Norwich North Urgent Help Needed – We Have To Formally Constitute 72

We need to formally constitute as a political party. And I need volunteers to kick this off for me. Here is why:

One of Blair’s numerous Anti-Libertarian laws was a new provision that the only description allowed on the ballot paper is the official, registered party name. Before Blair you could call yourself what you liked to guide the voters.

If you don’t register a party name, you can just be described as “independent” on the ballot. I am proud to be independent. But if there are several people all described as “independent”, the public in the polling booth might get confused which is which.

Parties can spend as much as they like on national advertising, and have National HQs and party offices. All the main parties have offices in Norwich. The costs of these Norwich offices and their national advertising do not count against the very tight by-election spending limit. An independent standing for election will have his office costs and all advertising counted against his expenses – leaving nothing for campaigning.

So we are going to form “Put An Honest Man Into Parliament” as the name of a party. The electoral commission registration form allows up to two alternative descriptions. The alternative description will be “Put An Honest Woman Into Parliament”. The purpose of the party is to get elected honest non-racist people of independent mind to renew our democracy. Future candidates can use either description as appropriate.

I need someone to download the registration forms and get them filled in today and in to the Electoral Commission. If a commenter on this site who I can recognise will volunteer I would be most grateful. You’ll need to knock up a short anarchic constitution. You’ll have to pay the 150 pound fee till I can get back to reimburse you! You can be the leader 🙂 I think legally we need two members.

I hope to get back Friday but this cannot wait for this reason. It takes 20 days for the Electoral Commission to register a new party. Once the election is called – and it could be called any time – we only have ten days or so to get in the nomination, and the party must be registered by then. So it could already be too late, or we might just make it. If not, we go ahead with the simple independent description.

The party can be registered to a home address for now, but we will quickly move our national HQ to a North Norwich office. We will be undertaking some national advertising, and it is our genuine intention to stand candidates elsewhere come the general election.

In response to all the volunteering offers – yes! All help needed – canvassers, leafletters, office workers, drivers, media handlers, IT campaign organisers, graphic artists, printers, fundraisers, volunteer coordinators, diary keeper, candidate cheerer uppers. Will be looking to establish the office and rent a house in Norwich North very quickly.

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72 thoughts on “Norwich North Urgent Help Needed – We Have To Formally Constitute

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  • Jon

    @Stevie: OK, but

    is probably a bit wordy!

    If you and others don’t dig my third suggestion (honestpeopleinparliament) I suggest we go for the first one (honestmaninparliament) as the second is just too damn long, imho. (And if a female prospective candidate turns up, then we can made changes if that happens.)

  • Iain Orr


    Well done, especially for avoiding the fixation on names. I spent some time campaigning for Craig in Blackburn in 2005 (and was his colleague in the FCO until I retired in 2002). Please get in touch for any help I can provide – email [email protected], tel 0208-693-3584 Mob 07918-634-146.

  • Jon

    @brynmor – awesome effort on the Purnell poster. Made me laugh! Perhaps as a separate project we can get a few put up in bus shelters? 🙂

    The first one is pretty good but not sure how the cartoon approach would strike Joe Public. Still, it would strike a chord on the honesty front. I would say “anti-racist” rather than non-racist; most people claim to be the latter. In fact whilst it is important to you and I, it may not be to Man In The Street. But, all minor concerns aside, good work.

  • Tom Kennedy

    brynmor – that’s an excellent poster. It needs Craig’s name on it to make it perfect.

  • Anonymous


    Really great. Manny many many thanks.

    My suggestion is to leave out the text on the piggies and just use the graphic, with Craig Murray Independent Put An Honest Man Into Parliament as the only lettering.

    I love the Purnell! Can you do change the pictures and add Blears etc as a series? I think these don’t need my name on, but the slogan Put An Honest Person Into Parliament might be added to tie them in.

    Important points to think about:

    How do we get them printed? Finding a cheap printing sources is absolutely key, as the expenses limit is very tight.

    Posters are difficult as you need somewhere to put them. Flyposting is very dangerous in elections. We don’t have existing party members ready to stick them up in front windows or on trees. Councils tend to take them down from verges, lampposts etc. So we need to start with realistic quantities.

    We also need (though not perhaps on these particular posters) to think about a campaigning colour to make our leaflets, posters and canvassers recognisable. Not as easy as it sounds – they are pretty well all taken.

    Once election is called, material must by law have name and address of agent on it with the words “printed and published by ……” Befoe election is called, not supposed to have candidate’s name on.

  • Craig


    Sorry, that was me. I think the problem I have with the text is that I don’t want to self-describe as a politician, not even an honest one. I don’t think of myself as a politician.

  • Stevie

    Here’s some information on colours to consider:

    – White: Pure. Clean. Youthful. It’s a neutral color that can imply purity.

    – Black: Power. Elegant. Secretive. It can target your high-end market or be used in youth marketing to add mystery to your image.

    – Red: Passion. Excitement. Danger. Red is the color of attention, causing the blood pressure and heart rate to rise. Use red to inject excitement.

    – Orange: Vibrant. Energy. Play. Add some fun to your company if you want to create a playful environment.

    – Yellow: Happy. Warm. Alert. Yellow can be an attractor with a relaxed feeling.

    – Green: Natural. Healthy. Plentiful. To create a calming effect or growth image choose green.

    – Purple: Royalty. Wise. Celebration. Maybe add some purple tones to your look for your premium services.

    – Blue: Loyal. Peaceful. Trustworthy. Blue is the most popular and neutral color on a global scale. A safe choice for a business building customer loyalty.

    My preference would be for purple or pink against black or grey.

  • brynmor

    Hi Craig. Thanks all for the kind comments.

    The “piggies” poster is a parody of the terrorism posters put out by the Met Police – as an amateur photographer I found them quite offensive.

    The wording is entirely up to you and any people you nominate, to change and adapt to your own use: its you who is running for public office, not me 🙂

    I will quite happily adapt the poster or hand over the original file (Xara format) – which ever you choose.

    The DWP “target” poster is based on the current offensive campaign to dob in a benefit cheat – a great contrast in morality and level of cheating…

    And yes, I did have in mind to change pictures and add appropriate text for each politician and their expenses detail. (May have to drop or adapt the DWP “logo” top right).

    Printing: I know nothing about how to go about this: hope some of the readers of this site do.

  • Anonymous

    “The costs of these Norwich offices and their national advertising do not count against the very tight by-election spending limit. ”

    Garbage there are different rules and spending limits for byelections (c£100k)than general elections – check your facts

  • Craig

    It is not garbage. The parties will not have to declare the rent, utilities etc of their Norwich offices as part of their expenditure.

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