Bilderberg – Why Don’t You Write Me a Letter to Brighten My Loneliest Evening? 65

Someone has written me a letter about Bilderberg

My own view is that those who get overly worried about rich and powerful people meeting to forward their common interest, need to chill out. Of course they do that. It’s just like Davos with added cachet from the thrill of being “secret”. If it were public, I don’t doubt you would find it’s just as banal.

Everything is not directed by Bilderberg, Freemasons, Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, the Rothschilds, the Prieure of Sion or any other grouping. Do the rich and powerful heavily influence western governments? Of course. Do they cabal in various ways? Of course. Is there a hidden force behind everything, a secret world government? No.

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65 thoughts on “Bilderberg – Why Don’t You Write Me a Letter to Brighten My Loneliest Evening?

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  • sandcrab

    “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it”

    Of course it is just one quote, i dont know alot about the subject but it is not fair to dismiss it as a ruse without supplying some context.

    By dropping ‘secret cabal’, ‘working against best interests’, ‘conspiring with others’ and ‘guilty and proud of it’ The passage is at least mischievous – coming from one of the richest most powerful actors in the troubled world.

  • Anonymous

    A mention of George Soros’undemocratic Government club, the CFR is worthwhile here. The CFR have been frustrated in recent years because of an ‘awakening’ world’ that deemed the Iraq ‘war’ was illegal, consequently the world talks of the ‘murder’ of Iraqi citizens.

    Such strong talk, especially from China and to a lesser extent, Russia has ‘scared’ off the elite backing behind the plan to ‘invade’ Iran and recreate a ‘moderate Muslim democracy’ that would promote more arms sales and invite Western technology to make best use of her fossil fuels.

    The ‘testing of water’ by Israel to gauge world reaction to brute force has shown that world opinion is changing rapidly, so much so it has ‘spooked’ the elite membership into ‘running scared’ and some have resigned or disappeared under the radar.

    The strategy now is to try and use clandestine attacks by various funded groups to undermine the ruling theocracy in Iran and cause chaos. Recent attacks on Pakistan are attempts to secure it’s army and intelligent services so that a new front can be opened with Iran.

  • Number6

    Craig, that Rockefeller quote should scare you shitless!

    The Rockefellers part own the privately-owned Federal Reserve, through which WW1 and WW2 were financed. After financing those wars they then financed the League of Nations and The United Nations as the solution to the chaos that they and their Well-Fed friends engineered in the first place for that very reason.

    The Congress of Vienna after Napoleon’s adventures was designed to create a EU, but failed.

    The League of Nations was the first attempt at world government after the true first world war. It failed coz the USA voted out of it.

    The United Nations was the second attempt at world government after a tuly barbaric world government had seen the USA fight for years, not months as in WW1. The UN has survived, but does not quite rule the world totally, but does have ever-growing influence.

    But besides this warmongering and then providing the solution, i.e. world government, the Rockefellers sponsored the Nazis and gave, not sold, gave IG Farben the technology, even building factories for them, for the Nazi Wehrmacht to run a long war, and got nothing back in return. Those factories were rarely bombed by the Allies.

    And the other major owners of the Federal Reserve are the same families who created Israel; Rothschild, Warburg and Schiff. The Warburgs sat on the board of IG Farben and Reichsbank as the Nazis prepared for war.

    And the Rockefellers are seriously into eugenics, involved in the US eugenics movement from the beginning (and they were the first, the Nazis built on the US eugenics movement), but were much more engaged in the Nazi eugenics program. After WW2 they were then heavily engaged in the population control programs of the very UN that they financed.

    So if Rockefeller & co get their world government…good luck!

  • Roderick Russell

    By enlarge I agree with Craig. I don’t think that there is a secret type of New World Order in any organized sense of the word. And yet when I look at my own issue ?” years of being ostracized, defamed, intimidated and threatened by MI5/6 in the UK and CSIS in Canada ?” how can one explain it if not in terms of a NWO?

