Murder in Samarkand 28

By combining my story with the recent evidence from the Chilcot Inquiry, people may fully appreciate what an unprincipled and internationally violent Government we have. Once we understand that, we can look to mend it.–No-wonder-called-Doctor-Who.html

If I can sneak that hard political point into the Showbiz pages of the Mail on Sunday, I must be doing something right.

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28 thoughts on “Murder in Samarkand

  • dreoilin


    And I liked this bit:

    “What I could not get my head round was the fact that New Labour Ministers who supported the use of intelligence from torture, and supported the bombing of urban areas, professed moral outrage that I liked nightclubs.”

    The same “moral outrage” goes on in the USA over the same issues, while they ignore waterboarding or justify it. And they don’t see the idiocy of their stances.

    I must check out how I’ll get to listen to the play.

  • alan campbell

    Using that right wing hate-filled rag the Mail for some publicity. You could almost be a New Labour politician, Craig.

  • derek

    Anyone in the UK should be able to listen to Murder in Samarkand on the BBC’s iplayer service for two weeks (or is it one) after the transmission.

    Those outside the UK are blocked, but do not worry if you use a web proxy service based in the UK it should work.

    An example is the proxy service in the link to my signature.

    Just enter the address of the BBC Iplayer in there and you should be able to watch/listen to BBC programming.

    Try it out now to see if it works.

  • nevergiveup

    Pleased for you Craig. Swings and roundabouts and hopefully more skeletons will fall swiftly out of the cupboards for any corrupt guilty politicians out there.

  • ediot

    That bit where Winterbottom wanted to emphasise the comedy aspect of things doesn’t sound like a very good idea at all, in terms of getting across the political message.

    It reminds me very much of that Rowan Atkinson character in the ads for a credit card. Much too slapsticky to work. And of course, Steve Coogan could play such a character too.

    The story’s much too important for such a treatment.

    Lucky escape!

  • craig

    Interesting no comments on the article on the Mail website. Is it working. Has anyone tried to post one?

  • mary

    Not this time Craig. I have tried before on their Inquest for Dr Kelly articles but they have never got on.

  • herbie

    I tried it. They’re moderating comments on “this article”, so let’s see what happens. I’ll let you know.

    Here’s their message:

    Thank you!

    Thank you for adding a comment to MailOnline.

    Comments on this article are being checked in advance. We aim to publish as many as possible. MailOnline receives thousands of comments every day, so please be patient. If your comments do not appear, this may be due to the volume we receive or due to the content of your comment.

  • Chris Dooley

    I had signed up to their comments membership to resposte a foul opinion piece by one of their culture hacks … the article i wished to comment on was locked after about 3 comments from the public … and I’m still waiting for my membership confirmation to come through 🙂

    Maybe a bung to Conservative HQ would speed it up.

    Basically, I think it boils down to the fact that the Mail do not want public comment on their site really.

  • Clark


    I just checked the BBC website: David Tennant is not credited, not on the Radio 4 schedule, nor on the article about the play that is linked from there – major publicity oversight, I’d say…

  • mary

    My comment on the Mail article has not gone up. Words to the effect that I looked forward to hearing this dramatisation and that Craig had shone a strong light into the murky recesses of our illusory ‘democracy’. Sent at 16.30 today.

    There is a listing on the BBC Saturday Play page –

    Murder in Samarkand Murder in Samarkand

    Listen:Next on:

    Saturday, 14:30 on BBC Radio 4


    David Hare’s witty portrait of an unlikely hero, based on the memoir by Craig Murray.

