Theresa May, Your New Islamophobic Prime Minister? 340

A quick Google news search for “Theresa May and “Abu Qatada” reveals over 2,000 mainstream media articles in the last three days combining both. This is hardly surprising, as in her speech announcing her candidacy for Tory leader (and thus PM) May dwelt on her deportation of Abu Qatada as evidence she was qualified for the job. The May supporting Tory MP who was put up for Sky to interview immediately afterwards managed to say “Abu Qatada” three times in a two minute interview.

Abu Qatada should indeed be a powerful symbol – but not the symbol he has become, a hate figure. He should rather be a symbol of the hate-filled and intolerant place Britain has become, and the dreadful injustice meted out to individuals both by the state and the media.

Abu Qatada spent, over a thirteen year period, a total of nine years in jail in England despite never being charged with any crime. It is not just that he was not convicted. He was never charged. Nine years, think about it. In all that time, neither he nor his lawyers were ever permitted to see the accusations or evidence against him.

Britain has draconian anti-terrorism laws that would make a dictatorship blush. It is an offence to “glorify” terrorism. It is specifically “terrorism” for me to write, here and now, that Nelson Mandela was justified in supporting the bombing campaign that got him arrested. I just knowingly committed “glorifying terrorism” under British law. It is specifically “terrorism” to deface the property in the UK of a foreign state with a political motive. If I spray “Gay Pride” on the Saudi embassy, that is terrorism. We also have secret courts, where “terrorists” can be convicted without ever seeing the “intelligence-based” evidence against them. We have convicted young idiots for discussing terror fantasies online. We have convicted a wife who “must have known” what her husband was doing (at least that one was overturned on appeal).

Yet even with the bar so low it is resting on the ground, from his first arrest in 2001 to his deportation in 2013, through innumerable arrests, police interviews, wiretaps, computer seizures and searches, no evidence against Abu Qatada was ever found which would stand up in court. It is worth noting that if almost any of the vast number of accusations the tabloids made against him had been true, for example if he had actually said in sermons the things he was stated to have said in the UK press, he could have been charged and convicted. But investigation by the police and security services found every single one of these claims to be false.

It is true that Theresa May did succeed in deporting him. To Jordan, where he faced charges of association with terrorist groups. In two trials, one before a military tribunal, Abu Qatada was found not guilty of association with terrorism and all other charges. It should be very plainly understood that the Jordanian monarchy is no friend at all to Palestinian salafist clerics like Abu Qatada, and he had good reason to fear being deported there. But even they found that the evidence Abu Qatada is a terrorist does not exist.

Now I have never met him, though I have met his lawyers and doctor. Abu Qatada holds views with which I do not agree; I dislike the bigoted in any religion. But his main crime appears to have been to be a Palestinian cleric with a perfect comic opera appearance for the right wing media to make up quotes and hate stories around.


This picture is taken from a hilarious Daily Telegraph article in which that author complains that Abu Qatada had “fooled us again” – by the dastardly expedient of not actually committing any crimes.

So if you are proud of a world in which people against whom there is not one shred of court-worthy evidence, who have never been charged, can be detained for nine years and then deported, vote for Theresa May as PM. I expect the Tories will, happily.

Abu Qatada should indeed be a symbol. He should be a symbol of the deepest national disgrace of unjustified imprisonment and of the foul place the United Kingdom has become under successive far right Labour and Tory governments. And I say far right with deliberation. In what other kind of country could the story of Abu Qatada happen?

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  • Republicofscotland

    “Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court will examine the Chilcot report for evidence of abuse and torture by British soldiers but have already ruled out putting Tony Blair on trial for war crimes”

    No doubt the indignation that will be felt by British soldiers, who most of the time were only carrying out, Blair’s governments orders, will be stifled.

    Also if the above report is anything to go by, Blair himself will face no further action over the illegal war in Iraq.

  • Esclavo

    “Anyone who has lived under autocrats will know what I mean; they have the weight of mountains, and use it to sit on you. They are in love with rationalities, proofs, mechanisms; they possess the adiposity of elephants, and the mean minds of cultists, pragmatists, bookkeepers; they are cheerful sadists addicted to facts, figures, conclusions, systems – and that terrible thing called ‘good sense’. They will kill to make a point; so fat, so gorged on their own convictions, so reasonable, so horribly ‘sound’, so sincere that the religious fanatic in all his willingness to fry you alive to save your soul is a child beside them.”

