New Labour Bastards 47

I shall watch Dispatches tonight to see yet more evidence that New Labour epitomise the takeover of British politics by those simply seeking personal financial gain through promoting corporate interests.

But none of it compares in horror to Blair’s multi millions, made especially from those whose interests he forwarded in Iraq by the horrible deaths of hundreds of thousands.

If anything can have been more sickening that that, it was Brown’s thwarting of government controls over hedge funds and prtivate equity bubbles that cost ordinary taxpayers billions, put thosands out of work and make a small number in the City of London mega-rich.

I cannot for the life of me conceive how anybody in their right mind, other than their corporate backers, can even consider voting New Labour, let alone the working people whose hopes they have betrayed.

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47 thoughts on “New Labour Bastards

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  • Duncan McFarlane

    Neither problem is insurmountable – they will require a lot of effort from a lot of people to change though – and lots of determination. That will have to go beyond the internet and into talking to people face to face – many people can’t afford a computer or just don’t bother reading about politics on the internet.

  • nevergiveup

    Forget party politics. Vote for the best candidate regardless of the colour of their rosette. Me, I’m voting for a Labour backbencher whom I admire and does not always follow the party whip. A man of honour, that is what counts.

  • nevergiveup


    I believe Duncan is right. Don’t fall for the apathetic trap. It is that what keeps troughers in power.

  • woody

    Labour or Conservative and Britain will continue to be a willing stooge for Israeli ambition. LibDem and we’ll be stooging for the euro-freaks.

    Some prospect.

  • mary

    Pot calling the kettle black?

    ‘Justice Secretary Jack Straw said it seemed they had brought Labour “into disrepute” and many MPs were angry.’ – BBC website report this morning on the three ministers being suspended from the Labour Party. Suspension on a rope hanging from a lampost would be more appropriate..

    Blackburn, Jack? BAE, Jack? Lord Taylor of Blackburn, Jack?

  • mary

    Has Straw got something on Brown, and Blair before him? How else has he stayed there for 13 years.

  • Ed

    @ Clark – the people in the industry most clearly ringing the alarm bells were hedge fund managers, people like David Einhorn, John Paulson and John Kyriakos. Einhorn especially was very vocal.

    Did it help that they were ringing the alarm bells? No, but I don’t think it is their fault they were treated as Cassandras. It was the banking honchos, regulators and politicians who were most conspicuously silent, and sometimes in denial, as the crisis unfurled.

    My personal view is that existing European law is already pretty adequate in setting out what institutions like hedge funds may not do. Banking rules and regulations, in constrast, need a lot of work – after all, it is them, not hedge funds, that needed the taxpayer rescues.

  • Bella

    Its interesting how this debate is raging as if Craig isn’t in Scotland or Scotland doesn’t exist. I’ll be voting for the party that will stop Trident, new nuclear, GM and that’s ‘built more social houses than at any time since the 1970’s’. I’ll be voting for the break up of the corrupt British State, I’ll be voting for the SNP.

    The choice isn’t between Tory and Labour its between the failed Union and independence.

  • Apostate

    These “New Labour Bastards”,as Craig so eloquently puts it,are Shabaz Goi workhorses for the Israel-first NWO globalists who puppeteer our political sytem.

    The Mishpucka NWO blueprint is of course the infamous Protocols-so infamous we are all meant to believe they’re an “anti-semitic” forgery.The document speaks of using administrators of servile tendencies without experience in the art of government and few moral scruples.

    Wonder no more where the likes of Woodrow Wilson,Lyndon Johnson,Blair,and Obama,to name but a few of very many,came from.

    The answer is the one you surmised instinctively as soon as you gave the matter any thought at all-they came from precisely NOWHERE!

    All were chosen to do the bidding of the Mishpucka shadow government.They all committed unspeakable felonies they want hidden from public purview.Naturally they are susceptible to blackmail and readily manipulated.

    Up to the present day we have the pedophile ring at the heart of New Labour that so nearly came to light during the 1990s after the Dunblane massacre.The subsequent Cullen inquiry put a 100 year black-out on the true extent of New Labour’s pedophocracy that one Scottish newspaper and many other investigators found led right up to George Robertson who later became NATO Secretary General.

    The US political system is puppetted by the same forces.

    The system is all far more evil and ugly than most people would ever like to contemplate-which is probably one of the reasons they’ve got away with it for so long.

    To the public the cognitive dissonance that would result from the discovery of satanic evil at the very heart of the system would be too much to bear.

    Meanwhile we can all rejoice that at least three more Shabaz Goi just bit the dust.

    And don’t worry you’ll be able to find out about the New Labour pedophocracy from the Cullen papers when they’re released in 100 years time!

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Hi Bella – Craig isn’t in Scotland – he’s usually in Norwich or London – which is why he’s joined the Lib Dems and not the SNP. He was born in Scotland though.

    I’m in favour of a lot of the SNP’s policies (i’m pleased they stopped contracting out cleaners in hospitals for instance)and i’m not against independence. Many SNP members and voters are decent people and i’ve nothing against them. I agree with you on nuclear energy, though i think we need a nuclear deterrent – though Britain on its own certainly can’t afford one – there have been talks about a joint British-French one though, which could halve the costs.

    I am dubious of Alec Salmond though, who, before he’s even got a majority in the Scottish Parliament, has already over-ruled an elected council to give billionaire Donald Trump his golf course, which for some reason MUST destroy an SSSI and further endanger rare species and ban people from more land unless they can pay to play golf.

    He also said he thought Scots weren’t opposed to Thatcher’s economic policies, only her social ones – as if you could have decent social policies when big companies and billionaires can avoid tax almost entirely.

  • Apostate

    Notwithstanding the censor’s scissors the attempt here to cover New Labour’s backside will not ultimately be worth the trouble.

    New Labour is finished. The pedophocracy that was its satanic beating heart may have been hidden from sight with the 100 year gagging order that followed the Cullen Report on Dunblane but the truth may come out sooner than that.

    Those who cover New Labour’s backside by trying to hide what was reported at the time in Scotland will look mighty silly even complicit on the day the truth becomes known.

    To repeat what was said yesterday before the censor got to work.The western “democracies” in thrall to their respective domestic Israeli lobbies are hiding behind a system more corrupt and evil than most of the public would dare to imagine.

  • Adrian P

    The public have no idea what’s going on because the media are largely controlled.

    I was handing out Free DVD’s of alternative media news the other day and one guy says, no thanks, I already know what’s going on, I watch the news.

    The public have no idea how badly they are being lied to and how big the problem is.

  • Liam

    Adrian P…just been on your you have an email i could contact you on thanks


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