    Rhisiart Gwilym so aptly described this very Orwellian issue in Media Lens as ?” “Roderick Russell getting precious little help from anywhere, as the Black Dogs of Animal Farm persecute him illegally.” Indeed my story can be seen just by clicking on my signature below

    I think “Noam Chomsky” may have come closest to an explanation when he points out that the media (and I would also add in Human Rights Organizations, The Press, Police, etc) will follow the establishment line wherever the establishment has a broad consensus ?” and that a small highly placed group in the establishment is such a consensus on its own, if there is no opposition. As former Sunday Times Editor Harold Evans explains in his book “the paper chase” that when it comes to the establishment the UK Press has a history of “Reservatio mentalis” (closing ones mind) to make obedience easier. I rather wish there were a NWO because I think this stupid bunch in the UK establishment would have been stopped in their tracks had there been some group applying oversight and control on their misuse of their power and privilege. So it seems to me the answer in my case is this ?” not a NWO; just a very nasty bunch in the high establishment with (as a prominent Canadian lawyer said to me) “FAR TOO MUCH POWER”

  • mike cobley

    The UN is a toothless, ballless eunuch of an organisation – but thats only because it was designed that way by the Allies. I’m not entirely sure but there might have been a proposal to establish a standing UN army but that was quickly squashed.

  • Anonymous

    ‘And the Rockefellers are seriously into eugenics’

    “Anytime Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto and Syngenta get together on a common project, it’s worth digging a bit deeper behind the rocks on Spitsbergen. When we do we find some fascinating things”…

    “Rich People Don’t Create Wealth. They Manipulate It.”

    As Rockefeller said: “I’d rather earn 1% of 100 people’s effort than 100% of my own.”

  • kingofWelshNoir


    He’s one of the most powerful men in the world and professes himself proud to being part of

    ‘a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States’

    and you don’t see anything sinister in it?


    What would he have to do to register as sinister?

  • Suspicious

    The letter appears to me to be be a baited trap set up as an attempt to infect this blog with material that would encourage a fresh observer to associate Craig with the conspiracy ‘crazies’. All the better to discredit his comments on the legality of this or that.

    Beware the PsyOps! What you guys say is perfect for quoting back as ‘the kind of stuff Craig tolerates on his blog’.

  • nextus

    @Suspicious: ^^Yeah that^^

    Craig’s open door policy attracts anyone who wants to get their voices heard. These fanatics keep clambering onto the stage and preaching their paranoid propaganda, but that doesn’t make them representative of the audience. Craig is very tolerant and merely points out that he disagrees with them. Maybe it’s time for the rest of us to start bottling them off.

  • Titus Petyt

    Considering you got shafted by the British Establishment, don’t chuck the baby out with the bath water. The idea that the Bilderbergers control the world is of course laughable and niave, however no more niave than believing its decided by Obama, or any of the other frontline faces we are given. The Bildebergers are not an insignificant force on the world scene and I am sure Isreal and the rest of the middle east is dicussed in very serious terms.

  • sandcrab

    Translation of the Dutch radio interview with bilderberg attendee, former assistant Secretary General of NATO (NATO) Willy Claes, that was mentioned in the Letter:


    KF: And what is there, I know nothing about you can say hey, but I’ll ask it anyway, because what is discussed?

    WC: Well look, there’s really not much mystery to hear, there is an agenda that the most important problems with which the world faces, but which will be discussed and that discussion that happened anyway, according to a strict discipline. You should always use a rapporteur who is identified in advance and which has just ten minutes to do the introduction. The speeches are strictly limited. Whether Kissinger or anyone else, he is blocked when his time limit. But it is very important themes.

    KF: Tell Mr. Claes, but what happens after everyone has had his ten minutes, is then voted on, there are decisions made?

    WC: Neeneenee, there is never voted because there are no resolutions put on paper …

    KF: Then what …

    WC: … but of course, the report tries always to draw a synthesis, and everyone is supposed to use those conclusions in the environment where it affects huh.

    … and the letter asked:

    “My question is; can the members of the Bilderberg Steering Commitee, and indeed those who voted for war on Iran over the weekend and do use their professional role and influence to engineer a war with Iran, be prosecuted for crimes against peace as per the Nuremberg Principle VI?”

  • Number6


    I’m not sure if you’re for or against the prosecution, but look at what Claes (former head of NATO) says, because it is extremely revealing. He states that each attendee speaks for 10 minutes, then a report is drawn up by the organisers (or maybe somebody else, we don’t know) and then the attendees are supposed to use their influence to implement the conclusions of the report. Note that there is a hardcore of Bilderberg members who attend alot, so their views will probably be in the report that Claes mentions.