    Christopher Hope, ‘Signs of the Heart’.

  • Theresa's Cilic

    Once an artist is enamoured of Mammon s/he loses “it”. The nation no longer has a critical mass of CMs and such artists anymore, who could disdain Mr Greenback/power/position in favour of truth. Ask Bono, he chose tax exile over the tantric ! The result is this heavy fog of totalitarianism that the wellbys (unlike a Tutu) are too beholden to remove.Or as Icke is wont say, the taqqiya reptilians have us in a tizzy !!

  • bevin

    The authoritarian measures of which Craig, quite properly, complains are certainly alien to British Constitutional tradition. But detention without charge and imprisonment without conviction are grand old imperial traditions: British governments have been doing both for centuries.
    They also started Concentration Camps, carried out numerous genocides and left the State of Israel with pretty well all the repressive measures and regulations that have enabled it to oppress, violently, the people of Palestine for almost seventy years.
    From the very beginning of Empire its critics prophesied that the injustices carried out abroad would, inevitably, return home, that to tolerate injustice in India or Africa, Ireland or America was to ensure that it would become routine in England itself.
    It was shameful and disgraceful when our Blairs, Mays and Camerons plundered the colonies and threw critics into dungeons from which they never returned. Now that their playgrounds are gone they have work at home but nothing is changed: it is still the poor who are plundered and enslaved, and the legal system is distorted at their whims.

  • charles drake

    terence may will may a great leader of men this is not the time for sniping or nitpicking.
    she was always going to be crowned king the route method may look game of thrones but all angles where covered a bit like jfk on elm street grassy knoll triangulated kill zone it was more of a pentagram shape but you get my drifts.
    what for heavens sake is wrong with only wanting the best muslim for these babara lerner spector multicultural experiments in society collapse.
    europe is only today learning about divercity spelling is wong but you get my rourkes drift.
    nobody has allowed more foreign types into the country followed the euro status quo more than new thatcher may bent over backwards to help soros and his human engineering projects.
    as for hooky muslim pirate in the image above pure pantomime villiian an mi5 asset codename simon.
    manys the khan that is employed as good guy and bad guy for gladio strategy and tension actors all some better than others.
    something of the night about terry when in place we will see a firmer tougher character than the girl that still is cameron.

    we need hate figures in tv movies and staged scripted actuality on the cnn bbc and fox.
    in my day it was the mau mau but general sir frank kitson sorted that problem out with his concepts of gangs counter gangs and pseudo gangs.
    many of these chaps use stick on beards and clothing from angels and bbc costume depts was it this chap or was it hooky who had a daughter that was speermint rhino stripper such good mi5 muslim.

    under terry we have off duty israeli idf on night patrol in certain parts of north london providing a level of security g4s can only dream of.
    in the future i hope this zoning system can be rolled out across london to protect us from the angry brexiteers from the northern frontier zones like barnsley and scunthorpe.
    terry has also been sending thousands of are fine police to israel to be trained properly by the folks that understand how to correct the rabble long may it continue.
    day by day things are looking good for are new jerusalem now all those dark satanic mills have been outsourced to china

  • michael norton


    can someone please explain to me how the postal votes were counted in the recent E.U. Referendum.
    I have heard that many British troops did not get a vote.

    • lysias

      Paul Craig Roberts has written about how fishy the vote totals of British Army squaddies were in the referendum.

      • treaty of union is now invalid

        There were reports – not in the mainstream media – during the Scottish indyref of officers instructing squaddies on how they should vote. That is against Queen’s Regulations.

  • James


    I, like you, support (or rather “support”) the “Remain Party”.

    But, would a piece on “the Cable” (Pound v US Dollar).
    As in, The City is a “company town”. We think it is “diverse”, but it isn’t. It’s not New York !
    London is based on “build, build, build”. We see it as “growth”, but it isn’t. This is “GDP”.

    Then we have “the race to the bottom”. The Dollar “needs” to be low.
    So the trade has always been against the The Cable (USD).
    Did the Pound “actually” crash post Brexit ?
    As the USD “pushed down”, we saw the “rise of the Pound”. It didn’t rise though. It was the USD making it move. It’s “smoke and mirrors”.

