one iota. In fact, they have detracted from it.

    • Jemand

      Ideologies shut down critical thinking and take over rational faculties. They can turn otherwise good men into armies of bloodthirsty killers. The Left are so bitter in their ideological hatred that they will ally themselves with an entirely alien ideology in order to bring down their own nemeses. And they do this by tapping into the emotional weaknesses of people – ego, pride, the need to belong, the need to feel superior & a need to blame their discontent on a common enemy.

      • Alcyone: If ever there were a time for honesty, it is now.

        “And they do this by tapping into the emotional weaknesses of people – ego, pride, the need to belong, the need to feel superior & a need to blame their discontent on a common enemy.”

        In a word, “security”, all false and all the while actually creating and propagating insecurity.

        • Jemand

          And perceptions of security are dependent on certainty. Where the true intentions of a potential enemy are unknown, an escalation of distrust and deployment of military deterrents ensues bringing about a high tension standoff – eg South vs North Korea.

      • Alcyone: If ever there were a time for honesty, it is now.

        Thank you Trowbridge. I am glad we can agree.

        Stay well and stay out of trouble.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

          Thanks, Alcyone.

          I’m too old, though, to keep out of trouble.

          I am willing to do almost anything to get people to wake up about what is happening.

          This place is like a tomb despite all the gratuitous, unnecessary mindlessness, and viciousness.

          And it seems that it will just go on forever.

          At least the previous Crusades paused after a few centuries,

          Peace be with you too.

  • Republicofscotland


    The Iraqi government has declared three days of national mourning after a huge bomb in Baghdad killed 165 people and injured 225 others.

    However, the Iraqi checkpoints set up across the country, especially at Baghdad are unbelievably still using fake bomb detectors sold to the Iraqi forces by a convicted businessman from the UK.

    You’ve more chance of finding a IED in a car by performing Eenie, Meenie, Miny Moe, than you have with British con man James McCormicks bomb detectors.

    • Alcyone: If ever there were a time for honesty, it is now.

      Thank you RoS for highlighting this desperately awful, disgusting act. Do Iraqi lives count for any less?

      We’ve recently seen wall-to-wall TV coverage of Orlando but hardly an observation here on this. Are Iraqi lives worth any less than that of Western folk? Any relationship to the actions of one Blair and Bush?

      • James

        Nope, no figures necessary….just “childish oaf”

        …you said it !

        Why would you even need “stats” when you can just “make it up” as you go along.
        Your reality is it ? And what reality is that ?
        Before I became a pilot (with time on my hands) I studied Social History. Mainly modern.
        You…my friend…sound like “1932” history.

        And “Thank you Trowbridge. I am glad we can agree”
        Do I need to even explain why a “congrats” from him, is bad.

      • Jemand

        Let’s ask the question – How many Hindus (or other non-muslim, ethnic Indians) have committed acts of political violence in the diaspora and, in this case, the UK?

    • Ben Monad

      I wish the PM luck in his quest to fight corruption in Iraq.

      The West has been a tremendous help for the last dozen years or so.

  • K Crosby

    Muslim communities are to blame for the 158,000 abortions a year? The 1.4 million dead in Iraq? I think you’ll find that it is your brave boys wot done it.

  • Alcyone: If ever there were a time for honesty, it is now.

    Thank you Jemand. Good to see you around!

    Hope things going well with/for you.

    • Jemand

      Thanks, Alcyone. Yes, all good. I pop in now and again to say hello to the asylum patients. I see some are still incurable. Keep up the good work Dr. A.

  • Republicofscotland

    This should interest Trowbridge.

    “The FBI admits in their own felony complaint that multiple undercover FBI agents infiltrated Bill Keebler’s ‘Patriot Defense Force’ in Utah, encouraged Keebler to use explosives, volunteered to make them, and then supplied the inert explosive device for Keebler to plant at an abandoned Arizona Bureau of Land Management facility.”

    • DomesticExtremist

      Radio news, Head of RBS, said they’ll move their headquarters out of Britain if Brexit materialises.

      Somebody needs to quietly remind them that their most valuable asset (perhaps their only one at the moment) is their banking licence.

    • michael norton

      Do you mean Royal Bank of Scotland, will they have to change their name, say Unroyal Bank of Ireland.