    So there may not have been a vote as such, but if the conclusion of the report proposes war on Iran, and from sources it sounds like there was near unanimous support for war on Iran, then if the attendees are ‘supposed’ to implement the action points of the report, can they and the writers of the report be prosecuted for crimes against peace as per the Nuremberg Principle VI?

    I think that would be a more accurate summation of the situation.

    Anyway, let’s see what happens with war and Iran.

  • anno

    ‘Overly worried by rich and powerful people’

    Craig continues to collect dandruff on his velvet collar rather than dust on his forehead. The problem with Bilderberg is neither its members wealth nor their power. The new Tory government have lost no time in showing themselves to be the same as Mrs Thatchers. A daily round of announcements are made creating uncertainty in the minds of those who barely survive economically in this country.

    Most places in the world do not have personal income tax. What you earn, you keep. You have to survive very hard times without a welfare state. Under the Tories, the financially secure continually bully the financially insecure with threats fo cuts to budgets that don’t have any room for cutting. Taxes like council Tax still have to be paid. Craigs attitude to the Bilderbergers demonstrates the comfortableness of his own finances and little else. Well done Craig, you are now a Tory.

    The second disturbing thing about Bilderberg is that it was the source of Gordon Brown’s confidence in his own terribly mistaken policies as Chancellor, and subsequently as PM in relation to foreign invasions. You belong to a group of rich and powerful who advise you of world strategic politics, you thank them and implement their advice and it turns out that you destroyed the world economy and the human fraternity, by endorsing a vicious war against Islam.

    I find it odd that on this blog, those who warn about Zionism on a regular basis, should suddenly be supported at Glastonbury volume by dozens of others and with very much more force. Is it fashionable to be anti-Israel this week and dodgy before? And what about Michael Petek using this blog to attack the prophet Muhammad SAW and Allah Himself? Was it tolerated to express Muslim opinions before, and all of a sudden we are to be insulted with fascist bile?

    I left this blog for a whiloe because Islam does not believe in rule by majority and Craig declared that rule by God’s law was ‘swivel-eyed’. Many clerics rule by invented Divine laws, and by their the fruit shall ye know them. That does not mean that Divine Law should be rejected. Craig defines non-violent religion as acceptable. If God commands jihad against the type of people and ideas that attend the Bilderberg group, who is Craig to say it is unacceptable?

    Why not all jump over the edge of self-determination like lemmings and allow ourselves to be led into another thirty years of economic and diplomatic destruction by the rich and powerful fools. Approving of Bilderberg might not be 18th century equivalent of slave-trading, but it is the equivalent of buying the produce made from slavery. It is not nice to see the critic of global corruption, offering his support to its cause.

    Since re-engaging with the fantasy of power by joining the Liberals, you have become one of the millions of British Hypocrites that have dominated British history for hundreds of years. Mrs Thatcher bought off all of her critics with creamy jobs, but you can’t see that the Tory \ LibDem coalition is the strategy for buying off criticism in 2010. Sorry Craig, but if I see any more anti-Islam propaganda like Michael Petek’s, and condoning of conventions of the rich, powerful and incredibly stupid and dangerous, it is you who are banned.

  • Suspicious


    Trouble is, there is little that we can do about it. People are generally quicker to jump to the smear than they are to mine down into the detailed discussion. Just having a thread with Bilderberg (or 9/11 etc) in the title causes enough damage I think. But if Craig had not responded then people would have drawn their own inferences (“left gatekeeper”)from that too. It’s a dirty business.

  • Suspicious

    BTW @ Titus Petyt

    My personal position on these groups resonates with the one you have just presented.

    I’m with Guy Debord and the later ‘paranoid’ comments he makes concerning secrecy, in expanding upon his Society of the Spectacle. But further, I recognise that thesse groups have little control over the Spectacle which has been unleashed. The Devil is a useful metaphor in this regard.

    Alas, I fear our discussion simply contributes to the reification of ‘Craig Murray’ as commodity. He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    ‘Bilderberg participants 2010’

    ‘GBR Mandelson, Peter Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform’

    ‘GBR Osborne, George Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer’

    Strange how these two turn up at the same place, not for the first time.