    So, now the UK has “the lower Pound”.
    What now. Are the UK going to rush into manufacturing …and start making shoes and handbags !
    No. There is no “manufacturing” in the UK. It’s “knackered” anyway.

    No GDP (without Londonshire “building”).
    The QE failed, big time.
    And now “politics” is screwed by the “have not’s” getting “hacked off” with the “political class/the elite”.

    The people were “disposable” anyway !
    And they knew it. So they “lit the fire” under the Ivory Tower.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      This too on Gove, from your link:

      Oh, and if you thought Michael Gove was any better, never let it be forgotten that in 2003, under the headline ‘I can’t fight my feelings any more: I love Tony’, this supposedly ‘Right-wing’ great hope garlanded the grinning Blair creature with words such as ‘right and brave’, ‘impressive’ and ‘resolute’.

      Try the voice test on Gove. This gives a good idea as to the honesty and sincerity of the speaker; listen to him on the radio, or cover the TV screen when he appears. The similarity with Blair is astounding. The phoniness of the emotion is clearly audible. This man Believes: his opinion cannot possibly be wrong, because it is his opinion. Even Liam Fox comes out of the test in better shape.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Theresa May?

    well they are all rubbish. Apparently she is very tall – and nearly everyone in Westminster hates her – so she can’t be all that bad then.

    if they liked her we would really be in trouble

    apparently regardless of his political views, nearly everyone in Westminster – does not actually hate Jeremy Corbyn’s guts. They secretly really like and Respect him – but haven’t got the courage to say so.

    Meanwhile, I myself feel completely and utterly stupid and I don’t like to castigate myself

    You see I bought this Mi-Fi thing and a sim card before we went to worked O.K. in England – but it would not work in Spain – though it should have done…but I didn’t take the instructions with me – so I didn’t know how to log on to it – to find out why it didn’t work

    Now I am home, and have found the instructions – and I have actually managed to log on to this – well its a tiny computer really..

    It more or less said – You have got the sim card in upside down you silly boy.

    Well we all make mistakes.

    It works now


    • James

      You can’t say things like “you know that lanky kid with big ears and plaster over one lens of his glasses, the one that that walked oddly and couldn’t throw a ball properly…. you know the one, the one that had those really weird shoes that looked like pie crusts….what happened to him”.

      He went into politics.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

        More likely they went into the security services, like leading spy Peter Wright, the KGB’s biggest operator; John Scarlett who only could hate the Soviets, and poor Sir Roger Hollis who everyone made carry the can for Wright.

    • charles drake

      she is tall with a large foot listen sir i do not like your implication here hair here.
      terry is all woman just a little tired from the stress of counting the millions of criminal and rapist into the country.
      have you any idea the size of his box file index, she has had to install a new muslim brotherhood annex at information retrieval gchq.
      since in power she has been following the core multicultural principles of RH tory blair at times i here it is a right pain in the bum yes sir.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    What a bunch of horrible people in Westminster..

    Look You Work For Us – that is us British people Not US – USA.

    Now stop farting around and trying to be influenced by The USA MAFIA.

    Just Do What You are Told By us British People

    Do Not Dare Defy Us…

    Get Us Out Of The EU NOW

    Do what You are TOLD.

    God Save The Queen is on Planet Rock Now…

    And She is Telling You What To Do Too

    So get on with it – you useless slugs



    • MJ

      I think the only PMs who would actually invoke Article 50 are Liam Fox or Jeremy Corbyn.

  • James

    “In an interview with the Financial Times, the chancellor said he would cut the rate to below 15% – some 5% lower than its current 20% rate”

    The British Tiger !
    But at least Ireland tried to be the “Aircraft Carrier” of Europe.
    England is trying to save itself.

    Good luck with funding for the NHS on “tax cuts”.

    • Ben Monad

      “Good luck with funding for the NHS on “tax cuts”.”

      You aren’t aware of ‘trickle-down’ econ where noblesse oblige showers golden benefits on their inferiors?

      Saint Ronaldus weeps….

      • James


        Ben Monad….

        …in some parts of Amsterdam, said “showers” are (I believe) can be bought from female strangers !

        Parliment may know more….about the showers, not the “cutz” !

