The USA is Another Planet 49

This extraordinary passage is from the State Department’s Daily Brieifng yesterday:

QUESTION: Mr. Crowley, it is the Israeli’s actions that need to be investigated. So how can Israel, too ?” best investigation ?” why is the United States opposed to UN investigation?

MR. CROWLEY: As we’ve said, we are completely supportive of an impartial investigation that helps us understand what happens ?” what happened on these ships, and more importantly, working collectively, how we can meet our common objectives of increasing the international support for the people of Gaza, and at the same time, supporting Israel with its legitimate security concerns.

We believe that Israel is in the best position to lead this investigation. But as the Secretary said yesterday, this has to be credible. The international community will be watching this very closely as it unfolds. We want to see this done in a way that meets international standards. We’ll be talking to Israel about how best to accomplish this. We’ll be talking to other countries that may want to play a role in this. And as we ?” as the Secretary said, we are open to ways of making this as credible as possible, including international participation. And that is our view.

QUESTION: Why ?” I think his question, though, was essentially why? And can you explain why Israel is in the best position to lead the investigation (inaudible)?

MR. CROWLEY: Israel is a vibrant democracy. It has effective, competent institutions of government, and Israel is fully capable of investigating a matter that involved its forces. And so can Israel conduct a fair, transparent, credible investigation? The answer is yes.

At the UN Human Rights Council, the USA was joined by only Italy and the Netherlands in voting against a motion condemning the murderous Israeli attack in international waters. (The UK abstained on the pathetic grounds that we should await the outcome of the independent investigation, in the full knowledge that there will be no independent investigation).

Berlsconi’s support for the US and Israel is no surprise, but the Netherlands deserves remark. It has gone on a remarkable journey in the last decade, from a liberal society to one as poisoned with fascism as their Flemish neighbours.

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49 thoughts on “The USA is Another Planet

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  • AbeBird

    Does Britain allow foreign powers to investigate her invasions to Iraq, Afghanistan and occupied Falkland?

    Did the UN investigated Russia intrusion into Caucasia and the massacre in Chechnya?

    Each state checks and investigates itself. No aliens can be objective and true searchers but the regarded state itself.

    Has any Islamic state ever been investigated for internal minorities cleansing and genociding pogroms made by them ?

    Goldstone “investigating” panel was just a Palestinian farce… . or a bad joke.

  • Anonymous

    Abebird, a classic example of ‘whataboutery’ and hasbara junk reasoning. Goldstone was a damning verdict on Israel, as its hopeless attempt at smearing him showed. Israel is incapable of an independent investigation because we have seen it many, many times in the past. Cast Lead, Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurndall – all the so-called investigations produced nothing except a whitewash of the IDF. The murderer can hardly be the investigator.

  • Ishmael

    The average american is retarded. There is no justice, just a system to destroy and wear down those who oppose. When those occupants of Palestine complete their report, any critic of that report will be blown apart by accusations of anti-occupants of palestine biase and anti-semitism. You know the MO. People should stop purchasing the goods and services of countries who support the ongoing holocaust of the native palestinians.

  • Sean

    “No aliens can be objective ”

    I believe the common reasoning about such issues of investigative impartiality to be completely the opposite of what you’re trying to say above.

    Yet the implication of your rhetoric would seem to hint at why such impartiality is necessary and widely expected.

    Undermining your own argument slightly there, AbeBird?

  • StefZ

    the killings took place in international waters on a boat that is not Israeli registered

    so, no, it is not appropriate for Israel to conduct the investigation

    and there are plenty of people in the UK who are disgusted that our state’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq has not been properly investigated

    though it’s bizarre seeing a Zionist apologist raising that particular subject

  • StefZ

    Average Americans are ill-informed, rather than retarded, and honestly believe that their country and their soldiers are shouldering the burden of making the world a better, safer place

    and if and when the average American becomes better informed he’s going to be very pissed off

    control of the media is everything

  • 1971Thistle

    “but the Netherlands deserves remark. It has gone on a remarkable journey in the last decade, from a liberal society to one as poisoned with fascism as their Flemish neighbours”

    In Belgium? Hardly. Corruption yes, but fascism no. The Vlams Belang continue to decline. There has been a rise in Flemish national ism, but to compare that to fascism is akin to saying the SNP are fascist

  • Gideon

    The USA is secretly supplying weapons to terrorists in Israel, and is believed to be sending another large shipment soon.