  • James


    It just doesn’t work like that.
    Northern Irish, one half Catholic, the other half Jewish…and I married a Protestant !
    Come to “Christmas” in my house….!

    But since you “spout off”. A person who is “ant racist”, is therefore racist ????

    Channel Four News did a “Post Brexit…What Happens Now” piece (it’s on YouTube).
    And they have this dude from Barnsley on. He says about the Brexit….

    “….its not about the economy or anything like that….it’s about keepin these muslims out of here”

    How sad is that.

    • Anon1

      “Channel Four News did a “Post Brexit…What Happens Now” piece (it’s on YouTube).
      And they have this dude from Barnsley on. He says about the Brexit….

      “….its not about the economy or anything like that….it’s about keepin these muslims out of here””


      Sounds like the ideal candidate for a C4 News interview. They actively seek out that kind of opinion to represent the Leave side, while respectable people who want to argue about “the economy or anything like that” are chosen from the Remain side.

      If you were watching the C4 coverage and failed to notice the disgraceful smearing of 52% of the population as poor, white, thick and racist then you clearly must have an empty receptacle where your brain ought to be, James. The main issue for Leave voters was Sovereignty/democracy. Show me the YouTube clip from C4 News in which that case is put forward by a Leave supporter.

    • Alan

      “The thread is about the islamophobic actions of your next PM,”

      Has CM got special fortune telling abilities or something? Until the next PM is actually elected, NOBODY knows who it will be.

  • YouKnowMyName

    Head of RBS, said they’ll move their headquarters out of Britain if Brexit materialises. Well, yes. Isn’t that a precursor to saddling a proportion of the English debts? Post brexit my mild Scottish friends are seeking reunification of Scotland with the eu, and a national bank will then be needed, “Bank of England” and it’s trillions of surpluses/liabilities just isn’t very Scotland friendly either . . .

    When do we get to vote for gove/fromage/may/etc for PM?

  • YouKnowMyName

    Rumors of rampant partial islamafobia in the land of the keeper of the holies, bangs in Medina & Qatif hopefully not many hurt

      • michael norton

        The head of RBS has warned that the sale of the UK government’s stake in the bank could be delayed for at least two more years by the Brexit vote.

        Chief executive Ross McEwan said the vote had been “a real hit to the bank” and would affect the government’s sale of its remaining shares in the bank.

        He said: “This will be a setback, let’s be honest. I think at least a couple of years it will be pushed back.”

        RBS is still 73% owned by taxpayers after being bailed out eight years ago.

        Speaking to LBC radio in London, Mr McEwan also reiterated that RBS would move its registered headquarters from Edinburgh, if Scotland votes to leave the UK in a second independence referendum.

        But he added that it was effectively about “moving the plaque rather than any of our people”.

        RBS currently has 12,000 staff working north of the border.

        So I take this to mean that RBS is currently majorly owned by the United Kingdom,
        if SCOTLAND leaves the UNITED KINGDOM

        RBS will move to London?

        • michael norton

          The head of the UNITED KINGDOM Independence Party, Nigel Farage, resigned Monday as party leader, the latest British political chief to tumble amid the political turmoil enveloping the country since its vote to leave the European Union.

          Mr.Farage is going to be offering his expertise
          to other European nations in their struggles for freedom from the hated E.U.

          Well done Nigel.

          • michael norton

            Dreadful Cad Nigel Farage’s legacy one of lies, prejudice, ignorance and political chaos
            So, in much the same way as Boris Johnson did, the UKip leader is walking away from the political chaos he has created in Britain and Europe. Nigel Farage says he “wants his life back”, and after his 17-year mission dedicated to giving, in his opinion, Britons their nation back, he says he believes his job is done.

            The man described as a “dreadful cad” by at least one Conservative party grandee and diplomat could not resist parading his victory at the European parliament, his final political act.
            He insulted MEPs in a triumphal performance that critics say was shocking in its display of utter contempt and ignorance – until the very end Farage was all bluster and mendacity, and was only applauded by similar eurosceptic figures and the various far-right parties scattered around Europe that see him as some sort of hero.

            It is said you judge someone by the company they keep.

            Farage’s legacy will be to be seen as the single most influential politician since Tony Blair, but for all the wrong reasons. He has acted as a catalyst for grievances that have little or nothing to do with Europe, and those grievances are now being expressed daily on British streets as individuals suffer overt racism.