  • Apostate

    There’s been very little attention paid to the origins of Bilderberger.These origins were in the international corporate elite bankers,industrialists and European royalty who had made vast sums of money out of WW2 by secretly backing both the Axis and Allied powers sides.

    Clearly founding-father Prince Bernhardt is the most prominent exemplar of this type of Bilderberger.

    Only a very strange type of democrat or humanitarian could not be sceptical or curious about such a secretive elite’s intentions for mankind.

    For 50 years Bilderberger has constructed the EU by stealth under the guise of “trade deals”.They are now employing like deception and subterfuge to fast-track even larger global federation zones like the North American Union.Such super-state integration in incremental stages via NAFTA,GATT,Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation are the shadow government’s NAU agenda which was leaked in 2006.

    This was the same Ottawa meeting where Geitner predicted the sub-prime morgage market would blow.

    Craig might not be concerned and will in typical gate-keeper fashion try to marginalize critics of Bilderberger as “conspiracy nuts”.

    In fact he is giving the conspiracists,Gosling,Estulin,Alex Jones,Jim Tucker et al-who certainly deserve credit for their efforts to uncover the Group’s machinations-a little too much of it!

    Mainstream media coverage has often expressed precisely the same concerns re-Bilderberger as the conspiracy researchers.

    In 1977 The Times described Bilderberger as “a clique of the richest,economically and politically most powerful and influential men in the Western world who meet secretly to plan events that later appear to just happen.”

    Check out Club Class a BBC docu. on the Group made in 2003 that described it as:

    “A club where PMs,Presidents,international bankers, where peope running wars,the markets,Europe say what they’d never dare to in public…..the most exclusive,secretive club in the world.”

    Probably the programme-maker now does gardening programmes!

    Likewise when Bilderberger hit Ottawa in 2006 not a few Canadian MPs voiced concerns re-what the secret rulers of the world were up to.

    Two years later in a review of former Kissinger Associate David Rothkopf’s Superclass The Washington Post wrote of elites directing the course of human events behind a veil of secrecy.

    Any democrat ought to be concerned re-a group that so obviously believes in rule from above by executive and bureaucratic fiat.

    Agriculture,Transport,Law-Enforcement,regulation,banking,manufacturing,construction,education,immigration,the military (it was the Group’s idea that NATO become the UN’s standing army) are all being merged with no input from you or me-the people.

    Curiously enough the capacity of elite planners like Bilderberger to anticipate world events means they are now actually acutely apprehensive about the whole concept of “human progress”.Bear in made we are talking about some of the world’s wealthiest land-owners who not unnaturally share the conservatism and cultural pessimism of their forebears.

    What are they apprehensive about?

    It’s what’s euphemistically known as the “Post-Industrial Age” they themselves did so much to create that concerns them.The New World Order they seek to establish is paradoxically not radically different from the Old World Order!

    Hence they promote global warming scams,finance Green agendas for Carbon taxes.They fear an increase in global population.

    The NWO will be less easy to control for them if,as they fear,the bewildering pace of technological change allows the global population to proliferate further.Hence the elite agenda is actually far more Malthusian, retrogressive and has more to do with their maintaining their estates, extracting more taxes and controlling the planet than their much-vaunted planning for its future.

    The gate-keepers and censors have certainly done their best to shield Bilderberger from public scrutiny but internet researchers like those mentioned above have surely dented the Group’s confidence or hubris one might say depending on your point of view!

    Estulin’s tribute to fellow researchers is in his dedication at the beginning of his “True Story” (it’s actually a fictional recreation) account of Bilderberger:

    “To all those who have never stopped searching for the truth,in the face of government lies,cheating,manipulation and deceit.

    “To those who have intuitively felt that blasphemous lies we are told a but a vile whiff of hatred.

    “All these people deserve to know the truth about our history and heritage…The historical experience is not one of staying in the present and looking back. Rather it is one of going back into the past and returning to the present with a wider more intense consciousness of the restrictions of our former outlook.”

    While researchers borne along by natural human curiosity and inspired by concern for the ongoing quality of human life still exist-people will still be able find out about elite planners like Bilderberger who want to maintain their control over us plan to do next!