    This indicates that Israel is planning another major terrorist bombing operation against its neighbours.

    “Israel is reportedly asking the US to provide its army with new purchases of ammunition, seeking a significant expansion of the US-held arsenals in Israel.

    The requests were brought up during recent visits to Washington by high-ranking Israeli defense officials, and in conversations with senior administration and Congress officials, Haaretz revealed in an article published on its website on Tuesday.

    Among the requested weapons are US bombs and precision guidance kits, such as Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) that add GPS/INS guidance to bombs.

    The JDAM kits have been increasingly used by the Israeli air force in recent offensives, including in the 2006 war against Lebanon and the 2008 Gaza war.

    You can see here a picture of leading Israeli terrorist Ehud Barak with major American arms dealer, Barak Obummer.

    Both criminals are still at large.

  • writerman

    The American political and media elite are almost totally in thrall to Israel, which is arguably the most powerful ‘state’ in the Union by far. When one hears people like VP Joe Biden defending Israel and boasting that he is a Zionist and declaring his undying admiration and unconditional love for Israel, one simply shakes ones head in speachless disbelief.

    I doubt that there is a historical parallel for the bizarre relationship that exists between the United States and Israel. It’s unique, unless they are essentially one state. One a massively powerful military empire, the other its most powerful and important overseas colony. Then the relationship makes some kind of sense, because otherwise it simply doesn’t.

  • Leo

    If they are so innocent, why won’t they allow an impartial investigation?

    An investigation performed by the accused is, by definition, not impartial.

    They know this will be called a whitewash and not be accepted by most of the world; clearly they feel that is better than risking that the truth be told.

  • Uzi

    Israeli terrorist Uzi Dayan threatens the life of the democratically elected Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    This should be seen as no idle threat. Israeli terrorists have already killed at least one of their own prime ministers, just for trying to make peace.

    Israeli terrorists are well known not to like peace and will murder anyone who gets close to it, or indeed anyone who disagrees with them, or even just for a laugh if they’re feeling bored.

    So no point trying to rationalise with them. These very sick puppies just need locking up, and quick.

    Israeli terrorists are supplied with weapons to kill and mutilate children and babies, by the USA.

  • ingo

    thanks for that snippet Uzi, it looks like Israel is declaring the eastern mediterranian its own, our NATO partners will be pleased.

    Israel is playing us all up against each other and is negating every established order that was agreed since 1945, unless it does get its specialial dispensations.

    Not surprised about the US pandering to vested military interests who already smell more business, paid for by tax payers off course.

    I am not happy about Hollands and Italy’s decision to vote with the US, not am I happy about our abstention to punishing breahces of established international laws.

  • writerman

    Assault and battery, or is it rape followed by the brutal murder of the hapless victim? Piracy, then kidnapping?

    Who on earth, who still had their faculties in order, would rely on the accused, those responsible for the above crimes, to carry out an impartial investigation into their own heinous actions? It simply beggars belief to imagine that Israel is capable of conducting such an enquiry objectively.

    And this absurd and desparate attempt to divert attention from Israel’s crimes by mentioning the crimes committed by other imperialist criminals in the past and recent history, is an odd form of defence. Inadvertently one is comparing oneself to other international criminals and drawing oblique parallels that don’t actually absolve one from one’s own crimes, but paradoxically underline their true character and nature.

    At the same time that the siege of Gaza is broken, one should impose a blockade of Israel itself. I’m beginning to think this is the only way to wake up the population of Israel, to force them to think about where their crazed leaders are leading them, before it’s too late.

    It’s also important to remember how corrupt Israeli politicians are, especially on the extreme right. They don’t want ‘peace’ because this would mean Israel becoming an ordinary country, and then Israelis would begin to examine the true nature of Israeli society and the gangsters and warmongers they’ve allowed to take over control. War is the life-blood of the right’s grip on power in Israel, for without it people might begin to see and realise who their real enemies were.

  • johnf

    This continues to be an excellent blog, Craig. Congratulations.

    It reminds me of Claud Cockburn’s 1930’s news letter “The Week.” Chamberlain had a ferocious spin doctor – Joseph Ball – a man who makes Alistair Campbell and Karl Rove look like Kittens – who used blackmail and phone tapping to clamp down and censor journalists and editors in Fleet St and at the BBC. The national press and the BBC’s coverage of appeasement was a disgrace because they were effectively controlled by Downing St.