    Craig is proud to be sent as Ambassador to Uzbekestan, eager to work hard and also eager for fun. The combination takes him on a dangerous course both professionally and personally, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

    Bax/Safayev …… Jonathan Coy

    Dill/French Ambassador …… Richard Cordery

    Foreign Secretary/Uzbek Judge …… Simon Chandler

    Prosecutor/Fazilov …… Ian Gelder

    Roy/Avazov …… John Hollingworth

    US Ambassador/Karimov …… Paul Jesson

    Dr Ableman/Uzbek Uncle …… Bruce Myers

    Angela …… Flora Montgomery

    Dilobar …… Nadira Murray

    Emily …… Clara Neather

    Nadira …… Jemima Rooper

    Serena/Kristina …… Lucy Robinson

    Ivo Sanderson/Quest …… Malcolm Sinclair

    Procurator …… Sirojiddin Tolibov

    Fiona …… Lia Williams

    Piano by Michael Webborn

    Produced by Ann Scott

    Directed by Clive Brill

    A Greenpoint production for BBC Radio 4.


    Sat 20 Feb 201014:30BBC Radio 4

  • Clark


    yep, that’s the BBC page; no character called “Craig Murray”, no mention of David Tennant. Consequently, a search of the BBC website on “tennant” does not produce a listing for the play.

  • Clark

    Regarding the Daily Mail article; I don’t see any comments there at all yet. Probably all their moderators are off for the weekend, so maybe we’ll see some action tomorrow…

  • MJ

    I left an inoffensive Mail-ish sort of comment and it hasn’t appeared. I think Clark may be right; moderators off for the day.

  • mary

    Ref the Saturday Play ‘Murder in Samarkand’ due to be broadcast on Radio 4 on 20.2.2010

    @ Clark I see what you mean. I have sent this to BBC Complaints operated by Capita I believe in Glasgow.

    Also I do not think any of us will see our comments on the Daily Mail article. This is based on my previous experiences. It is noteworthy that the silly sleb stories all have comments into double figures.


    There is a long list of questions requiring answers inc name and phone no, e-mail obviously, postcode, whether you have complained before,what type of complaint……


    Could you please correct an omission on the website page for this production.

    There is no mention of Craig Murray himself in the cast list nor of David Tennant who is playing his part.

    Could you also explain the reason why this omission has occurred.


  • Chris Dooley

    Could David Tennant himself publicise this a little more before broadcast. I’m sure it would help alot.

  • Fred Fish

    I have left a posting on the BBC4 Drama site asking why they don’t want to publise the actor playing the main character in their play.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Yes, my occasional experiences of attempting to post comments on/ communicate with The Daily Mail has been interesting. I know their general history.

    They wrote one piece – a good piece – about some Roma girls who drowned on a beach in Italy while sunbathers kept sunbathing beside the bodies. The journalist had penned a very powerful piece about discrimination against the Roma in continental Europe, particularly Italy. Unfortunately, some of the Mail’s readers started posting rather disgraceful comments about Roma people; it was quite shocking; though others, a minority of those posting, expressed more humane views.

    Once, earlier, when Imran Khan (Pakistani cricketer-cum-politician) married Jemimima Goldsmith, a reporter named Edward Verity(!) and the ubiquitous Andrew Neil both penned terrible pieces, drawing on all the possible stereotypes imaginable. I wrote to the editor, pointing out in detail the Goebbels-like ‘propaganda’ elements – this was before I had web access) – contained within the articles and received a fulsome and constructive response from the editor and telling me that they’d been passed-on to the parties concerned.

    Years later, had a less positive interaction with The Mail, to do with Islamic Bookshops, when they attempted to use me as a propaganda tool because of an article I’d penned in The Times and seemed miffed when I refused to be used in this manner.

    Whatever, I’m really glad that they’re foregrounding Craig’s incredibly important whistleblowing sacrifice and subsequent excellent and essential work.

  • Frazer

    Craig, you know better than to drag Stuart to boozy parties, he always ends up pinching someon’s bum !

  • Jon

    Frazer – and not just any bum, but the bum belonging to “Thinking Man’s Crumpet”, Dana Scully. I am thoroughly impressed, and not just a mite envious either!

    @All, the mail has printed some surprising things recently – and been host to a slew of sympathetic anti-war comment. The world is indeed a strange place.

  • Tom Welsh

    “What I could not get my head round was the fact that New Labour Ministers who supported the use of intelligence from torture, and supported the bombing of urban areas, professed moral outrage that I liked nightclubs”.

    Behaviour characteristic of Puritan zealots always and everywhere.

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