          • Ba'al Zevul

            But it effectively described who’s still pissing on who. Economy goes up – investors fill their boots, corporation tax cut, tax on peasants stays the same. Economy crashes and burns – speculators fill their boots, taxpayer bails out banks, tax on peasants increases. Economy still wholly reliant on unsustainable debt – base rate cut, saving unsustainable, returns on investment minimised – corporation tax cut again to counter this, pension funds abandoned by scampering corporate rats funded by taxpayer…..gaaaah. Why labour the point?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I don’t know if Sun Zoo wrote about it in his book The Art of War – I think it may be in Chinese…

    but if in the moments building up to – well either world wide nuclear war – or a fight in the pub – you fart or say something really funny…he tends not to hit you that hard cos he too can’t stop laughing either.


  • YouKnowMyName

    TB currently on Sky News, ” the will of the people is entitled to change ” , but I’m personally just watching for the advertised Chilcot preview at 21:30pm tonite.
    Sly([sic] my spell-checkers’ autonomous adjustment to “Sky”) voiceover just trivially decimated the actually millions on the street protest against islamafobia/bombing_the_middle_east in 2003 down to “100s of thousands”

    Sly thinks Theresa is winning the Cons-coup-d’état, I personally like Theresa, but aren’t they all going on holiday to Barbuda soon for a few months?

    • Ba'al Zevul

      TB will continue to be inflicted on us – all outlets – for the next few days. On the 15th he’ll bugger off to do a Clinton-sponsored talk to the poor suffering inhabitants of Gripewater*, Arkansas, in pursuit of Plan B, which is to become a US citizen. Significantly, hearing The Word of the Great Leader is by invitation only, but free of charge. He’s running out of popular appeal, even in places where no-one knows him from the hole in the ground he admittedly resembles.

      *Name changed to protect the innocent citizens.

  • Anon1

    Theresa May has also presided over the largest numbers of immigrants entering this country in its history.

    It would be easier if Craig just counted on his fingers what he thinks isn’t “Far Right”.

    • Jemand

      Correct. She’s also known to don a headscarf in deference when consulting with Muslims. Not really the image of an ‘Islamophobe’ – but then again, that word has lost all meaning with overuse by virtue-signalling Islamophiles.

  • anti-hypocrite

    Does the European Union know about all this?

    Why haven’t they expelled the UK then?

    Or are they all as corrupt as the UK is?

  • James

    If the “sunshine” ever comes to the UK (I have to go there in mid July), should I expect “riots” ?

    The “heat” brings out allsorts of “tempers”. I hope I see a riot.

    Alas, the Brits (I am one) cannot riot.
    They even wait for “the vote” to protest.

    The last “proper riot” I saw was at Strangeways HMP, in Manchester.
    I wasn’t “on the roof” or indeed “in there”. I merely passed by….and looked.

    The UK is even “bad” at riots.

  • James

    Be “nowhere”. That is “the key”.

    I gave up “years ago”.

    I studied…. “recent” European history (1905 and onwards…and onwards). My aim is, to keep the hell out of it !
    I cannot say “Hey, Brexit people, you are stupid”, because they are not.
    Nor can I say to them “Europe (as it is Governed by the EU Commission) is great”).

    I can’t say certain points here (I am okay with 1905 history but 1932 history is banned) but this is the history (and as fecked up as it was) it is the history.

    I cannot help feeling Brexit is “wrong”. But I cannot help feeling they are also “right”.
    The “EU Commission” is “right…in the theory”, but “wrong….in the gravy train attitude” they have.

    Hey… if the people “revolt”. I would say “make it good…..and do not be led (by either self interested party).
    Here’s to a “fecking good” revolt….but “we’re sh*t at that” !

  • bevin

    Canada, Tony, Ontario up on the border with Quebec, full of the descendants of Highlanders kicked off their land by the landlords.
    In Glengarry County. Not (the US of) America.
    Be fair, they have feelings too

    • Ben Monad

      They’re just North Americans presuming a geographic position out of American influence.

      If they had any sense they’d be from Lancashire.

  • Ben Monad

    Celebrating the 4th of July?

    Do you have sufficient American flags for the event?

  • James

    Watch it all. Atke it in. It is “pretend”

    But Think.

    And remember “EU Commission” or not. We…. We are “the people”.