    Cockburn and the editors of similar unofficial newsletters posted to their subscribers, provided a valuable service in letting their readers know the truth of what was happening.

    And the truth is what will serve us now.

  • ingo

    With the State departement supporting the drive of Obummers clandestine mission creep and the re writing of internationa law as they see fit, I suppose this chap is a bit of a hero, somebody who has lifted the lid on a can full of very nasty worms.

    My support goes ouit to Bradley Manning for forgetting about himself his family and his future when he posted the helicopter evidence showing two Reuters journalists being killed.

    he needs a medal for ‘extraordinary insight into US foreing affairs’.

  • alan campbell

    Impressed with your government’s reaction to this incident, Craig?

    Get used to it.

  • mike cobley

    StefZ – you’re spot on. Control of the media is everything, the media creates the environment for and the limits of debate. Also, I too have to say that the average American is not retarded – after 80-90 years of relentless propaganda and the ruthless commodification of ordinary life, its a wonder that the broad majority of American opinion is actually as progressive as it is. Consistently, polls have shown the majority of Americans to be politically to the left of their politicians. The only to-hand source I have for this is Michael Moore’s books, but I’m certain that judicious googling can turn up the evidence.

    Uzi is right – there’s no point trying to rationalise with Israel’s rulers. I refer readers to the post I made on another thread, the youtube extract from Dexter. But here’s the dialogue from it, just to give you a flavour.

    Dexter: I didnt get it before, Miguel, but you can’t be reasoned with, guilted, controlled. This whole back and forth game for leverage is pointless.

    Miguel: Thats right – I’ll do what I want, when I want, to whomever I want!

    And that, friends and neighbours, is exactly the situation we face WRT Israel and Gaza.

  • sabretache

    Have a look at Max Blumenthal’s site at

    Latest post: ‘IDF Admits It Doctored Flotilla Audio Clip’

    It concerns that clip where flotilla members appear to say things like ‘go back to Auschwitz’. Turns out they did no such thing and, faced with proof that the audio had been doctored, the IDF issued a ‘clarification’ which, as Craig will confirm is diplomat-speak for ‘We lied’ – ‘we got caught’ – ‘this is our fall-back position’.

    They similarly lied in one of their website press release headlines which claimed ’46 Al Qaeda members aboard the Mavi Mamara’ which they subsequently altered to ’46 people without identification papers’.

    The prospect of a credible investigation by the Israeli Authorities into what happened aboard those ships is non-existent – period.

    There’s a video interview with Blumenthal from Tel Aviv on Democracy Now too. It is well worth watching. He confirms it is a very scary pressure cooker inside Israel right now. They seem to be losing all contact with reality.

    My big fear is that will the situation will necessitate another spectacular terrorist attack somewhere, so the world can once again be made to understand just how dangerous these ‘terrorists’ are.

    They seem oblivious to the fact that vast numbers of us know EXACTLY how dangerous the terrorists are and – more to the point – exactly WHO they are too.

  • Craig


    I strongly suspect that is you doing more false flag posting. One more example and you are banned, and anything by anybody I even suspect might be by you just gets deleted.

  • Jon

    @alan_campbell – the reaction from the government has been poor, I agree. But I am of the honest view that it has been marginally better than torture-supporting David Miliband ever was on the Palestine question. Ditto Blair, and all the damage he did to Palestinian security.

    Fear of the Zionist lobby, or the acceptance of Zionist money, has tainted all mainstream UK parties. Going back to Labour would not make the matter better until they rediscover what a British Labour party should, and did, stand for.

  • Dave

    I agree with the above poster that pointed out that Americans are generally left-leaning. That is true, if you simply ask them about their ideals and their opinions. The problem is that they tend to vote rightward, because the rightward media has convinced them that the right, not the left, somehow represents their best interests. It’s quite amazing.

    For example, most Americans are willing to pay extra taxes to support public welfare, food stamps, unemployment benefits, etc., yet the term “socialism” is as evil a word here now as “communism” was during the Cold War.

    Just another example of Doublethink.

  • Seb

    Dear Writerman @9:25

    Perhaps there is a parallel

    It is how a virus propagates

    Infiltrates the host,

    penetrates individual cells

    tkes over their command and control

  • sabretache


    Claud Cockburn indeed. Oh for a few more like him in today’s world. My favourite Cockburnism:

    “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied”

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