            Farage rejects accusations his actions have anything to do with this; indeed none of the most prominent “Leave” campaign leaders do, and none of them has yet made any public statement condemning the toxic post-referendum atmosphere.

            Brilliant, listen to the voice over, it’s like a pantomime.

          • michael norton

            Who do they get to write this pantomine stuff
            POLY of THE GUARDIAN?

          • Alcyone: What kind of Prophet/Prophecy when we are stuck in the 7th Century?

            LOL again Anon. You’re in good form today! Keep it Up!

        • MJ

          “The head of RBS has warned that the sale of the UK government’s stake in the bank could be delayed for at least two more years by the Brexit vote”

          Are we supposed to care?

          • Alcyone: What kind of Prophet/Prophecy when we are stuck in the 7th Century?

            LOL MJ, keep them coming. Some light amidst the depressives.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Now she appears to be suggesting that EU nationals who already live and work here might lose the right to continue living and working here. Or at least, she and others in the Government are refusing to state that EU nationals already living here will have the right to keep living in their homes, their children going to the same schools in this country and so on. Quite apart from being an absurd and unjust suggestion, does she not realise the damage this will cause the economy and to all our public services, the private sector and to everything? Our public services will collapse overnight if EU nationals and other, non-EU nationals, stop working in them. This is causing unnecessary panic among people from other EU countries and even worse panic among those form outside the EU. What is the agenda? Why do they have to stake out the political territory by pandering to xenophobia? Was the assassination of an MP not sufficient warning of this rhetoric and policy leads?

    • Alcyone

      Suhayl, isn’t this just another negotiating posture, since the UK govt will need to receive reciprocal assurance for British citizens living abroad?

      Should we add to the ‘panic’? I’m not sure I detect this panic anyhow. Though I fully accept your point about services, even critical ones, being at risk. Therefore I doubt very much that anything drastic concerning present migrants is going to happen.

      • Suhayl Saadi

        I know – but it’s sending entirely the wrong signals to other countries and to the economy, which is as much psychological as anything else. If people think the UK is not the place to invest in… And I know of individual people – EU nationals and non-EU nationals – who are panicking. This does not contribute to stability and it is not responsible government. It is pandering to the Far Right in yet another Tory beauty pageant.

          • glenn_uk

            Certainly offends me! Clearly, she’s OK with a “God” that is bloodthirsty, petty, jealous, vengeful, unforgiving, vain, insecure, a racist, genocidal, homicidal maniac – the most unpleasant character in all of fiction.

            Doesn’t look like sound judgement if this sort of behaviour is A-OK with any individual, let alone a potential leader of a nuclear armed country. “Belief” in sky-spooks indicates a dodgy state of mind, to say the least.

            But why do you bring up that question as a challenge to Suhayl?

          • michael norton

            Just look at the title of this piece.
            It is apparently about Mrs. May a known, church of England goer, being against muslims.

    • Anon1

      Theresa May presided over the largest numbers of immigrants coming to this country in its history, Suhayl. Nothing to worry about there.

      • Suhayl Saadi

        Yes, like many others, she is a hypocrite too. But she – along with a lot of the political class – has used this issue for decades to hide the failings of their policies and to diver attention away from the rich and powerful. And that has a real impact.

      • charles drake

        terry may a proud follower of barbera lerner spector school.
        the lesson learning to be diverse and gender fluid, multiculturalism transgendering in the times of society collapse.

    • Jemand

      You don’t get it Suhayl. May is continuing Project Fear in a last ditch effort to cripple & bring down Brexit and immigration controls. No reasonable person believes the UK will kick out EU nationals if only for the disasterous PR fallout that would ensue. May depends on people like you to overreact and spread fear as unpaid agents of EU propagnda.

      • Alcyone: (Organised) Religion is the First and Last 'Divide and Rule'

        I’m completely with you on this one, Jemand.

        I have myself talked with and tried to allay the fears of several EU nationals. Stop panicking is the simple answer!

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Talking of islamophobic politicians, you have to wonder how Inspector Knacker’s orders were framed here:

    Israeli politician Tzipi Livni was summonsed by UK police for questioning over alleged war crimes while in London last week, Israeli officials have said.

    Ms Livni received a letter from the police on Thursday but… incredibly enough … the summons was cancelled after talks between Israel and the UK, Israeli media reports say.