  • Steelback


    Now that’s what I call bouncing back in style you old polemicist, you!

    But your links-where are they?

    I know these guys are notoriously research-averse but at least I’ll read them.

    Check out “Cryptocracy Conspiring in Spain” at Ziofascism. I left a comment there.

    If,like me,you like the Agatha Christie conspiracy-to-murder genre and wonder how Nigel Farrage managed to crash his small plane during the election campaign that’s also a line worth pursuing for a Bilderberger link.

    Somebody posted a link to Times coverage of the Armenian massacres here recently-was it you?

    Having read it whoever said they’d finally understood why The Times was the top people’s paper.

    Well,ain’t this the case with the acute understanding of Bilderberger’s capacity to bring about desired events they seem to have showed back in 1977?

    When I saw Farrage denouncing Von Rumpuy as the “quiet assassin of nation states” in the European Parliament I sensed he was dicing with death.After all Von Rumpuy came out of Bilderberger.

    No-one had ever heard of him in UK until Ken Clake told us this guy was going to be the next EU President-and of course not realising that Ken’s a Bilderberger too no-one believed him!

    Describing 2009 as “the first year of global governance” when he assumed the post and just days later calling for a European-wide tax paid directly to Brussels gives you an idea where Von Rumpuy is coming from.

    Straight out of the old elite stable we call “Bilderberger.”

    They won’t be happy you’re back,mate!They’ll be about as happy about it as the Bilderbergers when they saw Farrage emerge from that plane!

  • Number6

    As the author of the open letter I would like to point out that now there is no doubt whatsoever that Bilderberg does set the global agenda, so asking amongst yourselves do they/don’t they is a waste of time. It’s come straight from the Bilderberg horse’s mouth. We know they set the agenda, and we know how it’s done. Claes was a Belgian Minister for a long time and also SecGen of NATO, so quite a powerful man.

    All I wanted to know from Craig, as a commentator/blogger on international affairs and law, was if Nuremberg Principle VI Crimes Against Peace can be applied to stop their warmongering. There is a hard and/or electronic copy of a report lying around somewhere with the actions that this year’s attendees are supposed to implement. And I’ll bet war on Iran is one of them. Just look at todays developments. After years of looking in Afghanistan they now say they’ve found bin Laden in Iran! So soon after Bilderberg. And this after bin Laden provided them with 9/11 to implement their A Clean Break/Rebuilding America’s Defenses agenda. You’ve gotta laugh. It’s so transparent…

  • MJ

    “All I wanted to know from Craig, as a commentator/blogger on international affairs and law, was if Nuremberg Principle VI Crimes Against Peace can be applied to stop their warmongering”.

    Yes, I noticed that. Craig didn’t reply. I wish he would.

  • Suspicious

    The quotes from Rockerfeller and Healey openly acknowledge that yes they are involved in setting an agenda which is aimed at identifying areas of mutual international interest. But to talk of “the” global agenda is a severe under-estimation of the diversity of those interests and a multitude of competing allegences. The big issue is that these groups are forced to exist in this way due to autonomous Spectacle, which they both perpetuate and are tied to, but which they have no ultimate control over.

  • Apostate

    It’s a lot easier for people who can’t be arsed to do the research or who are frightened of the extent to which any conclusions thereby reached might shatter both their mother’s-milk preconceptions or their credibility- to marginalize or simply delete challenges to the establishment narrative.

    Incidentally contrary to popular belief Denis Healey did not attend the first Bilderberger meetings.

    It was Gaitskell who went and reported back to Healey saying in a letter that the proceedings of the 1954 Meeting were “absolutely confidential” and that Denis should say nothing to anybody.

    Not unnaturally even at that time the secrecy spawned conspiracy theories re-Gaitskell’s clandestinely consorting with intelligence service reps and CEOs.

    They were a lot more vigilant re-democracy in those days.

    Their suspicions would have been deleted from this site forthwith!


  • Suspicious

    I did the research years ago, before I stopped taking the acid. Like I said, I don’t disagree with most of what is said about them, except the extent to which they that they are some sort of one world government at the top of a pyramid. I’m afraid, my friend, in this world fuck up rules.

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