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Sorry about the unintentional ambiguity in my last post. As of three weeks ago, when I was last on the Zakhem site, they had not even begun to dig the foundation trenches, and the turbines were not on site. There was no assembled pipework. So I am convinced that the photo published by CitiFM could not be the Zakhem site. The most likely explanation is that it is either the VRA store or the Sunon Asogli power station.

CitiFM however tell me that they took the photos in good faith believing they were photographing the Zakhem site. I accept that, and CitiFM are going to check up on what they have photographed. That is why I have removed my post about CitiFM.

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2 thoughts on “CitiFM

  • Paul Jakma


    The post re the photos is still accessible, and its URL has already been disseminated far and wide and may continue to propagate outwith your control, e.g. via RSS/Atom feeds and readers. I.e. you probably will still get some hits to that post, so you may want to either delete it entirely or else update it with the information that has been made available since.



  • Kwasi

    Former Chief of Staff, Kwadwo Mpiani, claims that you benefited from their corrupt practices:

    his story just doesn’t make sense but it’d be immature to write him off. Is there any truth to what he’s saying? can you provide any documentation on how your company won this contract he’s speaking of?


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