    Think I’ll start buying shares in leaders closely associated with war crimes. Obviously a safe investment.

    • michael norton

      A top law firm is refusing to name ‘hundreds’ of business figures and academics behind a bid to prevent the new Prime Minister formally triggering our exit from the EU without agreement from the House of Commons.

      Mishcon de Reya is taking action to ensure MPs have their say before Downing Street invokes Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

      If successful, the bid could hand MPs – three quarters of whom supported Remain – the power to delay our departure and control the terms.

      David Cameron has insisted it will be the duty of his successor to trigger the mechanism after he resigning in the wake of the referendum’s bombshell Leave victory.


      • MJ

        “the power to delay our departure and control the terms”

        The EU has made it clear on several occasions that Article 50 must be triggered (verbally will suffice) before any negotiations can take place.

        • michael norton

          Any future government should be completely clear
          they will never, ever use Mishcon de Reya
          for any purpose.
          I’d also put the security services on to them.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            Excuse me if I’m wrong, but when introducing a topic of your own, wouldn’t it make more sense to enter it in the box at the top of the thread rather than attaching it to someone else’s unrelated comment? It would certainly make the thread’s convolutions easier to follow. For instance, I’m all for sub-comments on Livni (see above) but I fail to see the connection with Miichael Norton’s offering on Mishcon Reya.

            Oh, and while I’m doing a “Habba”, “James’s” heavy and unnecessary use of “inverted commas” is” getting” a bit “wearing”. Just saying.

          • Tony M

            to Ba’al
            Thank His Imperial Majesty David Mundell you pointed out the scarily high number of scare quotes from James, I’ve come close to screaming reading some of his posts. I think this is how they hope to differentiate multiple identities, by such signature traits.

          • Ben Monad

            Ba’al; I found it’s self-preservation. If the original comment is deleted all others follow.

  • Tony M

    Your ‘troublemakers’, I would call courageous, spirited, having guts, not prepared to go quietly -it’s perfectly human and understandable to resist subjugation and death, without a fight or a murmur of protest. I’ll ignore for now the slighting of however many Indians, Sikhs etc. for alleged lack of such admirable traits.

    You seem to think the world would be better without certain people, races etc. which I think is makes you an oddity. I think it would be much the poorer, without all of them, all of us, Indians and Pakistanis, Buddhists and Muslims, skinheads and rastas … it would be an incomplete family, with vital members missing and missed. You seem to reject the idea, though it is fact, of your shared and common humanity.

    • Alcyone: The 'What Is' is Sacred!

      David, do you think she would have lead the charge to Libya?

      Personally, I would’ve preferred one Etonian over the other, just to prove they are not all bad. And if I remember correctly he wasn’t there because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

  • john gray

    From the Telegraph article you mention,
    “Yet for more than 10 years, every effort to do so has been thwarted by human rights laws.”
    That will be the ones that require evidence eh?

      • lysias

        Actually, the Russians classify the Admiral Kuznetsov as a heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser. I suppose the classification is meant to permit the ship to transit through the Straits under the Montreux Convention.

        • lysias

          In Russian, that’s тяжёлый авианесущий крейсер.

        • lysias

          I was surprised to learn from Wikipedia that the stress in “Kuznetsov” is on the final syllable. Stress on Russian proper names is always so unpredictable. At least for someone, like me, who is not a native speaker.

          Thank God for Wikipedia; At least now we have a place where we can look it up.

  • Summerhead

    It would be interesting to know who Craig would like to see chosen as the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister of the UK. I personally think they will each select the amount of Islamophobia necessary to distract the thick from realizing what’s going on. None of these candidates are stupid; they are however, all psycopathic and will say and do anything to further their own interests. It will be business as usual; the parasitic elite stealing from the rest. I’ve said my piece, now you can resume bickering.

    • Alan

      “It would be interesting to know who Craig would like to see chosen as the next leader and Prime Minister of the UK.”

      That’s easy; he’d like to see Craig Murray…


  • michael norton

    Kasra Nouroozi, a Mishcon de Reya partner, said: “We must ensure that the government follows the correct process to have legal certainty and protect the UK Constitution and the sovereignty of Parliament in these unprecedented circumstances.