    I have worked all my life as a pilot. A good career. A happy career. Sometimes bad. Sometimes hard. Sometimes redundant. Sometimes on “job share”.
    I was lucky. I worked hard, because I had a chance. Other clever people don’t even get they are clever….and they NEVER get the chance. Others get nothing.

    Career Politicians…. now they are a breed apart.

    I believe in a united people because “a united people” makes sense.
    But if there are people that are left behind (and there are) it is failed (not “has”).

    Maybe “self serving” is the order of the day ?
    Maybe that is “mankind” ?
    If it is… then I am “fine” by those rules. I become “stateless”.
    But when I was “paid to fly by the powers that be”, I took off three times, loading a Puma up “over” the max, “casevac ‘ing” (there is no “past tense” plural) on the SAME FLIGHT, soldiers in difficulty (Rapid Reaction Force) in 97, because “you would want that, if that was you”.

    Up, down, another 5 on. Up again, yeh it flys, down, another 2. One more go, yeh its up, the last 3…..
    and away…..not high, just 300 foot… just a bit away and then….

    been there, done that, got the “metal”.
    But worthless…. if the least, gets nothing.

    Just saying !

    • James

      Every English/German politician…, every European country, should have been to “Tyne Cot”.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Boris says, well, I might not be the best you ever have seen..I might not be quite as good as a stale loaf of bread…

    but I thought Boris did a Pretty Good Job promoting Britain in the Chinese Olympics(We had to do it next)..and I also thought he was a very Good London Mayor – and My Boris Pass London Bus, Trains and Tubes still work cos I am over 60..

    But apparently even if we wanted to (hint – I would go for Jeremy)

    we are not allowed to vote for Boris..cos Apparently He Has Been Replaced by Some Fascist Cunt and Theresa May

    that doesn’t seem much of a choice..

    my question is who of these slimeballs are going to get us out of The EU the Quickest?

    i really am not interested in your sexual pervertians

    Just Do What You are Told

    Out of The EU NOW

    and get that Cnt Blair on Trial


    • michael norton

      However Dave Cameron, probably will not be held accountable for failing to tell the United Kingdom people the truth

      he is off-ski

      Why hasn’t Chicken George gone yet?

      • michael norton

        The world queues up to win trade deals with the United Kingdom
        after Brexit: America is clamouring for a deal while talks are set to begin with Australia, South Korea and India.

        What I can’t fathom is the loveies and students and academics ranting in the streets to remain in the hated E.U.

        What is it they do not get about Democracy?

        • michael norton

          Kinnock, Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Straw, KLeith Cushions Vaz, Hodge

          these creeps all wanted to keep us in the hated European Union.

        • nevermind

          ‘what is it they don’t get about democracy’

          They probably understand that you never had a democracy, Michael, and that this referendum was less binding to party politicians, then it was for voters, and the EU for that matter.

          If parliament ignores voters and article 50, do you really believe that the EU would dismiss the voters decision, which it said, was final and irreversible?
          And if what you say really has any impact and certainty returns, then the gold price should fall by a couple of hundred dollars soon, should it not?

  • deepgreenpuddock

    The Guardian is full of stuff about Chilcott and Iraq. Article pre-empting the criticism of Blair by corbyn and McDonnel and also one suggesting Alex Salmond is going to move for impeachment. Prescott is expressing his corpulence in defence of Blair.
    I caught a few moments of Today and Jeremy Bowen was describing the havoc in Iraq and destruction of, and impossibility of restoring any semblance of civic life.
    And the big one- Sarah Helm-wife of Jonathon Powell writes a tear jerker.- It was the big boy what done it. Bush bullied Blair into the whole affair.
    The paucity of this argument does not bear any scrutiny although it is not difficult to believe that Bush is a bullying half wit.
    What is difficult to believe is that Blair is weak minded individual of poor intellectual powers who was propelled into actions he had misgivings about, by a man with an IQ that would place him in a schoolroom as needing ‘additional support’. (Not that IQ is everything, but it has its uses).

    i simply cannot accept that Blair, with huge resources of highly professional assistance and support was unable to articulate a considered position, and behaved and spoke like a timid teenager(there is a detailed dramatised (i.e..fabricated) dialogue of astonishing detail of an eavesdropped conversation, while outside his room were quite literally, millions of people who had seen through the travesty without the benefit of assistance of all the support that was available to him and simply from piecing together the reality from the TV, radio and news reports.
    I think I see the vermiform parasites wriggling as a chink of light reaches into the secret shitty crevices they inhabit.

