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General Election

So it looks like we are off, with New Labour buoyed by an obviously rogue telephone poll in the Guardian, taken by ICM over the Easter weekend, when only New Labour supporters are sad enough to be answering their telephones in the hope that somebody likes them.

I shall be supporting the Lib Dems as the most progressive mainstream party, but with great concern about their lack of enlightenment over the diasatrous Afghan War, which claimed yet another British soldier yesterday, and doubtless several unreported Afghans. The great scandal of this election will be the conspiracy by the main parties to prevent any debate on Afghanistan.

This is why we should be debating our support for America’s imperial wars:


Sky News has gone opinion poll crazy this morning. Here is my prediction of the final outcome of the UK election in terms of vote share:

Conservative 38

New Labour 28

Lib Dem 24

Others 10

I will work out a prediction for seats later.

Meanwhile, today is Nadira’s birthday, so no more blogging till tomorrow.

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