    This would seem to be a ruse by academics who are ranting about the United Kingdom voters daring to act in the name of democracy.
    Shame on them

  • Dave

    Re Another Media Setup

    I may be wrong, so I apologise in advance, but the face of the person wearing the red t-shirt with the anti-Blair message looks like a down and out, who has probably been paid to wear the t-shirt or being unknown, has had the t-shirt and/or message photo-chopped on him/her.

    Following Brexit there has been a coordinated government/media campaign alleging an increase in “anti-immigrant violence” and a picture featuring a man who also looks like a down and out, wearing a green t-shirt saying “send them back” went viral can be googled as “man in green t-shirt saying send them back”.

    Craig could you take a look, because the green t-shirt is the same design as the red t-shirt and the message is in similar type-face. Different messages, although arguably Blairite, so perhaps from the same source and they both appear photo chopped! Do you agree?

    • James

      This will get “banned” but I have to write it…

      ….its “NSDAP”.

      My heart bleeds.

      • lysias

        Does “NSDAP” actually trigger moderation? That would be most surprising. But, if it does, surely other circumlocutions can deceive the program. Say, “NS German Workers’ Party”.

        Now, let’s see if that goes through.

          • James


            I wrote something factual before, (as I studied Modern European Social History… and my Prof was a stickler for actually making us work it out for ourselves), but it was removed from here.

            As anyone trying to get their degree (at that time), it was always “something” to write (or be part of writing) a “paper”. And we did this.

            I am worried. As I see (from my research) the same “holes in the cheese” lining up.
            I work as a pilot and I work with “European Internationals”, and they even “don’t see it”.
            They say “…but it will not happen”.

            In my research, we looked at how the majority failed to see the rise of the NSDAP.
            Post war, we looked at interviews, mainly from the people from Daucha who were “forced” to walk through the Concentration Camps by the American army. And their answers were always “We were lied to”.

            I hope this post is not “banned”.
            Craig said, this is a forum of “Free Speech”. This is not about religion, this is about people.

  • James

    I just signed my new contract….
    …and “they” go a “suicide bomb” Medina.

    I did laugh, at the irony of the thing. It’s now “blue on blue”.

    OR rather shades of “the have’s and the have nots”.
    The “House of Saud” will one day fall. I know this as they spill wine everywhere on my aircraft.

    The best “carpet cleaners” in the world, exist in Saudi Arabia.
    They can clean up a stain like you cannot believe.
    Call the FBO…and the fella trots out all prepared. I thought, he’s done this before !

    The Revolution, Will Not Be Televised !

    • Alan

      Oh yes, and if y’all really want something to worry about:

      So lets do like Craig and go for the worst scenario, in order to ramp up that fear factor:

      3. Another possible option – China goes rogue:

      What if the deployment of an ADIZ was not enough in Beijing’s eyes and they wanted to press the issue as far as conceivably possible short of kinetic conflict? China could simply decide to press their weight in all of Asia’s flashpoints, essentially going rogue. For example:

      – Beijing could increase dramatically the amount of air and naval patrols it conducts in the East China Sea — much to the anger of Japan. And while they are at it, why not start drilling for oil and natural gas in mass all over the area, beyond what is already causing great anxiety in Tokyo to begin with?

      – China could decide to up the ante on Taiwan. President Xi could start cutting back dramatically the amount of tourists who come to the island. He could start slowing the amount of trade and investment that Taipei is now essentially dependent on. In fact, Xi has many possible points of pressure he could utilize to make Taiwan squirm — and he might find it very useful to change the conversation in Asia towards tensions across the Taiwan Strait.

      – Maybe Beijing decides it’s time to reclaim Scarborough Shoal? This would be the most risky and controversial of moves — Washington seems to have signalled that it just might take some sort of action considering it has rotated assets like the A-10 Warthog and other aircraft in a show of force. However, what does America do if Chinese dredgers appear 150 or so miles off the Philippines coast and decide Scarborough is a great place for China’s next South China Sea military base?

      • Alan

        In case you need more links on that:

        Arbitration case cannot deplete China’s historical rights

        Looking into the Philippines’ submission at the Arbitral Tribunal on the South China Sea, many confusing concepts aimed at denying China’s historical rights have been found. But they only serve to expose the Philippines’ ignorance and prejudice.

        Yep, sounds like the Chinese are going for option 3.

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