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3 thoughts on “Debate chat #29

  • amk

    IANAE, but afaics new homes cost what people are willing to pay (contrary to Cameron’s claim). Putting VAT on them will not make anyone willing to pay more so they will not cost more. The VAT will come out of developer profits.

    Clegg didn’t use this argument though.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about the fucking Lib-Dem housing policy.

    What people need us a real Liberal Party option — you know, Laissez faire: a free market economy where these pricks have much less to do with how your money gets spent, with a cut in government spending to less than 35% of GDP, and welfare available to the able bodied only if they are prepared to take a job.

  • glenn

    The writer above is presumably talking about the “libertarian” view as it’s known in the US. That’s right, anarchy basically, get government totally out of the way.

    After all, it’s worked so well in Somalia.

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