Alistair Campbell Snivels 37

I was watching the Andrew Marr show when Alistair Campbell broke down, apparently overcome that anybody could doubt the integrity of Tony Blair.

A minute later Andrew Marr asked him if he were not troubled by the 800.000 deaths following the invasion of Iraq, and Campbell snapped back:

“You can’t prove that”.

It was a very revealing riposte. Not only did it contradict the tearful innocent demeanour, it revealed the mindset of the guilty. Innocent people in the throes of deep emotion shout out “That’s not true”. They don’t shout out “You can’t prove that”.

“You can’t prove that” is the riposte of the criminal who thinks he is too clever to be caught. It actually answered the question perfectly – no, Campbell never thinks about the Iraqis whose deaths he helped to cause.

Marr’s estimate was pretty conservative, but that’s not the point. The point is that Campbell was intimately involved in the policy decision not to estimate or comment upon any estimates of civilian casualties in Iraq, precisely to give the “You can’t prove that” defence.

Marr’s question was exactly the one the Chilcot committee failed to ask Blair. They allowed him to witter on about how much better Iraq is now than it was under Saddam. Nobody asked if it was better for the million dead, the four million maimed, the four million refugees, the tens of thousands of new babies with birth defects.

Blair was allowed to get away with a whole stream of top end estimates of Saddam’s atrocities using the phrade “On some accounts”. “On some accounts” 50,000 were gassed, “on some accounts” 1 million Iraqis died in the Iran Iraq war.

Nobody put it to Blair that “On some accounts” 1.4 million died as a result of the invasion he launched on a basis of lies.

One day, perhaps Alistair Campbell can try the waterworks technique on the judges in the Hague.

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37 thoughts on “Alistair Campbell Snivels

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  • haward

    Campbell’s most cringeworthy moment came when he pleaded for understanding whining that the decision to go to war had cost him a great deal. I’m afraid that I was on my feet yelling at the square box “didn’t cost you fuck all. It cost hundreds of British servicemen & thousands of Iraqis but you got away scto bloody free……..” and on in this vein for some time.

  • Freeborn

    I’m not even sure we relinquished the Empire at all just yet!

    After the “American Revolution” that worked pretty much like the “Glorious Revolution” in England in terms of which elite was left with a permanent controlling interest in the new state,came the war of 1812 when the British notoriously burned down the White House.

    This short war was fought to punish the Americans for dismantling their central banking system.A measure Nathan Rothschild in London found intolerable.

    Then came the Civil War when Britain under Palmerston sided with the South-so we are taught.

    In fact the British did more than sided with them they bank-rolled the secessionists and the Confederate government and intelligence service was riddled with British and Rothschild agents.These people went on to organize Lincoln’s assassination when the war was lost in 1865.Again Lincoln’s plans to reform the Fed did not meet with Rothschild approval.

    By the dawn of the last century the RIIA in London came out of the Rhodes Round Table Group and their scholarships.Kennedy and Clinton and several other US and former dominion statesmen were scholars.

    Former Rhodes scholars are especially well represented,and probably not by accident,in the ranks of Prime Ministers like Norman Manley(Jamaica,1959-62),Dom Mintoff(Malta,1971-84),John Turner(Canada,1984),Bob Hawke(Australia,1983-91);intelligence,military and naval supremos include:C.H.Little(Canadian Intelligence Chief WW2),Dennis Blair(CinC US Pacific Fleet),Stansfield Turner(US Admiral and Intelligence Chief,1977-81),Bernard Roger(Supreme Allied NATO Commander),James Woolsey(CIA Director,1993-95),Wesley Clark(NATO CinC,1997-2000),Walt Rostow(NSC,1966-69)Joseph Nye(Intelligence);Governors General:Robert Michener(Canada,1967-74),Zelman Cowen(Australia,1977-82);and finally on the Rothschild business cartel:Julian Ogilvie Thomson,Chair De Beers and Anglo-American.

    All Old Boys of the elite British Empire training school.Of the two elite planning groups RIIA and the CFR it is the former that birthed the latter and is far the more powerful of the two.

    Trotsky and his 150 or so Bolshevik “revolutionaries” (from the Bronx!?)were permitted to pass through Canada on a ship that had been stopped by Canadian officials and allowed to proceed on the say-so of British Intelligence Chief,William Wiseman.They were on their way to start a revolution in Russia of which we British thoroughly approved-of course you knew that!

    Via the Scholarships Britain has kept her imperial mission on track throughout the English speaking world and beyond.

    Ask yourself just what these guys learned as Rhodes scholars.Find out what Rhodes intended they should learn.

    JFK crossed his one-time tutors when he tried to take down the Fed and curtail the war in SE Asia.Whereas Clinton knew exactly how to play the game(cricket?)the way his mentors liked.

    British interest in the Americas is far wider than the “poodle” caricature would suggest.Soros,contemporaneously with his pro-drug legalisation stance dominates the narcotics traffic on the US borders in Mexico.Fatal drug gang warfare,destabilisation and lack of security can thus be attentuated in their intensity according to Britain’s perception of her interests.

    In Canada where the Winter Olympics are due to start on Friday the wide-ranging security measures are not so much a product of democratic debate as of legal procedures deriving from the days when the state was a British province.Orders in Council and other such legal niceities have brought the repressive measures on to the Canadian statute book.

    Thus Canada like Australia where the Governor General dimissed a government on behalf of Her Majesty as recently as 1975 is very much a zone of British influence.

    Whether all this British authority and influence makes you feel proud is not the point.What matters is that the British Empire is alive and well and though it suffered a significant reverse in Copenhagen is still calling the shots and will wield decisive influence on the way things pan out through the current depression.

  • juniper

    Yo,Massa Freeborn

    Din you miss off dat great white country singer,Kristian Kristoferson.’Member wot sing ’bout being busted flat in Baton Rouge an’ waitin’ fo’ da train wid dat Bobby Magee?

    Ol’ Kris wassa Roads skolar too.How ‘e fin’ time to do any studyin’ I don’no but he was paid by dem Roads guys a do lotta hard licker drinkin’cos all dem song wot he rote wass drinkin’ songs!

    Some folks roun’ here say ol’Kris wassa ‘lluminati too.You reckon any dem onna yo’lis in it too,Massa Freebon?

  • Duncan McFarlane

    It was pretty much ‘you can’t prove nothing copper’ combined with some very un-convincing acting (which might be the result of the spin doctor getting his own spin doctor).

  • A Hilton

    I think you’ve made a typo Craig. Andrew Marr asked Cambell if ‘600,000’ deaths troubled him, you’ve typed 800.000.

    I also noticed that Andrew Marr said that most of them would probably have died anyway, probably referring to the huge number of deaths caused as a result of the sanctions, which probably would have carried on if the invasion had not taken place.

    Cambell is obviously a sycopath but I think Andrew Marr in his own cynical way is just as bad.

    I do n’t think Marr was trying to pick a fight with Cambell, but Cambell is a prickly customer and get’s easily offended.

  • A Hilton

    I’ve just watched the interview on You Tube again, it’s been three weeks since I last saw the interview so I think my memory is playing tricks on me because I did not get the Andrew Marr quote in my previous comment exactly right.

    The exact quote was “You may say that people would have died if the war had n’t happened’

    Marr is n’t stupid enough to say something as crude as ‘most of them would probably would have died anyway’

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