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I sometimes have to seriously query the competence of my publisher. They had a couple of months notice of the radio play of Murder in Samarkand, but Amazon were out of stock before the broadcast even started and now are showing 5 to 9 days dispatch, while I can’t find the book at all on Waterstone’s website.

There would be a good chance that some of the 2 million people who heard the play, casually coming across the book in a bookshop, might buy a copy. But a lady just contacted me having been to five different London bookshops – before she found a copy in Foyles.


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34 thoughts on “Disappearing Murder

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  • Clark


    I think that the VLC media player can capture a stream from the Internet and save it as a file. Or, you can use iPlayer, and use audio recording software to record it at the same time.

  • Jon

    @Marat – is a justification possible in any circumstances, in your view, for a government to boil a man to death, in an attempt to force him to make a confession of some kind?

    Either way, do you think this issue is more important, equally important, or less important than the issue of adultery?

    A genuine, reasoned response to these questions would be much appreciated!

  • Carlyle Moulton


    Just finished listening to Murder in Samarkand and was very impressed. Unfortunately the BBC streaming expires in another few hours no doubt ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) radio national will eventually broadcast it in Australia. I thoroughly recommend to others that they listen to it if given the opportunity.

    I will make sure to get the book even if I have to put it on special order and wait months.

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