    • michael norton

      Blimey, it has just dawned on me:
      could it be possible the only reason the Establishment, held back publican of Chilcot:
      was, if it had come out before the European Union Referendum, the scales would have fell away from the Labour Faithful,

      they would have been in such disgust that most of them . would have then voted for leave, how could they want to be associated with the likes of Blair & Straw?

      • michael norton

        Yes, it is not just
        What Question you put to the people
        it is also
        When to put the question to the people.

        Ever get the feeling you are being manoeuvred by the Elite, for their benefit?

        • michael norton

          One other point before I shut up and go out walking on the Chiltern Hills,

          If the Chilcot report came out before the E.U. Referendum,
          if Jo Cox was not murdered,
          if the government did not, after the death of Jo Cox, extend registration by two days,
          if all the armed services had been allowed to vote ( new European army on its way),
          if the government had not pervaded the whole run-up with project fear

          how much greater the percentage for out would have been.

          • Jemand

            The govt had the media, notably state-owned BBC, celebrity scumbags, leading business scumbags, political rivals, scummy bankers, the brainless youth vote and major international support on their side — and they still lost. Leave won in every sense of the word.

    • nevermind

      yes ,DGP, its damage limitation all round. Nobody riased awareness for the massive loss of life this war caused, innocent life’s were snubbed out on the say so of a politician who a year before he made up the lies that took this country to war, against the better advice of EU partners not to, and against the majority of its people who marched more than once to make it clear that Blair did it ‘not in our name’.

      I hope everyone realises how important it is to smash this new Labour faction for what it is, a right wing plot to undermine Labours values and break up the party for a right wing cabal and mantra that only serves the establishment powers, the one percent which leads us by the nose. These Blairites are now at the cross road, they can’t repent now, they have set out their path and must go.

      We will hear a lot of sobbing and hand wringing and by Wednesday’s debate then facts will have been diluted with false cursors and arguments that lead to not very much.
      Those implemented by the report as having misled and lied to make a case for war, against many voices who advised against war, our neighbouring EU partners, should face justice for the chaos and death they caused.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      And the big one- Sarah Helm-wife of Jonathon Powell writes a tear jerker.- It was the big boy what done it. Bush bullied Blair into the whole affair.

      We can expect the entire team of former Blair spads,proteges and hangers-on to emerge from the woodwork caterwauling songs of praise from their copies of Tony Blair Hymns Ancient and Modern. There are a lot of them, now embedded in thinktanks, the press and government. And ther wives, and probably “their sisters and their cousins and their aunts” (WS Gilbert). As the clear line from Bush at one point was ‘we’re going to invade with you or without you’ (allegedly), it’s hard to believe that Blair’s arm was twisted to any great extent – but Chilcot may even shed some light on that claim. In any case, the picture is not one of scabby-kneed little weakling Blair being picked on and taunted by the overgrown yob in the playground. It is quite clearly of the sleekit, smirking, arselicking sucker-up to power, holding Bush’s satchel for him while he administers premeditated global kickings.

      • deepgreenpuddock

        The whole story is so shot through with inconsistencies that I am hoping it will seriously backfire for Blair. I don’t actually believe that any major media commentator/outlet would have commissioned an article such as this, (or accepted it ‘de novo’, without a commission) from a casual observer without the most detailed consideration of its content, especially in view of what it s passing comment on. It just reinforces the impression of media manipulation.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          Media manipulation? By Jonathan Powell’s missus? Incredible! PS, look out for Tim Allen’s third cousin, John Rentoul’s mother-in-law and Patrick Wintour’s Yorkshire terrier….

  • Alcyone: How long, our Type Zero Global Civilisation?

    Will Murdoch try and get level with Blair, I wonder?

    • Ba'al Zevul

      If it benefits Murdoch’s business, yes. If not, no. Murdoch’s a businessman first and foremost, and he’s not in competition with Blair, Inc.
      He’s much more likely to continue beasting Corbyn – remember what he did to the print unions? There was a business reason for that.

  • Clark

    And so the Chilcot report was duly released on… US Independence Day! 🙂

    Hello there, across the Pond.

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